Lisa Hīragi / Elena Hīragi
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Japanese Name 柊リサ/ 柊エレナ
Romanized Name Hīragi Risa / Hīragi Erena
English Name Lisa Hīragi / Elena Hīragi
Gender Female
Affiliation Aurora Fantasy
Occupation Top Designer
Author (former)
First Appearance
Anime A Sincere Call and Response
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Ayumi Tsunematsu (Lisa), Yuka Nakatsukasa (Elena)
"Where? Where? Where did you go, Princess?"

– One of the lines Sakura Kitaōji read from the book Green Grass wrote in the past.

Green Grass (グリーン・グラス) is a pseudonym for the Hīragi Sisters, Lisa and Elena. In addition to writing picture books in the past, they are currently the Top Designers for Aurora Fantasy.


As twins, Green Grass resemble one another. They have long, flowing blonde hair with tented, wavy bangs adorned by a gold forehead piece. Their blue eyes are slanted, and they wear peach lipstick to match their nail polish.


The sisters are calm, shy and lovely. They love painting and creating picture books, but are bad at writing letters, so they made Premium Rare Cards for Sakura instead of replying and gave Sakura a hug after she meets them.


The Hīragi Sisters are excellent painters as shown in their picture books which Sakura is a huge fan of. They live in a greenhouse which doubles as the HQ for their brand. It was stated that they're friends with Makoto Nijigahara.


Hīragi () means Holly.

Lisa (リサ) is a name of Hebrew origins which means "devoted to God".

Elena (エレナ) is a name derived from the Greek name "Helen", and means brightness.



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