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Hinaki Miracle!
Episode 169
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Episode Information
Kanji ひなきミラクル!
English Hinaki Miracle!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date January 28, 2016
Featured Songs
Ending Lucky train!
Insert Song Adult Mode
Hello Hello
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A Single Road, Our Parting Ways The Power of Idols

Hinaki Miracle! (ひなきミラクル!) is the 169th episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 17th episode of its "4th Season" (4年目(フォースシーズン) lit. "Fourth Year"). The episode aired on January 28, 2016.


In order to get closer to becoming the Starlight Queen, Hinaki Shinjō has requested for a new Premium Rare Dress from her favourite brand Vivid Kiss. The ideas collected some time ago in order to create an extraordinary dress turns out to be the live venue of a certain idol!


Hinaki is in the middle of a photo session when the Photographer stops her to converse, noting her high energy. She explains that she has been having so much fun reaching for a huge goal like this, and the photographer explains that its been the topic of conversation at the studio too.

Later, the girls observe some fashion magazines Hinaki has been in lately and they compliment her confidence. Rin points out that lately her newest one is the best yet, and she thanks everyone before claiming she has to keep going. She has so many great rivals, she needs to reach even higher. She's decided to ask Kayoko for a Premium dress.

At the Vivid Kiss studio Hinaki makes her request and Kayoko accepts with no hesitation. She couldn't turn down her, especially when she was considering asking her anyway. If the Starlight Queen won wearing one of her dresses it could mean big things for Vivid Kiss. Hinaki thanks her and they prepare to brainstorm ideas, firstly setting out a few past coords to help inspire them. Hinaki overlooks each coord with admiration, but they don't have any ideas to begin with. Hinaki spots a magazine featuring Mikuru on the cover, detailing her upcoming concert. Hinaki expresses confusion and Kayoko brings up that she won the Gardener's World Cup as she was aspiring to, and she set out on an idol tour. After Hinaki recalls that she also favors Vivid Kiss, she mentions wanting to see her perform. Kayoko invites her, suggesting they check it out for inspiration.

On stage, Mikuru steps out to perform "Adult Mode". Her overwhelming energy and brightness strikes a note with Hinaki as she speaks to the audience, and after her performance they head to the dressing rooms to speak with her. They find her arranging some flowers and she chats with Ferry, who spots the duo and runs up to greet them. Hinaki cuddles Ferry and to her surprise, Mikuru already knows her. She is very glad, and they sit down to explain why they have showed up so suddenly. Mikuru is very pleased as she recalls what she has been told about the Starlight Queen from Mizuki, and she makes a suggestion that they hit town for some inspiration. Hinaki asks if this will get in the way of her tour, but Mikuru says she has off tomorrow and she wants to show Hinaki the treasure trove of fashions awaiting them.

The next day the girls go into town, where they check out various clothing shops and try out the items suiting their pop styles. They also admire beautiful flowers, play with a stray dog, and soon take a break at a cafe. They chat about the various things they saw, such as the color display of a bike shop, the pattern on a dog's fur, and Kayoko mentions the view of the sunset sky occurring behind them. Hinaki is saddened their day will be ending, but Mikuru brings up a "retreat" and points out Vivid Kiss has a seaside cottage they can visit. They can use this to continue planning the new Premium Dress. Hinaki eagerly agrees.

Arriving to the seaside cottage, Hinaki admires the large room building as they step inside to find Kayoko waiting for them. They have the whole place to themselves so they're welcome to make it a second home. Mikuru brings up that they first met in this room, back when she approached Kayoko to bring her flower delivery, and Kayoko goes on to mention how stale the exterior has become lately. She wants to change it up and she's set up to paint, but she hasn't gotten there yet. Just then, a filming crew arrive with an apology for interrupting, explaining that they went to her office and had been told she came here. Kayoko realizes she completely forgot that she plans on recording with a French television program today, for a documentary that will air internationally. She feels remorseful and Hinaki begins worrying that they might need to cancel, until Mikuru comes up with the idea that Vivid Kiss' portion of the documentary can focus on the retreat. After the girls explain why they came there, the film crew agree with the concept and they get to work recording the trio after reminding them to just act naturally.

The girls sit down and begin brainstorming ideas for the Premium Rare dress while the interviewer asks Kayoko some questions. Such as if she feels pressure as a top designer, and how she handles it. The girls model a pair of matching, plain white "stencil outfits" Kayoko prepared, and she begins making alterations to it.

Later that evening, Kayoko compliments the girls as she brings them a luxurious meal. Hinaki compliments them for inspiring her so much, but Mikuru insists that she managed to come up with some great ideas too. As Hinaki feels assured that the dress will be great, she begins worrying again after recalling she hasn't performed a Fever Appeal yet. She fears she isn't strong enough for that and later that night, she sadly heads outside for some air to think it over. Mikuru joins her and noticing something is off, she asks that Hinaki confide in her. Hinaki thanks her for all of her advice up until now, but as she thinks about that and Kayoko making her dress, she realizes the appeal is still an obstacle for her. She won't know what to do if she can't perform a Fever Appeal like the others.

Mikuru brings up how ones effort is like a flower. In that one must give them a lot of care so that they can bloom their most beautiful. But if she's unable to make it bloom, she may regret not trying harder. She recalls when she felt pressure over idoling due to how new it was to her, and partnered with Mizuki, she worried she couldn't keep up. But after spending so much time thinking she realized she wasn't Mizuki, and what she's capable of isn't going to change just by making these comparisons, regardless of her struggle. It's not important if Hinaki can perform this appeal, or even if she wins. When it's all said and done, what matters is that she's done her Aikatsu with no regrets. She asks Hinaki to think back to her time as an idol and asks if she regrets any of it, and Hinaki confirms she doesn't. Mikuru tells her to stop worrying and doubting herself, and just focus on painting the Starlight Queen cup her own color. She promises to help Hinaki, but just then, as the wind begins blowing the girls prepare to head back inside. Hinaki stops to spot the paints from earlier and inspired, she asks Mikuru to lend her a hand.

The following day, Kayoko and the film crew are shocked to see the building has been covered in colorful paint. Kayoko falls in love with it as Hinaki wonders if they went a little overboard, but Mikuru laughs and assures her its fine. She compliments their inspiring idea and quickly resumes working on her design.

As she works, Hinaki focuses on training with Mikuru and the others, until the big day of the reveal arrives. She admires her shiny, brand new coord after Kayoko hands it over and she steps out on stage to perform "Hello Hello". Akari and Sumire admire Hinaki, along with Mikuru and Kayoko as they witness her Fever Appeal.

After the performance, word quickly began to spread about Hinaki. The girls meet up again to discuss the recent mentions of her in magazines, and Hinaki assures them that she's now ready for the Queen cup.




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