Episode 165
螢幕快照 2015-12-17 下午05.59.43
Episode Information
Kanji ルミナス☆クリスマス
English Luminas☆Christmas
Air Date
Japanese Air Date December 24, 2015
Featured Songs
Ending lucky train!
Insert Song Hello! Winter Love♪
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Luminas☆Christmas (ルミナス☆クリスマス) is the 165th episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 13th episode of its "4th Season" (4年目(フォースシーズン) lit. "Fourth Year"). The episode aired on December 24, 2015.


Finally, Luminas☆Japan Tour is coming to an end. The day of the final stage will be on the night of christmas eve, while the location venue will be held in Starlight School. The three members of Luminas who are awaiting for the white christmas will be starting an event that shall deliver snow from all over Japan to Starlight named "Snow Relay"...?


With Christmas approaching, Hinaki discusses that their final performance on their tour will be taking place on Christmas Eve. Everyone is excited and they are joined by Johnny and Orihime, who came to share some words of encouragement. Hinaki points out that they will need to do their best for their home town and Akari agrees, excited that everyone they know will be seeing their performance.

The girls head out to check out the venue they will be performing at and Rin asks about the weather for that day. Akari mentions that the person she spoke to earlier explained it would be a miracle if it snowed this year, but they recall that it snowed the prior year and so on. Nono points out that it would definitely snow back at Hokkaido, while Hinaki and Madoka would both like for it to snow. Akari agrees, when Rin mentions Minami will be stopping by to watch them. She's never gotten to see snow before, so they really would like for it to snow now. They make their way back to the school with Akari checking the confirmed weather, but suddenly she spots Ichigo.

Akari calls out to her and she runs over to see them. They catch up for a moment before bringing up snow, and when Nono brings up how Hokkaido is probably covered again - Ichigo suggests they just head on over to pick up some snow and bring it back. This idea surprises the girls, but she claims to just be kidding and runs off to resume jogging.

That evening, Nono recalls what happened earlier with Lisa, writing and speaking into their phones to record the event. Nono brings up how she made a joke before the Tweet goes live. Raichi and several others happen to see these tweets.

The next morning Akari gets the tweet after she, Hinaki, and Sumire finish. They show everyone what they wrote and see the several retweets they got for it, including a Like from Aoi.

Meanwhile, Aoi is on Ichigo's radio show reporting something special. She brings up the tweet, which she knows everyone probably heard of by now. With Ran they chat about how popular it is, along with everyone getting excited for Luminas. Quite a few people wish to travel to Hokkaido to gather some snow and bring it back, and Aoi points out that it was Ichigo who brought it up to begin with. For a moment she seems clueless, but recalls that she probably did. Aoi then goes on to reveal the theme for that days letters.

And so word of Nono and Lisa's Tweets began to spread around the entire area. Nono mentions to Lisa that she really didn't expect their post to turn into such a big thing, but she's delighted. Lisa recalls that Sumire and Hinaki mentioned it, along with Akari during her weather program. Seeing the big deal being made around it, Nono and Lisa decide they can't let everyone down. They quickly set up a plan to gather tons of snow back in Hokkaido to take back to Starlight Academy.

In the Cafeteria, Yotsuba brings Johnny and Naoto some donuts and coffee. They chat about the report and Naoto points out that Lisa and Nono were pretty touched by the fan feedback they got and responded to it. Johnny agrees that everything is getting more lively, and brings up the event its turned into.

Around the various areas, people work together to gather snow and are sending it to the final Luminas Tour concert. Volunteers from all over the country are lending a hand.

Akari asks the staff members with her if they are still predicting a sunny day. He brings up that they might be able to use a machine to make it snow though - because of all the snow being gathered around. Akari voices her concern that it may melt.

Nono and Lisa bring beverages to the workers who brought the trucks of snow as far as they had. They noticed a small amount of it has melted but they pray it lasts until Tokyo. This causes Nono and Lisa to worry until they see some residents have brought them snow from their home town there. WIth that they fill the trucks and continue on their way.

Further down Yayoi requests everyone bring in some snow. When the towns citzens recognize her they are quick to comply when they spot her. She encourages them to gather the Akita snow and together they work, with the news report doing a heavily featured story on the subject. Concerns were held over the snow melting but thats to consistantly added snow, the trucks are fine to keep going ith no concerns.

Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki do their jogging as they recall their hard work they put into their tour. As they train, Soleil watch them with excitement, and Ichigo decides she wants to help them build up this feeling. Aoi and Ran agree.

The next day all of the several trucks of snow have formed. Nono and Lisa return and they thank the duo for their help. The girls thank the drivers who have helped lend them a hand and they claim they had fun, bringing out their daughters being big time fans of the girls. They thank the guys and promise to make the show really good.

Eventually the day of the final tour performance arrives. Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki stand on stage and observe the large mass of snow they were able to gather. The area fills with several idols, students, foreigners, and family members. Minami excitedly plays with the snow and she is joined by Rin and Madoka, while Johnny and Orihime inform the girls that its time to go on. They are joined by Mizuki, Ichigo, Juri, Ran, an Aoi, and they request to let Mizuki, Ichigo, and Juri join them. The girls agree and Mizuki promises they will put on a great performance.

The girls head backstage and meet up with the other trio to change attire. They voice their votes of confidence with them and together, the six head into the changing area. After they finish they reapper on the stage and perform "Hello Winter Love".

After the performance finishes, the girls have an after tour party and have cake while chatting with each other. From the side luminas watches everyone when Ichigo, Mizuki, Aoi, Juri, and Ran approach them. They all compliment how well the performance went and how much fun they had, with the others agreeing and promising never to forget. To their surprise, it suddenly starts to snow. They watch as it slowly floats down and Akari voices how happy she was that they held this tour, which Hinaki and Sumire agree with. Akari then says once the new year starts, the Starlight Queen Cup will be beginning as well and they turn to watch the glowing tree in the distance.



  • This episode marks the return of Ichigo and Mizuki on-stage in season 4.
  • Yurika makes a cameo appearance.
  • This is the first Christmas-themed episode to not feature an axe.


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