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Legend Idol・Masquerade
Episode 47
Episode Information
Kanji レジェンドアイドル・マスカレード
English Legend Idol・Masquerade
Air Date
Japanese Air Date September 5, 2013
Featured Songs
Opening Diamond Happy
Ending Hirari/Hitori/Kirari
Insert Song Wake up my music
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Respect J☆ Wake up my music♪

Legend Idol・Masquerade (レジェンドアイドル・マスカレード) is the 47th episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 47th episode of its "1st Season" (1年目(サードシーズン) lit. "First Year"). The episode aired on September 5, 2013.


Orihime gives the girls a special key allowing them to visit the Masquerade reference room in the library in order to learn more about the legendary duo. As this is going on Mizuki begins to feel the impact from continuously pushing herself to keep working.


Ichigo and Aoi are very nervous regarding the Starlight Queen Cup and Ran teases them. This reminds Aoi of Mizuki's brand new mascara commercial and they watch it online, commenting on how cute she looks. Aoi goes on to say that no matter how busy Mizuki is, she always looks perfectly fine and never shows a hint of exhaustion.

Meanwhile, a dazed Mizuki has just arrived at her dorm. Showing concern Honaka asks her how she is, but she already knows the answer and suggests that she get some sleep. Mizuki begins to head inside, but she is forced to stop as her vision becomes blurry.

Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran sneak around following Orihime. They are very curious to ask her about what kind of idol she was in the past, since even someone as great as Mizuki admired the idol group. As they begin to approach Orihime, she grows aware that they had been following them and she tells them that she doesn't have the time to tell them anything right now, due to an appointment. Instead she hands the trio a key that will take them to a room specially for Masquerade and they quickly leave and run into Mizuki, who ignores them and tiredly heads into the nearby room. While Ichigo thinks she looked tired, Aoi and Ran don't believe so. They go to the room and Aoi is immediately amazed as they quickly look around at everything, including posters, many awards, their outfits, and much more.

Meanwhile, Orihime and Mizuki are seated in the office discussing how busy she has been lately. Mizuki claims not to be bothered by it since this is just important for an Idol to be busy, and Orihime mentions how she was in the same mindset in the past. Seeing that she can understand, Mizuki is happy.

Back in the Masquerade room, Aoi is reading a biography book regarding the group as they watch a video. She goes on to read that Hime, or Orihime as they know her, was the next in line to inherit her fathers business, but because of her strong desire to become an idol she used the mask to hide her face and deceive everyone. She was found after entering an idol competition and Masquerade was soon formed after.

Orihime continues to speak to Mizuki while overlooking an image of Masquerade. She tells her that even when it gets really hard, and despite how busy she would be- she was always burning with passion.

The girls continue to look around when Ran points out how strange it is that they can keep finding information about Hime, but little to nothing on Miya. After they disbanded, Miya simply vanished. Aoi theorizes that she may have had a deep secret she didn't want to be revealed, but nobody has any ideas as to what this could be.

Back in her office, Mizuki asks Orihime if she knows how Miya has been doing lately, but Orihime claims that she was sworn to secrecy and that she promised never to tell anyone. They broke the unit around the time they reached their peak in popularity, which was also around the same time she got an offer to become headmistress of the school. Miya meanwhile, took a different path in life and their decision was made together. Since then she made a promise to Miya to make this the best school for all idols and only produce the best. She goes on to mention that the Starlight Queen Cup will broadcast live.

Meanwhile the girls take their leave and pumped with energy, Ichigo runs off to go and pray to the statue of Masquerade. She then asks if they should make an offering as a hesitant Ran joins in.

As mizuki is leaving the office, she stops again as her vision blurs. She claims to be fine as Orihime asks her about this, and also mentions how important it is to be a Starlight Queen. She then goes to a photography session and while it goes fine, she faints upon finishing.

Orihime thinks about what she said earlier and in her concern, she calls someone.

Meanwhile, all of the girls are out trying further. Otome claims how easy Yurika has things as a member of Tristar who probably doesn't need to work as much- although secretly, Yurika is a bit concerned.

It's then Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran receive a good luck message from Raichi. He claims that he and Ringo are very excited for tomorrow night, and Ichigo reveals that she's been holding onto her rice scoop ever since she become an idol, since it's her good luck charm.

That night, Honoka drops off Mizuki while informing her that she will be picking her up the next morning at six. She is concerned for Mizuki but doesn't bother asking her how she is since she knows it wont do any good. Before heading off, she does ask Mizuki to tell her when she finally reaches her limit though, and Mizuki promises that she will- although she decides ultimately not to.

Tiredly she walks out and happens to find Ichigo holding her rice scoop while in the gazebo behind the school. Ichigo admits to being nervous but she is excited and knows that things will be fine, going on to mention that Mizuki was the reason she became an Idol. She wants to be able to do what she can. Mizuki tells Ichigo that they should both have fun later and she goes to leave, but Ichigo stops her to mention her concerns. Mizuki says nothing of it and instead tells her that she has the same feelings that she does before taking off.

As the time goes by, Mizuki lays on the couch in the main room of her dorm and watches television. She thinks about how she is always able to overcome any hurdles and believes that if she just concentrates well enough she will be able to do it. Even if she knows she is beginning to feel the trouble that comes with this, she has to keep reaching.

Preparations for the Starlight Queen Cup soon begin. An announcer explains that this year will begin with an anniversary concert held by Mizuki, and everyone awaits for her to get onto stage.

However, Mizuki is shown having issues at the time, as she asks Honoka to let her inside on her own in order to concentrate. Honoka is growing even more worried, but she doesn't argue with her. As Mizuki begins to head to the changing room, she suddenly falls to the floor, struggling to get up. Dazed, she hears a voice speaking to her and looks up to find Masquerade standing there, and they tell her to leave the performance to them.

She loses consciousness as Orihime puts blame onto herself for what happened to her, then thanks Miya for being able to lend a hand at such a crucial time. Miya doesn't mind though, claiming that as long as they keep faith in themselves they will do fine. With that, they change into their coords and the announcer goes on to mention that Mizuki will not be able to perform for everyone. Instead they will be graced by the unexpected rebirth of Masquerade.

This surprises everyone in the audience, including Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran. As they perform, a tired Mizuki watches from another room while laying on the couch. Raichi is also revealed to be watching from home.

After the performance, everyone expresses joy in having witnessed Masquerade's performance. As a doctor checks on Mizuki she decides she has to perform now, more then ever and while they try to stop her she tells them she has enough energy to do this and performs for everyone.

In another room, Orihime thanks Miya once again and asks her if she thinks now is the time to reveal her secret to the world. Miya agrees, knowing that Orihime is there to support her.

Meanwhile, Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran are trying to find them in order to speak with them. They claim that they have spoke to Orihime, but as Hime they haven't so it feels different. They express confusion when she appears and asks Ichigo to head to the other room, as Miya wants to speak to her in private. Ichigo heads to this room and compliments Miya for her performance. She brings up that Orihime sent her there and Miya asks her to come closer. She removes her mask and says something, instantly causing Ichigo to realize that this woman is her mother.

Character Appearances


  • Masquerade performs in this episode.
  • Miya is officially revealed to be Ichigo's Mom, Ringo Hoshimiya.
  • Though the performances later on in Season 1 are in 2nd generation CG, Masquerade's performance in Episode 47 & 48 are somehow in the 3rd generation CG.


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