Idol Aura and Calendar Girl
Episode 22
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Episode Information
Kanji アイドルオーラとカレンダーガール
Aidoru Ōra to Karendā Gāru
English Idol Aura and Calendar Girl
Air Date
Japanese Air Date March 11, 2013
Other February 14, 2015 (Indonesia)
Featured Songs
Opening Signalize!
Ending Calendar Girl
Insert Song Calendar Girl
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Idol Aura and Calendar Girl (アイドルオーラとカレンダーガール) is the 22nd episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 22nd episode of its "1st Season" (1年目(サードシーズン) lit. "First Year"). The episode aired on March 11, 2013.


After Raichi tells her about Idol Aura, Ichigo fears she is without one and attempts to make her own appear in time for a special performance.


Aoi anticipates the upcoming commercial to show off the brand new movie Ichigo and Otome will be staring in. She plans on recording it, surprising Ichigo as she explains that even if it's only a commercial, everyone will have everyone has great expectations for the actors future career. She is sure the movie will catch on and be very popular, and Ichigo agrees, since Aoi is never wrong- although she admits that she is also really excited and Aoi suggests they go to the movies to see it.

Together the girls head over when Ran points out how risky it can be for someone to show up for the premiere of a movie they are in. Aoi argues back, saying that they have to see it because it's the first real movie with someone she knows as the lead role. Ichigo made sure to dress up and shows her friends while Otome chases after a balloon until Aoi and Ran can calm her down and point out how likely the media would harass the if they realized they were there. Ichigo believes they will be fine with their disguises though, until Aoi mentions that she overdid it and they quickly dress her down while explaining that by trying too hard- it will only catch attention. Before they head inside, they begin to discuss an idols scent as a clueless Ichigo follows. 

Once inside, Aoi reveals that she already got tickets, and they walk by Ringo and Raichi, who are trying to pick a popcorn untl Raichi happens to pick up a scent from his mother. It makes him curious, as it reminds him of an Idol acent.

Soon the movie begins and the girls are seated to watch it, along with Ringo and Raichi. While everyone loves it, he is left disappointed since Aoi didn't make an appearance.

After the movie, Aoi congratulates her friends as Ran decides to take off. Aoi brings up her idol aura once again, and this time Raichi detects it and excitedly greets everyone before offering a small wrapped item to Ran and requests a picture. As Ringo approaches, she greets the girls and is formally introduced to Otome. Raichi uses this moment to take pictures of the girls before Ichigo asks them for their opinions, and they both bring up how much they liked it. Ran compliments Raichi's Idol Aura sensing abilities, and he mentions that while he isn't sure how or why, he felt like he smelled the scent of an idol earlier. Aoi also compliments him as he continues to say that each Idol has their own scent and describes them; Aoi's is sparkly, Ran's reminds him of a fluttering butterfly, and Otome smells like candies. But he is unable to detect anything from Ichigo, other than some coffee she had earlier since she spilled it on herself. 

Later, Ichigo continues to smell herself in hopes of detecting a scent, and Aoi comes by to explain that the term isn't meant to be literally. The "scent" is an aura. She asks Ichigo if she's ever felt it before, and after Ichigo mentions that she felt it from Mizuki, they go outside and she attempts to imitate Mizuki in hopes of triggering something- with no results.

The next day, Johnny brings up that the girls got a job offer for a public concert. They won't have to audition for it because the sponsors have already seen them perform due to their growing popularity; Aoi because of her role in Naughty Detectives, Ran has her model work, and Ichigo because of the number of viewers her movie got. The three of them had been asked for specifically, and Ichigo also has an offer to appear on the radio to promote the movie. This surprises her, but she is eager to try anyway and decides that she has to work even harder now to try to show off her Idol Aura. 

During Lunch Ichigo notices that Yurika also has an Aura while various other girls offer Yurika some garlic-based dishes, as well as a tomato. Yurika accepts the tomato but claims that accepting garlic is just begging for the one offering to have their blood sucked- exciting the girls even further. Ichigo looks on to find Otome's aura as she admires a parfait a girl got, commenting on how delicious it looks. This causes Ichigo to grow more concerned as she watches more and more aura begin to appear. She has also noticed by that now Mizuki's aura is never not showing, and this inspires her to work even harder. 

Later, a desperate Ichigo tries to yell while outside to get her aura to appear. As she keep doing this, Aoi and Ran watch from the distance until she realizes it's time for her radio show and she heads off to the location, listening to discussions about Idols. She finds herself growing more anxious but one of the staff members assures her that if she has any problems she can ask. He also points out that since she will be on, they're expecting a lot more viewers and listeners; adding to her anxiety.

Raichi turns on the program before expressing surprise at the announcement of Ichigo being a guest star on it. She struggles to speak and apologizes for being so nervous, and the man asks her some question. However, Ichigo is unable to answer until he announces a commercial break. They turn off the radio for a moment and again she apologizes and claims that his mentioning of the viewers made her worry even more.

He offers her some advice and they resume the show by going to the Idol Tip Corner segment of the show, where an Idol answers questions submitted by fans. Ichigo takes the paper and reads that it is from someone named "Raichingale". As Ichigo reads it, Raichi is on the floor in agony, fearing Ichigo may end up saying something or have found out that he was the one who wrote it. She goes on to finish the letter about a person who is so hung up over their feelings for Aoi that they worry over their future- sometimes making them feel that they have to hurry up and wonder if it is okay to keep chasing after Aoi.

Ichigo is very easily able to relate to this by saying that she became an idol because she was chasing after Mizuki. But after she started to enjoy herself, she suddenly found herself overflowing with her own dreams.  She is sure that if this person keeps doing the things they like they will come to a dream of their own as well. As Raichi listens, he is able to pick up Ichigo's aura.

Meanwhile, the man informs Ichigo that she's gotten too close to the microphone and they move onto the next message. 

After the show ends, Ran and Aoi mention that they could really feel her aura overflowing. The keys for an Idol to find her Aura is to know who she is as an idol, as well as how strong her feelings are for the life of an Idol. Ichigo's aura appeared because of the confidence she was able to show and build up from working so much.

It's then the girls arrive at the location of their performance and the girls offer Ichigo some advice. She starts to think about how she felt during the show while stepping from the vehicle, unknown of her beautiful, shining aura as she approaches her friends and head inside to change. They appear on stage to perform "Calendar Girl".

Afterwards, Raichi congratulates the girls before complimenting Ichigo. He thanks her for answering his worries earlier, but she has no idea what he is talking about until he admits to being Raichingale. Ichigo is highly surprised, and this causes Raichi to angrily comment that he shouldn't have said anything. 

At school, Orihime watches the girls performance with Mizuki. She is happy that it went as well as it did, then she mentions how Ran will be part of a brand audition approaching. 

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  • This is the first episode that shows idol auras, other than Mizuki's, outside of the stage.
  • This episode reveals that Raichi can sense or "smell" an idol's aura.
  • Raichi's penname "Raichingale" is revealed.
  • The song Calendar Girl appears for the first time as an insert song




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