The Password is Okeoke Okay☆
Episode 55
螢幕快照 2014-05-25 上午11.41.27
Episode Information
Kanji 合い言葉はオケオケオッケー☆

Aikotoba ha Okeoke Okkē☆

English The Password is Okeoke Okay☆
Air Date
Japanese Air Date October 31, 2013
Featured Songs
Opening KIRA☆Power
Ending Original Star☆彡
Insert Song Calendar Girl
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The Password is Ok-ok-Okay☆ (合い言葉はオケオケオッケー☆ Aikotoba ha Okeoke Okkē☆) is the 55th episode of the Aikatsu! TV Anime series and the 5th episode of it's "Second Season" (2年目 2-nen me, lit. "Second Year"), this episode was premiered on October 31, 2013.

The scenario of the episode was written by Natsuko Takahashi and Nobuhiro Kondō did the storyboard directed by Ohae Fukuoka with animation direction by Yuka Takemori and Eri Ishikawa.


Kī Saegusa from the Dream Academy loves the Ponpon Crepe, and knowing this, Seira Otoshiro suggests that she participates in the upcoming Idol auditions as the 15th gen Pon-Pon Crepe Campaign Girl. However, as a Producer, Ki remains unconvinced that she can stand on an Idols stage...


As Ki is enjoying a pon pon crepe she stops after saying the word "yummy" and goes on to inform Seira of what it means, but to her surprise Seira states she already knows the meaning. Since she hears Ki say it a lot when she eats them, she looked it up one day. Ki decides to challenge her friend by asking her if she knows who the fourteenth generation Pon Pon Crepe image girl is, and after she reveals not knowing, she points out it is Aoi.

Seira isn't surprised and compliments that the role fits Aoi, with Ki agreeing. She admits that she would have picked her too, but she wonders who will come next, explaining that the audition for the fifteenth Pon Pon Crepe Girl is approaching. Surprised, Seira suggests that Ki tries out since she likes them so much, but Ki refuses, saying that she isn't an Idol. As she continues to eat, Seira claims that Ki could do it.

As this is going on, Aoi's mind is also focused on the Pon Pon Crepe Girl auditions and mentions that she will have to retire her poster soon. Ichigo recalls the auditions, claiming it felt like they just occurred and they momentarily reflect on this. Aoi goes on to describe how excited she was when she won the role, following Mizuki's footsteps, and now she is very excited to see who will come after her.

Later, Seira and Ki are out in the hall walking by several students who compliment Seira while Ki works on the type of theme she should make her next outfit. But as some of the girls compliment how cute Ki is, Seira happens to overhear them as one points out that she isn't an Idol, but would make a good one. She agrees with them and explains to Ki what they are referring to after she realizes this.

In class, Seira is given homework to write a report on why she decided to become an idol, but while she tries to start it she gets distracted again and wonders why Ki became a producer. Before she can figure it out, she is asked to come to Tiara's office due to a bunch of fan letters and flowers that have come in lately. There she graciously accepts the items and Tiara compliments Seira for having such a talented Producer by her side. She agrees with this and takes off.

Meanwhile at Starlight Academy, Otome comes by to discuss the Pon Pon Crepe audition and how she will be too busy to participate herself. Ichigo is also too busy, and Ran mentions that she doesn't like crepes all that much, and she has a photo session that day. While Yurika would like to, she has black mass (actually a concert) that day and can't. Ran also heard that Shion, Kaede, and Sakura can't do it either, which makes Aoi excited to find out who will be auditioning since it isn't any of them. 

That evening, Seira and Ki overlook the variety of letters and flowers from the fans. Ki compliments Seira, who claims it is thanks to her that she has gotten so far, then she recalls that Tiara asked her to give Ki something and presents a small box. Excitedly Ki opens it to find out it is from her mother and looks to see a cute hair accessory. She recognizes it by the number and picks it up, explaining that she used to name the accessories they made, until they got up to fifteen and found it difficult- so they switched to numbers.

While happy, Ki is also concerned that her mother stayed up so late to make this gift and send it when she has such a busy career. So she decides to send her an email until remembering that she will need to wait a week, causing Seira to question why this is. Ki explains how her mother works some distance from there on a remote island as the only doctor there. She's often away from home so they don't get to see each other too often. But she isn't lonely despite this, because she always feels a connection to her mother. As she compliments how cute the accessory is, Seira observes her and decides to take a quick picture after she catches her removing her glasses.

Meanwhile back in their dorm, Aoi is trying to find out whatever she can in relation to the Pon Pon Crepe auditions. She is hoping to find some information about participants while Ran tries to help Ichigo with her stretches.

The next day, Ki has received pictures of various hair accessories that she figured Seira would look good in. As she shows Seira, she explains how she made sure they would fit various criteria- like the shape of her head, the balance of her face, and the qualities of her hair, and this special search engine brings back results. Seira is happy, but she curiously asks Ki why doesn't try on some of the hair accessories her mother has made for her. She brings her to the nearby room and sets Ki down before a mirror and brushes her hair, complimenting how soft it feels. Ki explains that her mother made sure to take very good care of it, then admits that she is surprised Seira knows how to take such good care of her hair like this.

As she is finishing she mentions how often she braids Noel's hair for her, and places the accessories onto Ki's pigtails. She comments that Ki's mother appears to have known what would look good on her, and Ki explains that as a Producer, it only makes sense. Seira expresses confusion since Ki claimed earlier her mother was a Doctor, and Ki explains that while she is a doctor, she was the producer who inspired her to become more cheerful.

