Loose Cha-Ran-way!
Episode 57
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Episode Information
Kanji ゆるキャ蘭ウェイ!

Yuru Kya-Ran-wei!

English Loose Cha-Ran-way!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date November 14, 2013
Featured Songs
Opening KIRA☆Power
Ending Original Star☆彡
Insert Song Trap of Love
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Loose Cha-Ran-way! (ゆるキャ蘭ウェイ! Yuru Kya-Ran-wei!)1 is the 57th episode of Aikatsu! TV Anime series and the seventh episode of it's 2nd Season (2年目 2-nen me, lit. Second Year). The episode aired on November 14, 2013.


Just as Ran is given the responsibility of revealing the Constellation Dress of Spicy Ageha, she is overcome with anxiety when she learns she must perform a Constellation Appeal.


The girls are in the middle of training when Sakura notices the mascot on Otome's cellphone. Otome introduces them to Potepo, and she sees Sakura's, who is introduced as Akkumadori-kun. It's then Yurika comes by to ask why they're so interested in mascot characters, causing them to ask is she doesn't like them. Shyly she brings up that she likes horror characters and shows them the bat hanging from her phone, causing Otome to claim that either way it is a mascot; though she denies it.

Curiously Ichigo asks Aoi what a Mascot character is, accidentally calling them "musket" as Ran joins them. Aoi asks Ran for her own opinion- but before she can show them, the other three mention how it doesn't fit someone like Ran, and she quickly shoves her phone back into her pocket. Ichigo happens to notice this but says nothing. 

While inside, Aoi finishes her explanation of mascots to Ichigo while showing her various pictures. She comments on how she isn't surprised that Ichigo hasn't heard of them, as they have only gained popularity within the past year. It's then Ichigo begins to describe the one she saw in Ran's pocket, and Aoi identifies it as Ebipon- a popular mascot who won the award for "Mascottiest Mascot", and how it was he who triggered the mascot character trend. When Aoi asks why she is curious, Ichigo explains where she saw him, leaving Aoi shocked as Ran approaches. Before they can ask questions, Ran is suddenly called by Anna, the top designer of Spicy Ageha. She asks Ran to stop by to pick up their brand new Constellation Premium Dress, and while this conversation is being held the girls try to get a better look at the mascot but are unable to. With that they wish her luck as she informs them of the news and takes off.

Upon arrival, Anna speaks with Ran regarding the trending theme for this year, and how this will be the very first Constellation Premium Dress that Spicy Ageha will be putting out. She reveals the dress to Ran and explains it's wild inspiration: the crown represents the lion, while the feathers represent the wild birds that come from the savanna the lion rules over. She also admits that Ran played a role in the dresses design, watching as she expresses amazement over the gown. Anna asks her to wear it for her next fashion show and perform a Constellation Appeal with it and Ran recalls how people do this as Anna transforms the dress into a coord set and hands it over. She voices confidence than Ran can do this.

In her office, Orihime is discussing with Johnny regarding the fact that Ran has got a Constellation Premium Dress. Johnny compliments Orihime for being a good headmistress but she claims it's much too early to celebrate, causing him to ask if she has forgotten how much effort Ran put in to becoming Spicy Ageha's representative model. Orihime expresses annoyance in this and points out that there are several difficulties in being a model- such as having to endure the bright lights for long periods of time, wearing clothing opposite of the season for work and advertisements. Ran has managed to overcome every obstacle so far, so they should just put their faith into the young girl.

As she leaves the office, Ran thinks back to the day when she had become Spicy Ageha's representative model. She is concerned about whether or not she can do the Constellation Appeal or not, but letting Anna down isn't an option. She will wear the Constellation Dress and perform a Constellation Appeal.

Aoi informs everyone that Ran has gotten back and she asks if everything is ready. Ichigo tells her that everyone set up a whole table of sweet foods, and Sakura also got some items that would suit Ran's palate, such as rice crackers, dried plum, and salted kelp. With that settled, Aoi prepares to do more investigative work to see if Ran actually likes Epibon or not; although Shion and Yurika suggest she just asks her, rather then being sneaky. Otome admits that she would be really shocked to find out Ran liked Ebipon if it turns out to be true, so she is too frightened to ask herself, and Aoi claims that this way they are able to act normally around her.

Suddenly Ran shows up and questions what her friends are up to. Ichigo explains that they were waiting for her to come back so that they could celebrate getting the Constellation Dress with her, and Ran decides to show them the coord after she compliments their efforts. However, she isn't sure if now is the time to start celebrating since she needs to focus until the fashion show ends. Aoi takes this opportunity to ask Ran if she could see her phone, but Ran mentions having dropped it off back in her room on the way over. Suspicious by her answer, Aoi asks Ran why she had to think about it and she avoids answering, deciding to take off and get some training done.

However, Ran soon finds herself distracted as she thinks about the problems that could come if she is unable to perform the Constellation Appeal. She soon retires for the evening and has a nightmare of this event, awakening to see the cards nearby before she notices how late it is. She then decided to try to get more sleep.

Meanwhile in their dorm room, Aoi is having trouble sleeping due to her curiosity over Ran liking Ebipon. She finds it too hard to believe and Ichigo comments that she may have just seen it wrong.

As this is going on, Ran is shown seeking comfort in a stuffed Ebipon doll she has sitting nearby.

The following day the girls come to Ran's dorm room but get no response. Aoi mentions that Ran had to work early, and this causes Ichigo to worry she may have overslept, so they step inside to make sure she isn't there in bed. They don't see Ran and assume she may be training, so they decide to search the school next- but before they can go, Aoi notices a big lump in the bed and they find an Ebipon doll. They then noticed her closet door left ajar and open it to find a large amount of Ebipon merchandise. Shocked, but delighted the girls eagerly observe the various items.

