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Lucky Idol☆
Episode 64
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Episode Information
Kanji ラッキーアイドル☆
English Lucky Idol☆
Air Date
Japanese Air Date January 9, 2014.
Featured Songs
Opening KIRA☆Power
Ending Original Star☆彡
Insert Song Dance in the rain
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Koh-haku Aikatsu Gassen! Door Towards the Dream

Lucky Idol☆ (ラッキーアイドル☆) is the 64th episode of Aikatsu! TV Anime series and the 14th episode of its"Second Season" (2年目(セカンドシーズン) lit. Second-Year). The episode aired on January 9, 2014.


Starlight School and Dream Academy will both be participating in the "Lucky Idol Race". The grand prize is a gift certificate for a Premium Constellation Dress from any brand of the idol's choosing! 'At the end, whose hand will the prize goes to――!?


Ichigo starts by asking the audience how New Years went for them. She goes on to bring up how her father came home and they paid a visit to the shrine, where they ran into the Otoshiro family after making their wish. The families wish each other luck as Seira brings up the Lady Luck Race coming up, assuming Ichigo will be entering it. As Ichigo remains confused, Seira promises that she will not lose and Raichi takes a picture of her to use for his article.

At school, Orihime goes over the Race with the students. It takes place on New Year's Day and consists of running outside of the shrine gates, and she brings up that only three will win. She also points out that they decided to rename it "Lucky Idol Race", and both Starlight Academy and Dream Academy will compete, claiming that all facets of an idol's skills will be necessary to prove successful during this competition. It's then Johnny interrupts to tell everyone that it is optional and that the top winner will gain a special prize; the top three will gain a New Years prize, but the girl to finish in first will get a custom-made Constellation Dress from the brand of her choice.

Outside, Ichigo talks with her friends at the Gazebo and announces her plans on winning first place and how she wants an Angely Sugar dress to perform a Constellation Appeal. Aoi and Ran agree that they would like to do a Constellation Appeal with their own brands as well- so for this event, they will be true rivals.

At Dream Academy, Seira and Ki overlook the entry list of everyone who joined from Starlight Academy. They see Ran, Aoi, Ichigo, and Otome have joined, and notice that Sora, from their own school, has not. Sora explains that this is because she is a designer herself, and because she owns a brand she may have to do the winners design. She expresses excitement in seeing the special outfit as Ki and Seira express desire to win for their own favorite brands.

Back at Starlight Academy, everyone is working hard training. Aoi suggests they ask someone who has experience with this race for some tips and they pay a lunch worker a visit. She warns them that all sorts of hazards are set up for the race, including a sharp turn that can turn the tide of the game if someone misses it. She is sure that those who can get passed this point will manage to win with their normal training though and wishes them luck. 

In Tiara's office, she tells Ki and Seira that this race will test their physical fitness and idol aptitude, but after noticing their confusion she confesses that she wasn't told a lot either. They appear uneasy as they leave the office and Sora approaches to talk to them.

Meanwhile back at Starlight Academy, Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran approach Johnny for advice on how to prepare for the race, but he claims it is a secret and he wasn't told, so the girls decide they can only just do their best. They are then surprised when Raichi arrives, and he brings up that due to being related to Ichigo he was given a press pass. Knowing he would have an experience, they ask for advice, and they head outside.

Raichi doesn't offer much, saying that a wonderful idol is someone who can excite others and make them happy with just their smile. They point out that there are different kinds of Idol's though, and different fans as well, leaving them feeling concerned as he brings up how inspired he feels watching them.

Noel is supportive of this as he returns to show her the work, but she asks if it is really okay to use the pictures from the shrine visit. He claims it's fine but she points out that it doesn't have anything to do with the race itself. As they begin to talk Taichi approaches to observe them, but Ringo interrupts to ask him to stay and watch Ichigo in the race. He happily informs her that he got the company to postpone his work until afterward so that he can, and she happily heads off to tell Noel that she can stay for dinner if she would like.

It's then Raichi brings up that the girls asked him for advice earlier, and Noel asks what exactly was said. He tells her and she agrees with his advice.

The next day, Ichigo is out for a run when she sees her dad and Raichi. They came by to drop off a seaweed bento for her and they go into the cafeteria area so that she can eat while they converse with her. Raichi asks Ichigo how she feels about the upcoming race and Ichigo admits that she's a little unsure because she was informed that Seira has never lost a foot race before. When Raichi asks if she will lose, Ichigo claims that she is going to try to get first place anyway, so he offers to write a special edition of the Aikatsu newspaper for her. Taichi asks Raichi about it, and he gives them his idea, which makes Ichigo cheer up and Raichi tells her that he wants to get it written and put up exactly after the race ends. But Ichigo points out he should wait to find out what goes on first before writing anything since he could end up writing something wrong.

