New Year Ahead!
Episode 164
Episode Information
Kanji さきどりニューイヤー!
English New Year Ahead!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date December 17, 2015
Featured Songs
Ending Lucky train!
Insert Song Lucky train!
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Happiness Party♪ Luminas☆Christmas

New Year Ahead! (さきどりニューイヤー!) is the 164th episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 12th episode of its "4th Season" (4年目(フォースシーズン) lit. "Fourth Year"). The episode aired on December 17, 2015.


Entering the month of December, the New Year Program that the TV Station is recording is in a mess. Akari Ōzora and her fellow Starlight Idols who are participating in the recording will beautifully finish the recording while being busy with their own personal jobs and will do their best to enjoy each and every one of them. Among those idols, Nono Daichi and Lisa Shirakaba are getting excited and bursting with thoughts about their own Aikatsu's.


In the Cafeteria, Lisa and Nono chat with Luminas regarding the fact they won't be able to return home for the Holidays because of the New Years program they were asked to partake in. They laugh a little before revealing that in most cases, a lot of programs wind up being recorded before the Holiday takes place. This surprises them, and they explain that Idols usually get the holiday to take things a bit more easier - which is why they work hard before them. Hinaki teases the girls by pointing out that after this they shouldn't expect the rest of the year to go easy on them.

At TV TKY the girls find out that their program recording is set earlier than the actual New Years. They realize just how much truth this serves, with celebrities often going on holiday or vacation around the same time they can appear on television. Lisa is happy with this because the staff will also get a some time off as well, but Nono repeats what Hinaki told them earlier and recall the "Fresh Idols Hidden Talents Galore" program will also be going on too. Hinaki explained that it was once at the height of popularity with their parents when they were younger, in which Idols of all sorts of talents would perform on stage. Sumire pointed out that they were chosen to be on it and decided to juggle for the act, and they hand a pair of the objects to the girls and warn them to practice whenever they have free time between gigs.

With that Lisa and Nono are called to get ready for the recording. Overflowing with energy and nerves, they excitedly head out to perform "Lucky Train".

Afterwards they quickly run to their next location to prepare for the "Rookie Idol Contest! Go New Year's Supper!" event. Where they cook Mochi Soup and chat about the differences between making a sweet version, or one from back at home. Nono would like to try making a sweeter variant but the man who runs the show reminds her that they were there to show them how their mochi soup differs back in Hokkaido. He then asks the girls how much Mochi they put in their bowls, with Lisa claiming one and Nono holding up a sliced up stack of it on a single tray. When the meal is finished the man compliments it and Nono holds up a container of Salmon Roe - which is a common topping for Mochi Soup at New Years.

Taking a small break, Nono and Lisa chat over how weird it is to be saying "Happy New Year" when it isn't even Christmas just yet. They go over their schedule and next they will be doing a collab with Vanilla Chili Pepper for the 24-hour New Year's special drama, "The Bride Went for a Second First Shrine Visit". They are joined by the group, dressed in their attire - which includes Juri as a Shrine Maiden, Rin as the husband, and Madoka as the Bride. They admit they haven't been able to practice much for their part in the Hidden Talents Galore due to having to run from place to place between gigs, so Vanilla Chili Pepper try to encourage them.

With that they record the show, where Nono and Lisa play the role of maids. Juri, the Shrine Maiden claims the culprit is really the Bride. She may have been eating with her husband and have an alibi for it, but she paid a second visit to the shrine. She also claims the priest heard Madoka there, praying twice. Everyone is shocked by this and they conclude the scene, with Nono and Lisa's parts done. However, the trio still have a lot more to film. It will be airing longer than an entire day, so they barely even touched the surface.

They are joined by Luminas, who go over the work they did that day and ask Vanilla Chili Pepper their own plans. The three girls cover their own multiple plants, which surprises Nono and Lisa to know they can really do all of this work and still manage to practice between it. They claim all of the work is fulfilling though, and they remind that the girls will be doing a recording on a variety show with Luminas and head out to the spot. Nono and Lisa are still in disbelief, knowing they can really do so much work and not be entirely wiped out by now.

After finishing, they chat about how much fun they had. They go on to say they have one more New Year's show to record before Sumire has to go to do her work with Rin as Dancing Diva. As Nono comments on this they suddenly hear someone nearby yelling, they recognize the dialect and happily realize it belongs to Nina. She is excited to see them and greets them in response, with Nono excited to get to meet her.

Together they sit down to speak to Nina and ask why she's there. She reveals that she is there for "Fresh Idols Gathering from Coast to Coast", a comedy program she will be taking part in. She can't just throw away a great opportunity like this and rushed right on over. Akari asks if Nono an Lisa could come by her show to observe it, thinking it would really pay off to check out comedians - especially one from Osaka, as it really helps when it comes to Variety Shows. She agrees to let them come with her after seeing how much they really want to, and they head on over and get into the audience while Nina gets changed and on stage. They watch her quickly steal the show before a special Idol guest appears; Ichigo.

She brings Nina and Lisa into Soleil's dressing room and speaks to them, noting that they never actually got to do before. She compliments Akari's good advice for them and they explain how its paid off. Ichigo then invites them to observe the show she will be doing with Aoi and Ran, as their unit. They waste no time agreeing to this and she happily watches them get excited.

With Luminas finishing their recording, Akari and Hinaki see Sumire off. They worry she might show up late for her work with Rin, because the studio is a bit away but she assures them it will be fine.

With Soleil the girls have changed into special New Year outfits and discuss their various traditions for the Holiday. Aoi explains that after family greetings were exchanged they sat down to eat Mochi Soup, followed by dinner, and visiting the shrine. After getting back Aoi always finished off the day by sitting down to watch all of the Idol shows she prepared to watch prior to then, but before that she also made sure to wish everyone a Happy New Year. They comment that Ichigo seems to enjoy the food the most out of the Holiday and they recall that one time when she did a few years ago. Ichigo then asks Ran what she does and she recalls paying her grandmother a visit. As they are chatting, Nono and Lisa watch them with content and ease.

Sumire calls Sumire to inform her she is stuck in traffic. She asks her driver to pull over, and promises to be there in time.

That evening with the show over, Nono and Lisa comment on how much fun they had watching everyone. They decide that they too must continue to work hard and Nono suggests they run back to the Dorms while practicing their juggling. Lisa is quick to remind her that they have a ride waiting for them.

As this is going on, Sumire runs down the streets to meet with Rin, while Akari, Hinaki, Madoka, and Juri practice their juggling.

Sumire finally arrives and apologizes to keeping Rin waiting. They share a quick embrace before a man calls them to get ready and get on stage. They change attire and perform "Love Game" for everyone.

Eventually the Fresh Idols' Hidden Talents Galore goes live. The girls performed their juggling act together and did very well, finishing their act with a bow as the curtains shut. They celebrate their wonderful job, with Nono suddenly asking Lisa to always remain by her side; currently overflowing with passion. Lisa gently chastises her by saying that because it isn't even Christmas she shouldn't be making requests like this yet.




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