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☆Mecha Panic☆
Episode 162
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Episode Information
Kanji ☆めちゃパニック☆
English ☆Mecha Panic☆
Air Date
Japanese Air Date December 3, 2015
Featured Songs
Ending lucky train!
Insert Song Miel Miere
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Tale of the Osaka Idol Happiness Party♪

☆Mecha Panic☆ (☆めちゃパニック☆) is the 162nd episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 10th episode of its "4th Season" (4年目(フォースシーズン) lit. "Fourth Year"). The episode aired on December 3, 2015.


The three idols from Luminas who are now in Osaka will be participating in a local program alongside the idol of comedy, Nina Dōjima. The theme of the program is "Going around various places, deliver laughters to people from kids to adults". While looking for a location and being seen at the same time, the real form of Nina's theory of comedy is...!


Nina greets Luminas a good morning while being joined by Director Itsumo and his Camera Man. Akari narrates to the audience that they will be partaking in a program that he is handling, then recalls how it happened the evening before. They got a call from Orihime, where she, Johnny, and Naoto inform them of a job offer that came in. They had been caught on film during Nina's performance, so Director Itsumo would like for them to partake in a program with Nina to Aikatsu all day and create something wonderful; which he has decided to call, "Luminas + Nina Gaggle of Laughs Tour."

Director Itsumo explains to the girls that they will be visiting a variety of places to bring laughter to all sorts of audiences. Akari recalls how important they realized comedy could be after they took part on Tuna Palace, then they think about how seriously Nina took it during her training. While Hinaki is excited, Sumire and Akari are a bit curious still - while Nina is very dedicated to doing well. She is an Osaka native, and she may have gotten into the Naniwa World's No. 1 Academy, but she still spends most of her time trying to learn. Now she can finally test out her skills, and she plans to give it her best, which they agree with as well.

She is sure they will be great though, and they soon reach their first audience, a group of older people. They grab their props and head out on stage to explain to the audience who they are. Sure she can reach the audience, Nina is surprised that they don't really find them to be amusing. They seem to only treat the girls like little children and end up cracking their own jokes, which gets more laughs than they can. Itsumo suggests they head off to their next location after they collect themselves.

Back at Starlight School, Nono, Lisa, Juri, Rin, and Madoka watch the program as the girls take off. They discuss the difficulty of jokes there, saying that to be really good at it, someone has to invest so many years into it. Rin and Lisa are both sure they couldn't be comedians like that, while Nono expresses disappointment because it sounded like fun to her. She imagines how it would go, and Madoka wastes no time bluntly telling them that while it wasn't funny, they were at least on the same page. Juri is sure that Luminas can do it though, so the girls wish them good luck with the next place: an area full of high school girls.

Akari is sure they can do it this time, and the girls share a few words - a bit concerned, but determined. Nina assures them to just leave it to her, and she makes Akari wear an Ozorotter costume. The girls find her to be silly without her even doing much, and they record this while Nina comments their plan should have word. Discouraged, Akari runs back stage and sadly comments that they laughed at her, not with her. Director Itsumo decides they can just head out to their final stop now, since the mood seems ruined once more.

Juri expresses disappointment by how this went, and while so far the girls aren't doing very great, they still believe in them.

Luminas and Nina arrive to their final stop, a kindergarten. Nina seems to recognize it and asks if a specific child is there. Director Itsumo and Nina explain Kentarou to the girls, but he's known as "Ken-chan" to most people. If he gives his approval to someone, then you are guaranteed to be entirely successful as a comedian. Nina admits that she never thought she'd be meeting him so soon, and Director Itsumo voices that he was sure this would be a great way to end the tour. The girls, encouraged once more run out on stage to greet everyone.

Right away the children seem to recognize them. As Nina spots Ken-chan, she recalls how much she spent training and performing for everyone and pulls off her ears with the rest of the girls - while it gets them to laugh, Ken-chan seems not to be amused. She isn't discouraged however, and they move onto their next act, trying to pull out a giant turnip. Ken-chan seems to guess the act, much to their surprise, but they continue to go on anyway. The children find it funny, except for Ken-chan.

Next, Akari pretends to be Momotaro and explains why she came to Demon Island. The children seem bewildered as the other girls join her on stage and get a bit frightened to see them dressed up as demons. Once again Ken-chan sees through them, but they continue to act anyway for the sake of calming down the other children. Ken-chan criticizes the girls for their lack of impact and they retreat backstage for a break.

There, Nina comments on how true the rumors had been to Ken-chan. He has high standards, and they realize a half-baked gag isn't going to get them any smiles from him. More than anything though, Nina wants to see Ken-chan smile and laugh, and realizes that all day she treated this like a contest. They agree with her, and she admits that she wasn't trying to compete against the audience, but to bring them a good time. So for now they can't focus on winning or losing - but making Ken-chan smile and have fun. Nina holds up a treasure box and together the girls agree to give it their all out there.

Back on stage, Nina and Sumire act together when Sumire, as Otohime, presents Nina, as Tarou, with a gift. They are joined by Akari and Hinaki, pretending to be turtles. They try to convince Nina to open the chest and she agrees, but Ken-chan is so sure he knows the ending to this; saying Tarou would revert back into a child. But after it opens, he is shocked to see a character bento inside of it instead. This makes the children very happy, and they watch as Ken-chan starts to laugh and smile along with the other children.

Happily, the five of them head back to the stage area, where Nina will be performing. Luminas compliment the coord she chose and Ken-chan wishes her luck before they head to the audience area. She changes and goes out to perform Miel Miere.

Afterwards, Luminas prepares and takes off with Nina as the children see them off, with Ken-chan asking that they return some day.

Back at Starlight AIKATSU, the girls voice their confidence in knowing how well they did. They mention how much fun it was to watch them, and how well Nina's performance went.

Director Itsumo thanks the girls for their hard work and he takes off with his Camera Man. Nina also thanks Luminas for their help and the fun time they had together, knowing they will be heading back to Starlight AIKATSU now. She tells them to visit Osaka again soon, and Sumire suggests to her that she comes visit them at Starlight AIKATSU someday as well. Nina agrees, promising to never forget their miraculous meeting.




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