Initially Seira doesn't understand, and Ki brings up how shy she used to be growing up. She didn't play with the other kids, and kept to herself and hardly had any friends. It didn't help that she had become envious of the other girls, because they looked very cute with their hair pins and ribbons- and she didn't know what to do to make herself feel better. It was things like this that left Ki to wonder if she was different from the other girls. They were cute and full of energy, but she wasn't like that at all. Then one day her mother asked her if she wanted her to tie up her hair. Ki was confused and watched her while asking why, and her mother explains that this will allow her to become more energetic and smile more; because it is a special spell. As she was finishing, she placed a pair of star shaped clips into her newly formed pigtails while chanting, and suddenly, Ki became very happy as she observed herself in the mirror. She mentioned how she didn't feel like herself though, but her mother claimed that this was because this special spell has awakened her true self.

Since then her mother did her hair for her whenever she wasn't busy with work and Ki became very cheerful and happy. She would chat with her mother whenever she did her hair, which calmed her down a lot, and when she felt sad her mother could always cheer her up by doing her hair and telling her that everything would be okay. As such, she has gained the tic "Ok-ok-okay" because it is their magical phrase. It's then Seira wonders why her mother sent this gift so suddenly, and mentions that she was probably worried about Ki since they haven't spoken in some time. This causes Ki to realize that she may have been too harsh in scolding her mother earlier.

In class, Johhny informs everyone that today is the deadline to sign up for the Pon Pon Crepe audition. He suggests anyone still thinking of it to hurry up and make up their mind, and asks everyone to share a round of applause for Aoi as the current Pon Pon Crepe Girl.

After class, Aoi is becoming even more excited and Ichigo pretends to interview her by asking her what kind of girl Aoi thinks would be chosen. But before she can respond, Seira shows up for a surprise visit- shocking the girls.

She joins them in their dorm room and explains that she came to ask Aoi the same question, after informing them that she was granted access onto the school grounds by claiming she came to visit some friends. So she asks about the audition and they assume she intends to enter, but Seira tells them she isn't. She just wanted to learn more, like how the best way to win it would be, and what sort of girl would pass the auditions. Aoi points out that the most important thing is that the girl auditioning genuinely likes Pon Pon Crepes, first of all.

With this in mind, Seira is inspired and runs back to Dream Academy, where she has Ki come to the data room later that night to look up information on a mysterious girl that will be entering the auditions. She asks Ki to produce this girl, and Ki agrees as she gets to work, although she admits not to knowing anything about this girl and can't say anything specifically yet. Although it appears tha she has a 97% chance of passing the audition. She compliments this and Seira brings up how this girl isn't particularly good in front of others and isn't confident in her looks, but this means nothing to Ki, who promises to make her shine brighter than anybody else. In the mean time she decides to locate the perfect dress for her, and Seira decides to use this instance to sign the girl up. 

Come the day of the audition, Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran are on their way to the location to watch Aoi give a speech as the passing image girl. 

Meanwhile, Ki has perfected a coord for the mystery girl and Seira compliments it. She tells Ki to get ready, leaving her confused until she informs her that the girl was actually her. She also mentions she already spoke to everyone, and they are sure with Ki producing herself, there's no way she could lose. But as Ki begins to grow anxious, Seira is forced to drag her to the location before she stops to tell her how sure she is that she can do this. Ki still doesn't think so, saying that her dream is to produce other girls and make them shine like her mother- but Seira insists that Ki can become happy on stage as well, and resumes pulling her to the auditions.

As Ki observes herself in the mirror, she isn't convinced that she can do this yet and tries to run away until Seira blocks her at the door and reveals the special coord piece she has obtained for Ki; the hair accessory her mother made for her. She hands it over and tells Ki to put on a performance for her mother so that she can see the cheerful and cute girl she has become. Ki is touched by this gesture as Seira explains she had another girl help her out with this and Ki recalls showing her mother the Dream Academy uniform when she got it. She had began to cry, surprising Ki until she explained how happy she was to see her daughter transform from a shy and withdrawn young girl into a happy one.

For a moment Ki seems sad, but inspired, she perks up and decides to go through with it. They head into the changing area and removes her glasses as Seira tells her to go off and have fun. Ki agrees and inserts the cards into place, changing and appearing on stage.

Aoi expresses surprise to see Ki on stage, but she quickly compliments her as Ki is introduced as a participant and performs "Calendar Girl".

With the auditions over, Aoi runs up to Ichigo and Ran to bring up that Ki won the audition. They all found her to be very cute so isn't a surprise, and while this is going on, Ki is being congratulated by Tiara, who wishes her luck being a Producer and an Idol from this point on. Initially Ki is surprised, but Seira convinces her that she will manage to do this and she eagerly accepts.

As this is going on, one of the workers with Ki's mother is overlooking the newest Pon Pon Crepe Girl picture and remarks that Ki shares her mothers cuteness. They then share a laugh as she observes it.

Character Appearances


Major Events

  • Ki makes her debut performance in this episode.
    • With this, she would continue on as both an Idol and Producer.
  • This episode reveals Kī's background.

Animation Trivia

  • This is the first episode to feature songs from season one.
  • This episode is the last appearance of Aoi's Ponpon Crepe Image Girl poster[1].

Aikatsu! Universe Trivia

  • This episode revealed the possibility to turn a normal clothing/accessory into a card.


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