Perfect Dream Idol!
Episode 160
螢幕快照 2015-11-12 下午09.50.39
Episode Information
Kanji 夢はパーフェクトアイドル!
English Perfect Dream Idol!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date November 19, 2015
Featured Songs
Ending lucky train!
Insert Song Blooming♡Blooming
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Galaxy☆Starlight Tale of the Osaka Idol

Perfect Dream Idol! (夢はパーフェクトアイドル!) is the 160th episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 8th episode of its "4th Season" (4年目(フォースシーズン) lit. "Fourth Year"). The episode aired on November 19, 2015.


From the shadows, the young girl Tsubaki Saionji has always watched Akari Ōzora, whom she is envious of. Tsubaki proclaims herself as the "Perfect Lady" among the students in Starlight School. In order the have the Premium Dress of Dreamy Crown made, it is necessary to meet with the top designer, Tsubasa Sena, but...!


Juri, Madoka, and Rin happen to spot the girls of luminas down on the track running laps. They stop to speak to them as they approach, and explain how they returned to work on increasing their stamina and general conditioning to make it through the remaining concerts. Rin comments that they have been very popular lately, and they reveal their next destination is Osaka. Unknown to them, a girl spies on them. Akari seems to notice the strange vibe, but she sees nobody.

As they resume running, the mysterious girl pops out of the bush. She seems unimpressed for a moment, only to wonder why her "Destiny Prince" chose someone like Akari and not her. She follows the girls and thinks about her "Destiny Prince" acknowledging only Akari, but she is sure if she was to keep shadowing Akari she is bound to meet up with him. Distracted by her thoughts, each time they seem to notice her she quickly tries to hide - but doesn't realize they keep spotting her hair bow and ponytail, which are difficult for her to cover. While they stretch, she resorts to getting closer and closer to them; until she is practically right behind them on the ground.

The girls, unable to handle this any further finally confront the strange girl. Hinaki recognizes her from the class next to their own, and the girl introduces herself as Tsubaki Saionji - the Perfect Lady. She admits to being a little shy about this title, but she feels its completely true. They ask her why she was following them around and deduce it was so that she could investigate Akari. She confirms them to be right, and explains that she has done plenty of research to proven that Sena always appears near her. She believes Sena follows Akari, and she confesses to them that she is unable to obtain a Premium Rare dress from him, and seems to have a great deal of feelings for him as well.

After she tells them that she had approached him to request one, but he refused her and he's been too busy for her to visit him again, Akari offers to call him for her. She gladly agrees - but as it turns out, they haven't been able to contact him. While she seems momentarily disappointed, Tsubaki decides she has no choice but to follow and accompany Akari for the time being. She knows she may be a bother but she asks them to kindly ignore it, and Akari agrees to let her join her.

So Tsubaki trails Akari during her work and she asks about her schedule, noting that Sena isn't anywhere nearby. She is amazed Akari would do so much work despite her tour taking most of her time, and throughout the rest of the day, while Akari works she continues to search for Sena.

By the time they finish the day, she sadly notes that he didn't show up at all. As they leave, she asks Akari what sort of occasions Sena tends to appear, and Akari recalls a few of their past meetings while Tsubaki writes them down. She then notes a connection and decides if she combines everything, her flawless plan should work. So she grabs an otter mask and wears it while standing in the Train Station - but alas, nothing comes of it.

She returns to the school to find the girls in the Cafeteria. They seem to understand why she did this, and express amazement to know she was willing to stand there for three whole hours. As Akari attempts to suggest she pays Johnny a visit, Tsubaki is quick to flee before she can even finish the statement.

Tsubaki requests Johnny's assistance and asks that he holds another men's night, so that she can see him. He thinks it over for a moment but refuses because she is a woman. She couldn't attend. Tsubaki tries to get him to reconsider, but instead he gives her advice, saying if she keeps pulling a No, she should keep pushing for a Yes. He suggests she takes a bit of time to relax for a while and maybe then she will get a really good, easier idea. Tsubaki isn't too thrilled with the idea but takes off with nothing left to try.

Sadly she sits by herself on a bench as the sun sets. Akari approaches her to ask how it went, but she confirms it didn't work. She recalls his advice and Akari joins her, but Tsubaki claims she doesn't have the time to just slow down and take a break. She fell in love with the Dreamy Crown brand, and Akari agrees with her feelings. But she wonders if maybe she really as perfect as everyone else seems to think, questioning that she often doubts herself and wonders if she deserves this title. She is sure if she could wear one of Sena's dresses, the doubts would go away and she'd be even more encouraged to become perfect. Akari seems to understand her feelings well enough and tells Tsubaki that they should Aikatsu together. The harder they work, the more passionate their feelings - and Tsubaki agrees to keep going.

That evening, the girls head down the pathway, prepared to do some heavy training. Akari happens to notice she is carrying around the otter mask from earlier and questions it, so Tsubaki shyly explains that she's grown fond of it and uses it as a personal charm. They approach a bench and sit down their items before they go off running.

Their next few days are spent training in a variety of ways. From stretching and running, to practicing their jumps and climbing the mountain. They stop for a break, with Tsubaki admitting that she didn't realize Akari worked this hard when it came to her Aikatsu. Akari continues to run, mentioning that its time to get to work and Tsubaki comments that Akari seems to be more perfect than she herself.

In his office, Sena has just finished a phone call. He watches a report that goes on to detail that Akari will be appearing as a guest on a show that evening.

Akari shows Tsubaki the outfit she plans to wear for her performance, now in the preparation area. When she happens to notice Tsubaki observing her Premium Rare dress, Tsubaki is quick to claim that she isn't envious of her. She admits that now she understand why Sena refused her, because she isn't anywhere near perfect as an idol - and being with Akari helped her realize this. She claims she will be fine though, because she won't give up. Akari was the one to tell her to work hard in order to show her passionate feelings, and she knows that she loves the dresses more than anyone, so one day Sena will make her one. Akari agrees and heads backstage to change. She appears on the stage and performs to "Blooming♡Blooming".

Afterwards, Tsubaki is amazed to see a fever appeal. She then, just happens to spot Sena walking away, realizing she was indeed correct. She is quick to give chase and calls out to him and asks if he came to watch Akari. He compliments the performance and she quickly stops him as Akari runs into the room to see them talk. Tsubaki brings up that she had intended to request a dress from him again, but she realized now that she isn't ready - so she's going to keep working first, and when she has become perfect, she will return to ask for one again. Sena seems surprised at first, but gives her a sign of encouragement while leaving, causing Akari to congratulate her.



  • Tsubaki Saionji makes her anime debut in this episode.
  • Character Design Contest winner character Yomogi makes her anime cameo appearance in this episode.


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