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Flower-Blooming Aurora Princess
Episode 68
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Episode Information
Kanji 花咲くオーロラプリンセス
Hanasaku Ōrora Purinsesu
English Flower-Blooming Aurora Princess
Air Date
Japanese Air Date February 6, 2014
Featured Songs
Opening KIRA☆Power
Ending Original Star☆彡
Insert Song Aurora Princess
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Fortune Compass☆ Hospitality Heart♡

Flower-Blooming Aurora Princess (花咲くオーロラプリンセス Hanasaku Ōrora Purinsesu) is the 68th episode of Aikatsu! TV Anime series and the 18th episode of it's "Second Season" (2年目(セカンドシーズン) lit. Second-Year). The episode aired on February 6, 2014 and marks Maria Himesato's official debut.


The popular long-running show "Idol Princesses"  is going to have Maria Himesato as their next guest and Green Grass is designing a Premium Rare Constellation dress for her. In the midst of all the commotion, Maria states that she has something to tell Green Grass....


Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran are watching the program Full Exposure: Idol Princesses. The woman narrator explains how the twentieth anniversary is approaching for the show before she introduces everyone to Sakura Kitaoji, who shows them around her place and brings them to her koi pond. The girls watch the entire program before the next Princess is revealed; a girl by the name of Maria Himesato. The girls note that they have seen her before but because they haven't met her yet, they are looking forward to it.

A week later at Dream Academy, Ki and Seira have just sat down for lunch. But before they can start eating, Tiara comes by to ask them if they had seen Maria anywhere. She has to work on recording her episode of Idol Princesses and she can't find her. It's then she spots her nearby painting Sora's nails. Sora compliments Maria for her knowledge of cosmetics, as do Seira and Ki as they approach to observe her work. Seira asks if she could do her nails sometime and Maria agrees as Tiara rejoins them to point out that she has to get to work. Maria is about to respond when Ki suddenly interrupts by bringing up how Sakura was on the previous weeks episode.

Tiara brings up that the brand Sakura likes, Aurora Fantasy will be unveiling a Constellation Dress for her today, but Maria is concerned as there is a specific detail she would like for them to include. Tiara fears it is too late though, since today is the day she is supposed to be getting it, but after Ki points out that Green Grass has a habit of piling new ideas into her dresses until the last possible second, they suggest Maria tries to contact them. Tiara anticipates such news before bringing up that she will have to get going for an interview she has to prepare for, and the girl asks Maria what she wanted to add to he dress. She brings up how much she likes daisy flowers, showing them a picture of some while explaining how much she misses the flowerbeds from back at home. However, Tiara is unsure there are any blooming at the time.

Inspired by this, Ki and Seira bring Maria to pay Raichi a visit. He delighted to be surrounded by so many Idols at once, then asks why Sora didn't join them. They are unable to provide a full answer when he calls Aoi to inform her, Ichigo, and Ran about the trio showing up suddenly and they hang up to join them.

At the Hoshimiya household, Ringo explains to Maria that she has been growing some daisies inside of the house due to the cold weather and she gives her one. Maria apologizes for taking the flower but Ringo is happy to see that she will be enjoying it, offering her to take more if she would like. Raichi takes advantage of this moment to take a picture of Maria to use for his Aikatsu Paper, and she poses for him. They are joined by Ichigo before he can get it, causing him disappointment before deciding to consider this a "rare shot" and taking the photo anyway.

Aoi excitedly greets Maria while Ran asks the girls why they have shown up there today. They explain how Maria wanted a daisy and they remembered seeing them when they were there earlier to pick up lunch. Ichigo is delighted by hearing this and Ki admits how frequently they make purchases from there, although Maria claims to have never heard of a seaweed bento before. She claims it sounds like fun so Ichigo runs off to make one for her, causing Aoi to compliment Maria's positive response after the food returns. She continues to eat and the girls mention envisioning her on a mountain side, causing Aoi to point out that Maria's home is a mansion in the mountains.

During her interview, Tiara is discussing Maria and brings up how she personally scouted her during a photo-shoot another student was having at the time. With the weather being so nice they had gone up to the mountains when she saw her milking some cows. Maria had been curious as to what was going on, and she offered Tiara a drink after noticing how thirsty she looked. Tiara had been taken by her behavior and cuteness, which made her realize Maria would be perfect for the academy and invite her to join. At first Maria was confused, but she thought it sounded interesting and she quickly agreed. Tiara was sure that Maria would become a brilliant idol, so she just had to have her join. The interview ends as she promises to get Maria even more into the spotlight.

Maria thanks Ringo for her meal as Aoi recalls that her filming is to be starting soon. However, Maria needs to go elsewhere first, in order to speak to someone. Suddenly Sora and Sakura arrive, and she apologizes for keeping them waiting. She knew Sakura could help them locate Green Grass and she had called, but nobody answered. Sakura feels bad for being unable to hep out as they bring up that her work will be taking place soon, so if she doesn't hurry up she will be late.

Suddenly, everyone is surprised when the Princess One, Maria's helicopter arrives outside of the building. They wish Maria luck with work and she mentions that even if she is unable to talk to them herself she would like for her message to be delivered. Sora tells her go on ahead and promises to help get her message to them with some help from Sakura, and before Maria leaves she invites the other girls to join her.

Upon arrival, the six girls watch the helicopter take off. Then Ichigo begins to call, trying to make an echo while Ki spots the cows. Maria introduce them to Elizabeth the Third, and she mentions how she was born and raised there since Maria was a little girl. When she was little she often found herself what the rest of the world beyond the mountains was like. She eventually met Tiara and became an Idol, and she was so happy to be given this amazing experience. She wishes to use this opportunity to show her love for the Idol world and her amazing home land. This is also why her request had been so important- and she makes a wish for it to somehow reach Green Grass.

Meanwhile, the film crew is beginning to worry because the dress hasn't showed up yet. They notice how late in the day it is and how little time is left, causing Maria to worry and try to call out to Sora, using her voice to echo through the mountains. To the groups surprise they hear Sora respond, and they look to find the Princess Two helicopter approaching them. Sora arrives to deliver the brand new dress, along with a message from Green Grass, which she got through video. She shows it to Maria, and they thank her for the beautiful flower before apologizing for making her wait and being unable to see her in person. They wish for her to accept the dress and hopes she likes it.

Maria admires the beauty of the new coord and compares it to the flowers she loves so much. She then yells out a thank you with the aid of the mountains again before changing clothes. She appears on stage to perform "Aurora Princess".

Later, Tiara watches the performance at the Academy while the girls are outside, observing several comments left by various fans and friends about the Premium Dress and Maria. She thanks the group for their help and rises, commenting on how interesting she finds Idols to be.

Character Appearances


  • This episode marks Maria Himesato's official anime debut.
  • Maria wears a premium constellation dress for her debut, This makes her the fourth main idol to debut in her premium dress.
  • This episode marks the debut of the Tyrolean Aries Coord
  • The song Aurora Princess appears for the first time.
  • Other than the performance, most of Maria's shots has shown lack of curl lining in the hair.


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