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Wake up my music♪
Episode 48
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Episode Information
English Wake up my music♪
Air Date
Japanese Air Date September 12, 2013
Featured Songs
Opening Diamond Happy
Ending Hirari/Hitori/Kirari
Insert Song Wake up my music
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Legend Idol・Masquerade The Place Where Brightness Goes to


Wake up my music♪ is the 48th episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 48th episode of its "1st Season" (1年目(サードシーズン) lit. "First Year"). The episode aired on September 12, 2013.



Masquerade has just been reborn, and Ichigo is stunned to learn of Miya's true identity as her mother, Ringo. She is then told "Let's Aikatsu together tomorrow".

Full Summary

As Ichigo recoils from the shock of learning her mother is actually Miya, Raichi sits at home while recalling smelling two Idol auras and was left in confusion.

Meanwhile, Honoka updates Orihime on Mizuki's condition. As they walk off Aoi and Ran express concern, but they simply inform the duo that she fell ill prior to her performance. While left standing there, they grow further anxious upon hearing Ichigo yell from inside the room.

As it turns out, Ichigo actually has no idea her mother actually is Miya- and her surprise was at seeing her dressed like her. When Ran and Aoi fall into the room due to their friends obliviousness, they earn a compliment from Miya as it finally dons on her. She is so surprised that she completely repeats the same questions in a circle until they put a stop to it once it's obvious she understands. But not before she connects that Miya comes from their surname, Hoshimiya. Upon arriving to her office, Orihime is greeted by Johnny. He compliments her performance while she anticipates the following- several criticisms he has for it. He assures her that as long as she follows them she will surely perform even better next time, and she confirms that he's right. Although she won't be performing again. This was a special occasion event. Johnny is aware Masquerade's time is over, but he brings up how enormous the fans reactions were and how they cannot allow them to vanish again without one last performance.

Outside by the Gazebo, Ichigo happily brings up her surprise and compares it to food. She tries on her mothers mask while Aoi and Ran watch from afar, happy to see she isn't angry with Ringo over this long-time secret. Aoi brings up Mizuki again, and Ran remarks on how she acted fine prior to her fainting. Aoi also brings up the amazing concert, and the girls realize that despite this incident she is still a threat.

Honoka covers Mizuki, who insists she is fine, explaining that she should use today to rest. During the Starlight Queen Cup she will be facing against a worthy opponent and needs to be ready for that.

Ringo finishes a call with as the trio chat among themselves. When she finishes she rejoins the girls, with Ichigo explaining that she will be back at school the following day. Ringo comments on how Ichigo has been calling Starlight Academy home, but before they can go the girls are confronted by several fans. They greet them, with Ichigo mentioning that nobody spotted her mother. Ringo claims that it's because of the mask though.

As they arrive home they are startled to find a flustered and tense Raichi. He claims to be fine since he isn't very sure yet and runs off, leaving them confused. As Ringo is preparing dinner he continued to stare and observe her from a distance, and is able to pick up the faint scent he noticed before. As Ringo questions his odd behavior he suddenly runs off, only to stumble upon the mask peeking out of her purse. He swipes it and runs straight for their bedroom, where he tells Ichigo about his findings. But he is horrified after Ichigo reveals she already knows- leaving out the fact she just found out. 

The family sit down for dinner, and Ringo apologizes for not telling Raichi- although he claims it's okay, he's just happy to have two idols in their house. Ichigo goes on to ask how she became an idol, and she explains how she always loved to sing and dance as a child. She would often go to the park with her friend and together on the stage they would put on "performances". One day, another friend told her about an open audition and she eagerly signed up.

During the day of the audition she happened to find a mask and picked it up. It belonged to Orihime, and upon returning it she began to observe her during practice and was so captivated that she would start to sing with her. Orihime liked this about her and they began to sing together, amazing the other audition takers. Both of them were able to pass their auditions, and one evening Orihime told her they should form a unit. She agreed, and she began wearing a mask, giving them the idea to create Masquerade.

