Let's! Akari Summer!
Episode 96
螢幕快照 2014-08-14 下午05.39.14
Episode Information
Kanji レッツ!あかりサマー!
English Let's! Akari Summer!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date August 21, 2014
Featured Songs
Ending Precious
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Let's! Akari Summer! (レッツ!あかりサマー!) is the 96th episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 46th episode of its "2nd Season" (2年目(セカンドシーズン) lit. "Second Year"). The episode aired on August 21, 2014.

The script was written by Yuka Yamada.


Summer vacation has begun for everyone except Akari, who's training and training in order to learn how to execute a Special Appeal like she did before. Seeing her efforts but knowing there's more to it than hard work, Johnny and Orihime have her join Johnny's "hot" training camp. But will the camp be enough for Akari?


One morning Akari is out running the track. She returns to her dorm room and notices that her roommate is leaving for home for summer break. Akari reveals that she plans to pack and head for home soon and she tells Yuu to have fun.

She heads to the trampoline and continues to train, but she struggles to form the special appeal. As she complains over how important it is to learn she is joined by Johnny. He joins her on the trampoline and begins to jump, showing off a few poses and twist he has learned. He then announces that she will be joining his Very Hot Training Camp for the summer, then as a final test she will need to do a Special Appeal.

In her office, Akari speaks with Orihime. She mentions how she needs to focus on improving her practical skills. Since she has entered, all of her unrelenting training has paid off in terms of her physical abilities, but her singing and dancing still have a long way to go. Orihime shows Akari the special appeal she was able to perform with Ichigo by using one of her devices, but after Johnny mentions that she hasn't done any since, Akari explains that she was able to do it because of her happiness she felt performing with Ichigo. She don't even recall how it happened or what she did. Orihime points out how important special appeals are to an idols performance and she has to learn how to perform how to do it on her own.

Akari isn't too sure how she will do at first but she does know that she will not be giving up that easy. She made it through the boot camp and since then has been training daily since, while the effort is nice, she will never reach her goal if she can't progress.

In her dorm room, Akari is disappointed that she forgot Yuu already left. But she recieves a message and turns on her Aikatsu Phone to see that her mother wishes to speak to her. Her mom explains how she went out and bought a Watermelon for Akari as a way to celebrate that she was home now, but after Akari informs her of the change in plans, she goes along to wish her luck. Akari promises to do best, and also tells her that she will be home after the training camp ends. She then prepares to leave for ore excersise, but stops to check out the watermelon picture her mother sent.

Akari runs outside but before she gets far she stops to see Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran preparing to leave. She approaches them, only to change her mind and run in the opposite direction instead.

At an airport, Aoi and Ran think Ichigo for coming to see them as they leave. She has to hurry up to get to a lesson with Seira, but she really wanted to come and wish the both of them support. Aoi with her new Naughty Police Chief Movie, and Ran, who will be guest staring on it. She plays the mysterious female spy that Aoi will be meeting. She is very glad that Aoi will be there to help her out and they express how impressive it was that she left on her own. With that they leave, and while Ichigo prepares to leave she spots an ad for the upcoming Twinkle Star Cup battles.

The following day, Akari gets up and prepares for the training camp. After she dresses she stops for breakfast really quick before meeting up with other girls in the training camp. Johnny approaches them after greeting the girls, decides they should get right to training. They start with bends and stretches, then go on a jog, through a training course, and then come to the trampoline.

There, Johnny asks the girls what the three key points in performing a special appeal are, which are revealed to be height, timing, and posture. Akari makes sure to remember this and Johnny demonstrates for them his own special, super rare appeal. The girls are very impressed by this and he has them all take turns performing their own appeal. After one girl takes her turn, she does well enough that he lets her leave. Then he goes on to tell Akari it's her own turn.

She nervously steps onto the trampoline and struggles to pose or perform any appeal. Johnny explains that this is because Akari is too tense to properly allow her body to pose itself, and due to this the height gets messed up. He tells her that to perform better timing, the idol must make sure her appeal matches to the song's own rhythm. If she is even a fraction of a second off, it will mess her up.

The next day Akari gets up and does what she did before going back to training camp. There, Johnny announces that he wants to hear the girls shout before they get back to what they were doing before. They stretch, run the obstacle course, and so on. Another girl is able to perform her appeal, which causes the other girls to express their own eagerness, but again Akari messes up.

Later on that evening, a bunch of the girls leave the trampoline room, having finally achieved their special appeals. However, Akari is still there and seems to have just barely gotten better. Johnny is surprised to find her there and it's revealed she is the only one who has yet to perform the appeal, but he interupts to reveal that her mother sent the watermelon as a present for her, along with a note. So Akari takes it and reads over it, where it is revealed that her mom actually bought a second watermelon, so she sent it to Akari and wishes her luck. Johnny takes it outside and by using the Melonkatsu, he is able to divide it perfectly. So they sit down to eat it together and Johnny asks Akari to thank her mother for him.

It's then he expresses that he and Orihime are aware of how much she has been trying since she joined the Academy, but it doesn't matter how much she tries, but that she can, or she cannot. He mentions that for Akari to be able to perform the special appeal often she needs to polish all of her idol abilities above all else. It may just take her time to reach this level, but those who can't perform an appeal wont even be considered an idol. So it is vital that she masters it.

Akari returns to her dorm room, feeling down about the turn of events. She has no idea what to do, and to her surprise she spots a picture for Twinkle Star Cup. She mentions how much harder their own Aikatsu world is right now, and they are all trying their best whether they win or lose.

Elsewhere, Ichigo and Seira have just finished training. Ichigo notes how much better their training and practice has become lately and Seira agrees. She asks Ichigo if she wants to come hang out again, so they leave for her place. To their surprise, they find Johnny there. He reveals that he found out the girls would be there, and he wished to talk to Ichigo about Akari. At first Ichigo worries, and he explains that she's struggling with the special appeal. She was able to perform it at the Boot Camp but not since, and yet somehow Ichigo could do it during her entrance exam. Seira also mentions how Ichigo performed the Constellation appeal too, after returning from America. Ichigo has an intuition for these things, so he was hoping that maybe she could show Akari her support and to help cheer her own while she's alone for the time being.

Late in the evening it is shown that Akari has gone back to the trampoline. She was able to get slightly better, but fears she may not be right for the idol world at this rate.



  • This is the first episode to not have an insert song and the second to not have any type of stage performance or audition.
    • Despite this, a few seconds of the song Friend can be heard during 2wingS' rehearsal.
  • This is the first episode of Akari with her hair grown out.


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