She goes on to bring up her anxiety regarding the surprises that could await during the race, and at first, Taichi doesn't understand until she asks him if he gets scared thinking about everything he could run into while traveling the world. He admits that sometimes he wants to leave early and come home, but then he remembers why he travels when he finds tasty new foods that nobody has ever had before. All he can think about is how he wishes to bring joy and share them to convey the feelings of the people who put their love and attention into them. Once you start, you don't think about whether or not you can or cannot do it- you just focus on finishing. Ichigo is able to familiarize herself with this by mentioning why she wants to be able to do a special Angely Sugar Constellation Appeal, causing Taichi to mention that as long as she keeps thinking like this she will do great.

That night, Raichi is told by Ringo to take a bath and he begins to overlook his article once again.

At Dream Academy, Ki and Seira are training on the machines when Ki stops, having reached her limit while collapsing to the floor. Only to rise a moment later when she spots Sora designing something. She asks to see it, but Sora refuses because it isn't ready yet. Ki expresses joy when she manages to get a little peek and quickly returns to her machine, speeding it up while Seira supportively cheers for her to keep going.

Meanwhile, outside of Starlight Academy, Yurika is shown basking in the moonlight.

The next morning the girls approach the race as an announcer begins narrating the event. PowaPowa-Puririn shares a cheer with a group of an audience as Noel and Raichi stand together to watch, expressing a desire to see their respective older sister win the race; although they will cheer for everyone.

The race begins and everyone starts off amazingly well- but as soon as they approach the first test -the sharp corner- a bunch of the competitors end up tripping. Ichigo checks with Aoi and Ran to see that they are okay, and they are joined by Kaede while PowaPowa-Puririn comes by too. It's then Ichigo notices that Ki is losing momentum and doesn't see Seira anywhere; shocking her as Ki reveals she ran ahead and is currently in first as she slows down, realizing she can't keep running.

As this is going on Raichi mentions that he didn't see Yurika anywhere. It is then revealed that she accidentally overslept.

The race continues as Orihime, Tiara, and a few other people watch Seira still in the lead. The announcer reveals that everyone's Aikatsu Talent will be judged with the next obstacle: making a good coord using a group of random mix-match cards. Seira arrives at the table and picks a set, showing him and moving on when he announces she has passed. 

The other girls manage to catch up to Seira after a few minutes and pass on through, but Aoi and Ran stop when they realize Ichigo isn't there. They turn to see she is just now reaching the camera and announcer and wait until he passes her to hurry and try to catch up to Seira and the rest of the pack.

Seira approaches the next test known as the Aikatsu Dream, where an Idol must sign an autograph and write down her wish. She is quick to do this, then runs onto the final station as the camera reveals her wish is to be an Idol who can bring a smile to Noel's face. PowaPowa-Puririn is shown not to be too far behind but Otome is distracted by a character cake stand. So the trio stops so that they can check it out and the man announces the Aikatsu Smile test. But Seira is shocked when she only gets two points and is deemed to have failed. Both Aoi and Ran are able to do it and continue on ahead, but Ichigo remains behind after noting how saddened Seira is. She offers that they do it together and Seira agrees, and with enough points to pass the girls continue to run ahead.

The girls still running find a crowd waiting for the winners to come into the shrine. Raichi is left wondering if Ichigo will be alright and they see the leading for are Ichigo, Aoi, Ran, and Seira. Seira passes the trio when Ichigo is suddenly reminded of what her father said. She is encouraged to push harder and at the last second passes by Seira to reach first place.

Having won, she is given the special prize and announces the brand she chooses. Tiara promises to give her wish to Asuka, and eventually, Ichigo receives the Mermaid Pisces Coord. She is taken with its cuteness and thanks Asuka for making it before heading on stage to perform "Dance in the rain" while wearing it.

After the performance, everyone chats about the appeal and her coord, with Raichi sending her the article. Everyone comments on the wonderful pictures as it is revealed that third place has won some rice cakes. Yurika finally joins her friends as it is revealed she overslept, but she denies it, causing them to share a laugh.

Character Appearances


  • Yuka Kokubo's name can be seen in the participants' list.

Major Events

Cultural References

  • Lucky Idol Race (ラッキーアイドルレース)/Lucky Woman Race (福女レース) is a parody of real-life Lucky Man Race (福男選び).
    • The Lucky Man Race takes place on January 10 every year, from 6 pm at Nishinomiya shrine. It is an annual event during New Year in Japan.
    • The anime setting imitates the real Lucky Man Race: three high ranks get a product, a sharp curve is a difficult place (and many people retire there), a goal is to touch a Shinto priest (shrine maiden in anime), and so on.

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