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Stylish Expedition: Cool Angels!
Episode 70
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Episode Information
Kanji おしゃれ探検隊 クールエンジェルス!
English Stylish Expedition: Cool Angels!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date February 20, 2014
Featured Songs
Opening KIRA☆Power
Ending Original Star☆彡
Insert Song The Only Treasure!
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Hospitality Heart♡ The Glittering Aquarius

Stylish Expedition Cool Angels! (おしゃれ探検隊 クールエンジェルス!) is the 70th episode of Aikatsu! TV Anime series and the 20th episode of it's "Second Season" (2年目(セカンドシーズン) lit. Second-Year). The episode aired on February 20, 2014.


Dream Academy's four top idols are auditioning for a drama exclusive to rookie idols only. Kii, with her producing skills and equipment, goes through a roulette to see which idol is suited for which character- but the results cause the girls to question whether or not they are suited for this.


At Dream Academy, Tiara reveals that she wants Seira, Ki, Sora, and Maria to take part in the audition for an upcoming drama. While Maria and Ki have heard of it prior, Seira and Sora know nothing about it so Ki explains how popular it was when they were children. Tiara also explains to them that is about the Cool Angels, four girls who explore and go out on expeditions searching for mysteries and treasure. She is sure they would befit the roles well and asks for them to consider joining the auditions. While Ki and Maria accept eagerly, Seira takes a moment before she comes to a decision.

In her computer room, Ki is going over the main characters of the drama with the others. Besides the reliable leader, there is also a genius with an IQ of 500, a Gluttonous brawn, and the spacey mechanic. She is sure they would have a better chance at passing the auditions if they choose the right roles for themselves, and the girls try to decide; with the exception of Sora who doesn't mind which role is left to her. They attempt to play a game of rock-paper-scissors to decide- but this only ends up causing problems when they keep choosing the same hand gestures until they give up and have Compy decide who gets what role based on their data. They agree to this, also Ki warns them that they are not changing once he decides. Compy chooses Seira for the gluttonous brawn, Maria as the spacey mechanic, Sora as the brain, and finally, Ki as the leader. While the girls are doubtful by what roles they got, they decide to make the best of it.

Meanwhile, Ran overlooks the Cool Angels audition information at Starlight Academy. Due to them having debuted longer than two years, they are unable to enter since it is only opened to newer debuts who have only been active within the past two years. Ichigo expresses concern for Ran after noticing her disappointment, and Ran explains that this was because she had been training to try out for it since hearing about it a while back. She is flustered upon finding Aoi taking a picture of her suddenly, and she brings up having noticed Ran training more than usual. She then sees a message from Ki, asking them for some advice. The trio decide to lend them a hand after a moment of thought.

As this is going on, Tiara has also taken the liberty of calling Orihime to bring up how she's asking the students from Starlight Academy for help again. She is concerned, but Orihime assures her that it's fine.

Upon reaching Starlight Academy Ki brings up that they should try to find the Audiovisual room, where the others will be waiting. There, Ichigo informs them that for today they will learn the ins and outs of drama auditions and she asks Ki about their concerns. She brings up how they got their roles and their worries that they do not suit them. She supports Compy but she isn't sure someone like her could ever be a Leader- until the girls stop to remind her that her skills as a Producer are very similar. Sora then asks them if she seems smart enough for being the brain of the group, and they comment on how composed and calm she always is. While Seira doesn't fit her own role, they mention how this can help her grow as an Idol and bring up how the girl who originally played it, Shiina Remon was original a model. They assumed it was a bad match but she managed to play the role extremely well and made a brawny character that appeared incredibly cute.

After Maria brings up that she may not be a mechanic-type, the trio tells the girls that instead of imitating the original Cool Angels, they should try to create new Cool Angels. The director is very open to suggestions from the staff, and even if they make a little mistake it wont mean they're disqualified, so they should continue to give it their all. They also make a promise of supporting them, leaving the four to feel much better.

That night they return to the Academy. Seira trains on one of the running machines while Maria practices her driving skills with a game. Sora does some meditating, and Ki studies a map to increase her knowledge of them.

The following day the girls are brought to a jungle with Tiara. They are convinced they can do this- although they can't help but compare everything to the movie filming, rather than it just being an audition. Tiara informs them that the director was a former stunt woman and she is very famous for what she's done in the past however, and they see four girls walk by who have just finished auditioning. Seeing them uncertain and worn out causes the girls tension until the Director shows up to speak with Tiara. She introduces herself to the girls and welcomes them.

Back at Starlight Academy, Ichigo, Ran, and Aoi are discussing how the other four are doing. While Aoi and Ran are unsure if they will be alright due to this being their first group project- Ichigo simply tells them "udon and nori", which sounds like the English "don't worry". It's then they are approached by Johnny and Otome, who have been searching for them to bring up an emergency that occurred earlier that day.