Meanwhile at Dream Academy, Ki has found a picture of Seira surrounded by many cats. She is a little concerned, but the fans seem to really like it and she comments that the ability to show one's true self while not letting down their fans is the mark of the true idol. She is very happy as Seira's producer, but even then she still remains surprised by the revelation and claims an expectation that one day she might open a cat kingdom.

Ran is busy practicing her model walk while girls nearby observe her. As this is going on, a reporter has come to check things out and she wonders if they came too early when she suddenly sees Ran and decides to get a closer look. More girls come by to watch Ran practice while the reporter and cameraman take pictures.

Leaving the dorms, Aoi suggests to Ichigo that they don't say anything about what they found, since it could harm Ran's image. Ichigo agrees when someone suddenly comes by with a package for Ran. They bring up that she isn't around right now, but he is unable to just leave it there since it will need a signature. Aoi then points out where Ran might be and the man takes off while Aoi recalls the interview Ran will have today, and how it will be published in PariColle.

The woman doing the interview mentions to Ran that ever since she became the model of Spicy Ageha, everyone has been talking about how much more sexy and powerful its image has become.

While this is going on, Ichigo is surprised when Otome suddenly texts her to reveal she was just asked for directions from the man making the delivery. He was holding a giant Ebipon doll as a campaign present. Shocked, Ichigo reveals this to Aoi and they panic realizing the giant doll is on it's way to her during the interview. Realizing her image as the Beautiful Blade is on the line, they run after the delivery man in hopes of stopping him.

It's then the woman asks Ran where her title has come from, and Ran brings up how a friend was the first person to call her that. The woman mentions how befitting it is of Ran, due to her cool beauty image.

As Ichigo and Aoi run towards the interview location they come across Otome and ask her where she saw the delivery man, taking off in the direction she points out and leaving her behind and curious.

The man comes to a halt momentarily, having not found Ran yet, and he takes off in another direction.

Her interview continues and Ran explains what she thinks the duty of a model representative is.

Aoi and Ichigo run into Johnny, who warns them that they can get hurt running as fast as they were. He lectures them on the importance of taking care of an idols body and they are quick to flee after apologizing. They manage to find the delivery man and try to get him to stop so that they can speak to him to prevent damage to Ran's image- but with him being too far ahead of them, they are too tired to keep running.

The interviewer and cameraman prepare to leave while thanking Ran for the interview, but just then the delivery man appears with the giant Ebipon. Everyone is surprised as he explains that she was the winner of the Ebipon Present Campaign; but to everyone's shock Ran isn't upset at all- she's really happy. The cameraman takes a few final pictures and prepares to leave while a run down Ichigo and Aoi collapse to the ground in a tired heap. They comment on how happy Ran looks as everyone leaves, with Ran mentioning that she forgot that she had signed up for the contest, as it took place half a year ago.

She explains to them how she found Ebipon, bringing up how it began after Ichigo left for America. She made an agreement vow with everyone else in Starlight Academy to work harder then before, aiming to become the representative model for Spicy Ageha. Then after one, long tiring day she came across Ebipon, and realized his silliness was exactly what she needed at the end of a tiring day. Whenever she looked at him she felt at ease, using the doll to express her feelings by saying that she was unable to tell others how much she liked him because she felt embarrassment. As this is going on, Aoi takes a special picture and promises to only keep it for them to look at. Ran agrees and eagerly poses with her friends and the giant Ebipon doll.

On the day of the fashion show, everyone watches the news report that shows the picture the Cameraman took of Ran hugging the giant Ebipon. The man comments on how Ran displayed a surprising amount of emotion, but says nothing else while moving on to a discussion about Idol ranking.

In Orihime's office, Johnny is very worried about Ran now and considers this to be horrible timing, but Orihime claims that the fact others are talking about her is just proof that she is gaining further stardom. This will also show if her runway skills can make the show a success or not.

Before she goes inside the building of the fashion show, Ran speaks to the many photographers that have showed up to get pictures of her. The building is packed full of audience members, including a very excited Ichigo and Aoi who are sure she will manage to pull this off with ease. Ran heads back into the changing area and after appearing on stage to perform to "Trap of Love".

After the performance, everyone is very pleased and excited for how well Ran did and the girls set up another celebratory party for her again. They suggest that she enjoys herself now, but she suddenly gets a text from Orihime asking her to stop by the office.

Upon arrival, Orihime mentions that a new offer has come in for Ran as the role of Ebipon's public relations representative model and forming a special unit with Ebipon. Eagerly Ran is quick to accept and she promises to do her best.

Character Appearances


Major Events

  • Ran obtains a Constellation Dress
  • Ran's aura changed from purple butterflies to gold ones, which now fly up-right instead of around her.
  • The King Leo Coord makes it debut in this episode
  • Spicy Ageha's top designer Anna Tachibana makes her official debut after only appearing in cameos beforehand.
  • This is the first episode where Ran is seen recieving from the top designer directly.

Aikatsu! Universe

  • Ran has been revealed to be a fan of "Ebi-Pon".
  • The episode title comes from YuruKyara, the mascot characters, Ran's name, and the word "runway" (Ranwei).


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  1. ^  "Cha-Ran-way" might be a shortening of "Character" (キャラ Kyara), "Ran" ( lit. Orchid), and "Runway" (ランウェイ Ranwei).
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