13 fittingroom

The Fitting Room (フィッティングルーム) is a device seen in the anime, Aikatsu!. It is used to put the idol into her desired coord set and take her to the stage.


The Fitting Room is a tall pink booth covered with a golden framing. The booth itself is a doorway to the stage, part of the Aikatsu System. To activate the doorway, at least two or three cards must be placed on the golden crest located on the center of the booth. The cards should consist a top, a bottom, and shoes (paired in one). A dress can also be placed instead of a top and bottom. There are also two optional cards that can be placed if the person chooses to. The optional cards are the student card (IC card in real life game) and the accescories card. Once the required cards are placed, the door opens and the person may proceed to the next stage.

Once passed through, the person will find themselves in a "runway" with the placed cards ahead of them. By going through these cards, it dresses up the person from the contents contained in the cards. The person will be dressed up with a top, a bottom, and a pair of shoes, which are the cards placed on the booth. Once fully dressed up, the person will have a 360 degrees view of their outfit, then can proceed directly to the stage.

The background off the "runway" is determined by the type of song is going to be performed. Pink for Cute, Blue for Cool, Purple for Sexy and Yellow for Pop.

As seen on Episode 13, the Fitting Room also capable to read the emotion of the idols. The door to the "runway" won't open if the idol forgets the meaning to be an idol.


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