Ki explains to the girls about the route she was given by Tiara on her map and follows the provided script. All four of them must make it to the goal in time and if they fail the audition will end. The girls are beginning to feel nervous as Tiara wishes them luck and takes off with the Director, who tells them to decide when they begin.

The four girls start after introducing themselves and their roles, then they take off. Ki warns everyone to stay closely together but somehow Sora winds up in front of them due to a lack of paying attention. They try to tell her to get back, but when they find something Seira and Maria run ahead to see. They see a bunch of mushrooms and Maria wishes to bring some home- although they remind her that as a mechanic she shouldn't be thinking of food. She grabs them anyway and she hands some over to Seira; who thanks her and wishes to eat them, but she has no idea what to do with all of them. So they bring them along and keep going until they reach a forked road, where Seira scolds Ki after she asks for suggestions. Ki then decides they should ask Sora, since she's the brain of the group, but she ends up pointing forward despite it not being a choice.

Later the girls are fairly disappointed in their poor attempts to remain in character as Maria decorates herself with flowers. Seira tries her best to remain in character, but she finds herself unable to eat the raw mushrooms.

As this is going on, Misumi expresses disappointment in the girls for being unable to grasp their roles properly. Tiara claims it is because they are nervous and she makes a plan on how to help them; although she is surprised to see that the tigers they brought in are actually real ones.

By now Ki decides they simply can't go any further as the tigers stop them, and Seira recommends having Maria try to win the animals over due to her being good with them. Maria doesn't think it will work though, and claims as the brawn Seira should be ready to fight the off. Initially Seira agrees- but she quickly reconsiders before watching as Sora approaches them. She uses her camera to take a picture of them as Misumi deduces that because Sora isn't afraid she is the strongest. As Sora is taking pictures and explains how much she likes their fur patterns, Ki is trying to look up things tigers don't like, but she reconsiders and finds something they would like instead; like cat powder, an item Seira happens to have on hand. Everyone is surprised to see how docile the tigers have become, and she explains that she always carries it around for the cats she comes across.

Misumi and Tiara are also amazed by this, but Tiara notes that this isn't like her character.

The girls continue on their path as a small warning pops up to alert viewers at home not to try to imitate such behavior. Tiara and Misumi initiate their next part of the plan as the four arrive to a raft, where Maria unties it after they get in it. She assures them that she's never steered one, but she has been on a lot of cruises with her dad growing up so she thinks this will be fine. Which worries the trio as Tiara wishes them luck and Misumi comments on how in character Maria is being. The ride initially goes well but Ki is depressed over how poorly she is doing. They claim she is fine though- until panicking after realizing a waterfall is waiting for them.

As Tiara is screaming in alarm, Misumi has the staff grab onto the raft to avoid senseless destruction of one of their props. Although they forget the girls and they still fall over it and complain upon reaching land, due to not being told beforehand. It's then Sora notices a secret entrance behind the waterfall.

They head inside while Misumi compliments the girls for doing well and how nobody else in the auditions has reached this point yet. They hurry inside to resume the filming, watching as the girls explore the new location and Maria accidentally steps on something- causing a huge wave of fire to be spat at them from one of the statues. They continue forward and reach the main room of the ruins and spot a crystal. As they wonder if its treasure, Ki picks it up and points out a nearby door, which they assume is their goal. But before they can continue on the girls are shocked to see Ichigo, Aoi, Ran, and Otome there to stop them.

Misumi takes a moment to mention to Tiara that she called them earlier. Since they couldn't audition for the parts, she asked that they play the role of the bad guys.

A face off begins between the eight girls, fighting each other as the four heroines try to get to the other side of the room. Seira and Sora manage to pin them down, asking Maria to watch Ki as she tries getting to the goal; but after being concerned she throws the crystal to Maria and apologizes for not being a good enough leader for them. Maria encourages her despite this though, and she bravely jumps forward to grab hold of the other girls hands. They reach the door and insert the crystal to find a room full of treasure.

Misumi then blows a whistle to end the audition. She compliments the girls for going as far as they did, as well as the fact that none of them considered giving up, even once despite how bleak the audition got at times. So she tells them they pass and everyone heads outside of the waterfall as the four from starlight academy congratulate them. Although the girls are horrified upon learning how much more intense the actual show will be- to the point of nearly fainting.

Back at Starlight Academy, Orihime thanks the four for helping the others, and as such she reveals the cake and flowers sent to them as thanks. It's then Aoi gets a message from Ki, who tells her about everything that went on; such as riding theme park ride-styled objects, running away from explosions, and being overwhelmed by super fast and windy things. She isn't sure they can keep up with this- although Ichigo believes this to be a sign they are doing well.

Character Appearances


  • Just like the Choco Pop Detectives drama, the coord Treasure Map Coord also has an alternate colour.
    • Both the Choco Pop and Treasure Coords have the colours blue and red.
  • This episode marks the second drama of the second season.
  • The song The Only Fascinating Treasure! makes its first appearance in this episode


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