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The Rumored Powa-Puri☆
Episode 60
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Episode Information
Kanji ウワサのぽわプリ☆

Uwasa no Powapuri☆

English The Rumored Powa-Puri☆
Air Date
Japanese Air Date December 5, 2013
Featured Songs
Opening KIRA☆Power
Ending Original Star☆彡
Insert Song Ponytail After School
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The Rumored Powa-Puri☆ (ウワサのぽわプリ☆ Uwasa no Powapuri☆) is the 60th episode of Aikatsu! TV Anime series and the 10th episode of it's "2nd Season" (2年目 2-nen me, lit. Second Year). This episode aired on December 5, 2013.


Suspicious with how mysterious Powapowa-Puririn has been lately, Seira and Ki decide to do some investigative work on them.


At the Otoshiro house and cafe, Ki and Noel are explaining who PowaPuri are to Seira- who appears disinterested until she sees an image of them heading to a place. She recognizes it as her own and suddenly, the trio walk in. They are seated and give Noel their autographs as their mother comes out to bring them their requested desserts. She apologizes for taking so long, as well as being bothered by Noel but they claim it's okay because it allows them bonding time. Otome then curiously asks where Seira is, but Noel lies and says she doesn't know since she and Ki are spying on them nearby. Until Seira realizes how weird it is since it is her home.

As PowaPuri try their desserts Ki resumes teaching Seira about Idol units. She explains what makes PowaPuri so popular, bringing up how mysterious their activities are and how fans love their carefree, laid-back antics. Their popularity is so high that they have gained a new show, and people have been referring to them as cuttlefish Idols. Before they can discuss more they hear the unit prepare to leave and decide to follow them; although Seira doesn't really want to, Ki convinces her that it could be beneficial.

They follow them while Otome explains their challenge of the day: seeing how far they can walk along the white line on the sidewalk. Shion questions the reason of doing this, but not getting a straight answer, she continues trailing behind her unit mates as Seira begins questioning Ki's motives for following after PowaPuri so closely. Just then Ichigo suddenly appears, and as they watch PowaPuri greet people they pass, Seira takes a moment to explain to Ichigo what they are doing. She is curious, but claims it sounds like fun and decides to tag along. 

The trio continue to follow PowaPuri until they stop at a food hut to find the vendor who offering food. As Ichigo observes the food, Ki writes down some "keywords" and useful information before they continue on to find the trio at a messy pathway full of leaves, and to their surprise they watch as the girls begin sweeping. It's then a bunch of young children appear and seeing how happy they are, Otome invites them to play a leaf gathering game with them by dividing everyone into three teams. Ki makes more observations to write down while Ichigo compares their individual personalities to a special kind of bento. Seira is unable to comprehend this and she turns for a moment, thinking someone had been watching them.

After the game, PowaPuri announces that their game ended in a tie and they thank the children for helping. Suddenly, seeing that the children are cold Otome starts to chase them around after suggesting a game of tag to warm them up. Sakura and Shion stand by to watch while Ki takes more notes- when suddenly, a strange man appears after the children take off. Alarmed, Ichigo accidentally causes them to reveal their hiding spot and the six girls begin questioning the man. He explains that the best way to capture their appeal naturally is by hiding the camera from them, so he didn't want to make his own presence known. Ki takes this moment to explain that a show related to them "Powa Walking" is a five minute segment that airs during the morning, which began due to PowaPuri's popularity.

Otome expresses joy and mentions how she would have loved playing with Ichigo if she knew she was there, and Seira starts to think about how interesting the unit is. But even then, she is more interested in seeing how their unique and special behaviors manifest on the stage. Sakura assures that while every day is a lot of fun it isn't all they do, and brings up that they have a fashion show the day after tomorrow.

Suddenly, Shion gets a call and sadly informs the girls that she will be unable to attend due to the filming of a drama she is partaking in. It's starting much earlier than initially planned, and she brings up how they will need to replace her for the performance. She suggests Ichigo but she informs them that she has to work as well. Seira states they should just go as a duo but Sakura and Otome refuse, since their unit is for three people- especially due to the brand new special appeal they had planned for it. Seira goes on to mention that even if they find a replacement it wont leave them with much time to practice, but Sakura and Otome do not care and decide to hurry up and try to find someone else anyway. Shion feels bad but they tell her not to worry, leaving Seira to express doubt and worry for them, although Ichigo and Ki are sure they will be fine.

Sometime later, Sakura begins hanging out flyers and posters to those who pass by as Otome begs Yurika for help. She refuses and brings up how she doesn't like PowaPuri as it is, and would want to change several features before she considers joining them; causing Otome to leave in the middle of her explanation.

Meanwhile, Satsuki, Sakura's roommate walks into the room and mentions how she would like to help out, but she isn't into fashion very much and doesn't think it would suit her. Sakura understands, and Satsuki brings up how much she has changed since they first met.

As Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran watch Sakura and Otome try to find a replacement they express concern in how difficult it might be. Ichigo doesn't understand it until they mention that currently Otome is the Starlight Queen and Sakura is a top-class second year student; so whoever ends up replacing Shion will need a lot of strength to keep up with them. However, Ichigo is further encouraged and decides to help them out.

That evening, Otome and Sakura are in the middle of training when Ichigo comes by to tell them she wanted to help them practice. They are very grateful and quickly accept this offer.

At Dream Academy, Seira has been keeping watch over the post related to PowaPuri's fashion event. Ki feels she is probably worried for them but Seira denies it, causing Ki to suggest they go to the fashion show in order to show their support. Seira agrees, but she clarifies that this is because Ki seems to want to go.

After finishing work, Shion gives the girls a call to ask if they found a replacement. She worries after they give her the bad news but Otome tells her not to. She claims to feel guilty however, and runs off in hopes of helping them- just then she stops, finding what she needs.

Come the day of the fashion show, Otome and Sakura sit with each other in the waiting room while Seira and Ki observe. A man comes by to tell them it's almost time for them to go on stage, then asks if it will just be them two entering. They insist they will be performing as a trio when suddenly, a large package from Shion arrives. Excitedly they approach the box and suddenly Kaede pops out of it. While they are concerned Kaede might not know the dance well enough she assures them that Shion helped her by giving her some last-minute emergency lessons. With their anticipation in full gear the girls run into the changing area and pick their coords, appearing on stage to perform to "Ponytail After School".

Afterwards the girls express their delight in how well things went when Otome gets a call from Shion. She compliments them and mentions seeing it, claiming that because she is a member of PowaPuri she will be there to help them no matter what.

At Dream Academy, Ki and Seira watch a popular variety show that was on the other day, showing the details of how Shion found Kaede and asked her about replacing her temporarily for the fashion show. At first Kaede was surprised but she was quick to agree, despite how tough her manager claimed it would be, because she knew it wuld be a lot of fun.

As they continue to discuss the events of those past few days, a party is being held for PowaPuri back at Starlight Academy. The episode then ends as everyone shares a cheer.

Character Appearances


Major Event

Animation Trivia

  • The promotion image of Powa-Puri is directly taken from KIRA☆Power's opening animation.

Other Trivia

  • Both Sakura and Otome had small changes in their aura, Otome's having pears added to it and different oranges, and Sakura's having added more flowers in different colors.


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