Choco and Solution☆
Choco-Pop Detectives
Episode 59
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Episode Information
Kanji ちょこっと解決☆チョコポップ探偵

Chokotto Kaiketsu☆Choko-Poppu Tantei

English Choco and Solution☆
Choco-Pop Detectives
Air Date
Japanese Air Date November 28, 2013
Featured Songs
Opening KIRA☆Power
Ending Original Star☆彡
Insert Song New・Chocolate Case
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Choco and Solution☆Choco-Pop Detectives (ちょこっと解決☆チョコポップ探偵 Chokotto Kaiketsu☆Choko-Poppu Tantei) is the 59th episode of the Aikatsu! TV Anime series and the nineth episode of the 2nd season 2nd Season (2年目 2-nen me, lit. Second Year). The episode aired on November 28, 2013


Aoi is asked to write a drama to promote a chocolate brand. But after some issues with production, she and their friends compete in pairs to see who will earn the roles for it.


Aoi is in the middle of filming scene two-hundred and ten for the Extremely Naughty Police Chief film when she notices Headmistress Orihime. She approaches Aoi and brings up that the staff nearby would like to hold a meeting with the both of them because she has chosen Aoi to make a brand new television drama with them. 

That night Aoi informs Ichigo and Ran of the news and brings up how auditions will be held. She reveals a big box set of chocolate and explains how the drama will revolve around it as a marketing strategy, and as she continues to chat with them regarding details she opens a box for Ichigo to try one. They point out knowing an Idol was involved with the production of this drama will also increase the hype for the product- especially Aoi, as someone who has worked in so many and helped increase the popularity of them as of late. With that Ran asks Aoi of her intentions for the drama, and Aoi recalls their meeting from earlier.

The Producer was very eccentric and excited by Aoi's idea to make a mystery drama where the girl detective is given new ideas whenever she eats the candy. He eagerly accepted the cute idea, and as Aoi finishes the story she sees Ran and Ichigo agree as well. She then suggests they enter the Auditions together and Ichigo quickly agrees- although Ran wonders if its perhaps only for the candy. At first Ichigo agrees; only to quickly backtrack and claim that it is also because Aoi thought it up.

As the girls head to their audition location, Aoi, Ran, and Ichigo try to determine what kind of audition this will be like. Aoi claims not to know the specifics, and they are delighted to see that Sakura, Otome, and Yurika have also shown up to participate as well. The girls also find Seira and Ki there, who reveal they had been invited. Initially they get sidetracked after Seira states her catchphrase and they begin to bicker until Ki gets overwhelmed by the Idols surrounding her.

As the auditions begin the eight girls make their way on the set to find themselves bored by how plain it is. Each set takes turns going over the audition but after finishing they complain that it isn't as cute and fun as they were hoping. Ran asks Aoi if this is what she had in mind as the Producer comes in and claims he heard all of their complaints. He agrees with their words and explains how the gritty old-timers above him had their say over what their original plans were- so he was forced to change it because they didn't understand her idea. He asks for another explanation, and with the help of her friends the girls make a board to lay everything out again.

First they start by saying the chocolate used shouldn't be bars, but the brand new Aikatsu chocolate balls. As Ichigo incidentally helps her demonstrate what she has been trying to tell them, Aoi asks Ki for an opinion regarding a good set design. Ki is surprised at first, but she quickly gets an idea: a cute room with chocolate and candy set into the walls. They also believe the man who was working for the audition should be a cute teddy bear, and Seira points out that the detective needs a cute catchphrase.

With this in mind, the producer decides to leave the production to the girls to allow them to capture their true plan without letting someone tamper with it again. They change into their detective uniforms, half getting blue-themed, the other half getting pink, and return to form pairs; the blue girls being detectives, while the pink is the assistant.

The auditions begin and the Producer wishes them luck, suggesting that they try to ad-lib as they see fit before he moves away.

In the room the pairs stand in a room when they get a call for a brand new request. The client (Kaede in costume) comes in and explains that she needs help finding the chocolate that was stolen from a legendary Belgian patissier en route to Japan. The eight girls agree, with the Producer complimenting Seira specifically for her response.

Otome attempts to run off to get to work but Sakura stops her with reasoning, saying that it would be pointless without any clues, with Yurika agreeing as Kaede goes on to reveal a map she has for them. It shows them where the stolen chocolate was taken, however she refuses to give them the map unless they can find the three differences in the two images on her phone. Together all eight think it over but nobody can tell until Seira gets an idea and gives Ki one of the Aikatsu Chocolate balls. She points out the differences being the star points on the chef hat, the sun beam shapes, and the candles on top of the cake; and with that the pairs share a cheer as they receive their maps.

With that they move onto scene two; where Kaede sweetens her requests reward by promising that whoever finds the chocolate first will get a bite of it. Everyone runs inside and they decide to split up to locate the item in question, with Otome and Sakura heading upstairs, Ichigo and Aoi searching the nearby hallway as Kaede follows behind, Ki searches for clues with Seira in another hallway, and Yurika chats with Ran regarding theories in another hall.

As Aoi is searching she is forced to stop Ichigo from eating everything and just walking off, when suddenly Kaede points out something to them. Meanwhile, Otome happens to find a trail of colorful boxes of candy, but they run into Seira and Ki until Sakura suggests they split up again. Then when a wall of sweet treats almost falls on Yurika, Ran is able to pull her out of danger- causing her to get flustered as Ran checks on her.

Soon, Ichigo, Aoi, and Kaede approach two doors and Ichigo observes them. They try to determine which one may be real as Seira and Ki find a hidden door behind a big cake structure in another room. As this is going on, Yurika and Ran find a button to show them the secret door, and Sakura and Otome fall into the room where everyone else is.

Together again, the group determines that the chocolate has been placed within a pink safe. Kaede tells them she can handle the rest and approaches the safe to find a code that will unlock it, but in this time Seira remarks that something feels off. Both she and Ichigo eat a chocolate ball and suddenly reveal that the chocolate was never stolen to begin with. As the others express confusion in this statement, they realize they aren't actually in the thief's home; but the home of the patissier who made the chocolate: Kaede was the one who came in to steal it.

Just then she is able to open the safe and grab the box, revealing they were right as she makes a quick escape. The girls give chase and as Seira reaches Kaede, she incidentally knocks the box of chocolate from her hand, causing the candy to land right into Ichigo's mouth. Kaede is horrified by this and the girls get a chance to place her under arrest while everyone shares a cheer for finding the true culprit.

With that the auditions are over, and the Producer chooses Seira and Ki as the winners of the audition. They are surprised by this as everyone else congratulates them, and the Producer explains that he liked their interactions throughout the audition. The way they combined with each other was refreshing and new. Ichgo and Aoi agree with him, causing Seira to thank them before voicing her desire to enter another audition with Ichigo at some point.

Character Appearances



  • When Aoi tells Ichigo to sit so that she can open the box of chocolate candy, a part of her hair is incorrectly layered over her headband. Causing the upper half to look yellow.

Major Events

  • This will be the first drama-featuring episode in the 2nd Season.
  • The song New・Chocolate Case appears for the first time

Cultural References


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