As Ringo mentions having plenty of stories about her Idol days, Ichigo makes a comment that Aoi would probably love to hear these stories. They are surprised to see that Raichi has already recorded the entire discussion though.

After he has fallen asleep at the table, Ichigo brings up how much of an Idol fan Raichi is, and how he was able to deduce her identity on his own. Ringo begins to tell Ichigo why she didn't tell her of her past, but Ichigo is able to figure it out, mentioning that she probably wanted her to make her own career decision. Ichigo then explains how she decided to become an Idol because of watching Mizuki perform that day. But it was also because of Aoi suggesting they enter the Academy, and having the support of her friends and family. Even with support, if it hadn't been her decision then she probably would have given up halfway. Ringo confirms this, mentioning that it was her own path she decided to walk. She recalls being told the same thing in the past, and asks Ichigo if she would like to see this person since she needed to pay them a visit. She agrees, and Ringo tells her that they will both Aikatsu again.

The following day Ringo and Ichigo make their way up Angely Mountain. Ichigo is surprised by the fact her mother also personally knows Asuka, having been her personal tutor. As they make their way up the path she explains this to her, such as coordinating outfits, the spirit of Aikatsu, and of course Angely Sugar. Whenever she was in need of advice she would make a stop there.  

Finding themselves at the crossroads, the girls learn that the elevator is out of service. Ringo isn't phased though, and brings up how when she was younger there wasn't an elevator anyway. But before she can finish Ichigo reveals she already knows, and together they climb the large mountain. They describe how much they enjoy mountain climbing, with Ringo comparing it to the world of Idols. She watches as Ichigo begins to speed ahead of her and continues to climb, happy to see her keep going. Upon reaching the top she lends her mother a hand and they momentarily collapse to take a break.

They head inside and Asuka voices how happy she is to see them there together. Ringo points out how it was also Asuka who helped guide her when she decided to quit being an Idol. While she loved being an Idol, she wanted to get to know her fans on a more personal level and see their smiles. As she thought about it she recalled her dream to open a bento shop one day, and her desire to speak to everyone directly, along with Asuka's encouragement was what led her to make the decision. Asuka believed she had the talent to do whatever it was that would truly make her happy, and that she would follow her true dream entirely. But this was only one of the lessons she learned. It was also around the time Orihime got the offer to become the headmistress of the Academy. They talked about it long and hard, officially coming to the mutual agreement to disband.

With that, Asuka gets up and brings them to her designer studio, where a brand new Premium Dress resides. Ichigo is amazed by it's beauty as she introduces it as the Star Festival coord. Asuka explains seeing Ichigo wearing the Starlight Tiara for a recent performance, and she was inspired to create an outfit befitting of it. She asks Ichigo to wear it for her and she agrees. After transforming the outfit, Asuka hands the cards over and they head outside while discussing the importance of remembering ones own happiness and self.

Outside, Ringo brings up how she and Miya will be holding one last performance together. She asks that she comes to see it and she agrees, with Ichigo surprised to find this out.

At the performance hall, Ringo and Orihime share their final words for their very last Masquerade performance. Once it ends they will go back to being a bento shop owner and a headmistress. They change coords and appear on stage to perform "Wake up my music".

After the performance they go back stage and speak to each other again. They find Mizuki waiting for them and she apologizes for any trouble she may have caused. They understand however, asking if she is alright. She confirms that she is, and Miya offers to remove her mask- but as it turns out Mizuki already knows of her identity as Ichigo's mother. She brings up how much they look alike, and Orihime comments on how clever she is, and how Ichigo has found a senpai to look up to. Ringo agrees, and she personally thanks Mizuki for it, stating that it is because of her that Ichigo is able to sine so brilliantly.

Ichigo returns to the dorm to find Aoi waiting for her. As she speaks to her about her time away she is confused to find Ichigo with a large package and questions it. They sit down and begin to eat the big amount of package foods together.

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