Little Devil Happening
Episode 157
螢幕快照 2015-10-22 下午08.40.22
Episode Information
Kanji 小悪魔ハプニング
English Little Devil Happening
Air Date
Japanese Air Date October 29, 2015
Featured Songs
Ending lucky train!
Insert Song lucky train!
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YOU! GO! KYOTO!! I Want to See You, Okinawa

Little Devil Happening (小悪魔ハプニング) is the 157th episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 5th episode of its "4th Season" (4年目(フォースシーズン) lit. "Fourth Year"). The episode aired on October 29, 2015.


Nono Daichi and Lisa Shirakaba have received offers to perform during the fashion event that has been gathering everyone's attention: "Urban Girls Collection"! The two who are overjoyed by the news have decided to obtain the Premium Rare Coord from their favorite brand, Dolly Devil. To meet with the top designer Lucy Kisaragi, it was a pay out to meet in the big city!


Having finally obtained their Starlight School uniforms, Nono and Lisa change into them. Lisa reminds Nono that they need to take their Aikatsu seriously and they get a call from Orihime. She informs the girls of a job offer they received for the Urban Girls Collection. Nono is highly excited and explains that she and Lisa watched a program involving it and became enthralled with it. She incidentally embarrasses Lisa while recalling the memory of that day, and seems not to notice how anxious Lisa is. Orihime informs them that besides being included in the fashion show, they are to put on a performance. Right away, the girls decide they need to figure out how to get the Dolly Devil Premium Rare dresses.

Madoka, Juri, and Rin call Luminas while they pass through Kyushu. Heading to Okinawa, they will need to board a ferry soon. They are joined by Nono and Lisa and the trio ask how they are doing. Lisa and Nono bring up their recent offer and Lisa complains that it seems like its too much to take in, due to how quickly everything is going for her. Luminas seem to understand her feelings though, with Hinaki mentioning that in the past, as a fledgling idol they were likely to grab whatever they could get their hands on. The trio share a laugh as Akari claims nothing has really changed, and they announce their plans to cheer the girls on. With that, they hang up, leaving Nono and Lisa with the other three.

Rin then brings up their plans about what coord they want to wear, and the trio express interest to know which brand they settled on. Juri describes the brand, while Madoka looks up information about Lucy Kisaragi from a magazine. She is the top designer and is noted for being a bit strange. Provided in the magazine is a small amount of information, saying that she values creative spark above all else, and is described as the embodiment of freedom. Madoka continues on to describe what she has learned about Dolly Devil, including its focus on the glimmer of cuteness found behind a veil of maturity. Lisa expresses her plan of obtaining the Premium Rare coords for them, and mentions how she felt as though she had changed after they wore the other set of Dolly Devil outfits for their audition.

Madoka comments that Lisa is normally composed, but when she becomes passionate about something she seems to express more. Nono points out that it is because of her that they were able to start their Aikatsu to begin with, then agrees with her about gaining the Premium Rare. The trio inform them that if they really want it, they need to ask the Top Designer herself. Juri flips the pages in the magazine and shows them the building where Dolly Devil is located, a Plaza in town. Rin and Madoka offer to show them the way and mention how easy it can be to get lost there. Lisa thinks it over, but decides they should go on their own. Nono agrees, so the girls wish them luck before they head out.

Meanwhile, at the building, A woman rushes into the room to inform Lucy that she is taking too long. But to her surprise, she finds that Lucy has vanished. As she reacts accordingly to this, she is knocked down by two other women, who have run in to speak to Lucy as well. She tells the women to hurry up and try to locate her, then comments that Lucy must be off in search of some inspiration.

In town, Nono and Lisa observe the area and remark on how crowded it is. Lisa is a bit concerned over getting lost, but as soon as she looks away, she notices that Nono has already began to wonder off. She scolds her for not being more careful, and just as she feared, Nono is separated by a huge crowd. As she attempts to catch up to her, she accidentally runs into an adult man and quickly apologizes - unfortunately running out of time to cross the path. Lisa heads to a secluded path and calls Nono, who has headed over to the Crepe Shop. With this knowledge, she tells her not to leave and hangs up. She looks up a map and to her shock, finds that there are a bunch of crepe shops.

Nono is about to eat a crepe when Lisa informs her that there are a bunch of crepe shops in town. She asks if there are any landmarks in the area and Nono accidentally runs into a woman. For a moment she is stunned, then screams in alarm upon realizing the cream from her crepe has stained the woman's coat. Lisa starts to panic when Nono hangs up on her.

As Nono apologizes to the woman, she claims it to be okay because she had been spacing out anyway. Nono looks around and notices a fountain located next to a children playground before impulsively grabbing the woman's hand and leading her to it to help get her cleaned. The woman is a bit surprised at first, but is quick to come around.

Lisa continues to wander around in search of her friend. But she finds herself overwhelmed and thinks about how easier things were back in Hokkaido. They knew the town like the back of their hands, and everyone knew everyone else. Suddenly, Nono calls her and apologizes for hanging up so suddenly. She tries to figure out where she is, revealing it to be Omohara Park and hangs up. Lisa looks up the location but struggles after her phone refuses to work. She approaches a bunch of people and starts to ask them where Omohara Park is. After a moment, the couple is unable to recall it, but a nearby worker informs Lisa how to reach it.

With the stain mostly gone, the woman takes her jacket back from Nono. She expresses a moment of gratitude before Nono explains that she got separated from her friend. She comments that it wasn't like this back at home, and mentions that she used to live in Hokkaido. Everyone knew each other, and seemed to be much more formal because of it. Here, she finds everyone to be overwhelming. Just then they are joined by Lisa, and Nono quickly embraces her. The woman approaches and Nono introduces them to each other. The woman goes on to ask them why they are even out here, then expresses a moment of surprise when the girls reveal that wished to speak to the top designer of Dolly Devil - as they wished to obtain the Premium Dresses for a Concert. Lisa comments that while it was really exciting, it was also hard at first to gain the courage to even take this step. The girls express how much each other means to her, and the woman is moved by their words.  With that she walks off after saying bye. Lisa decides that in order to ensure they don't get separated again, she holds Nono's hand.

In the Cafeteria, Rin, Juri, and Madoka have received a confirmation from the duo to inform them that they have arrived to the Plaza. This relieves them as Madoka goes on to explain they ran into a bit of trouble.

After the girls head into the building, a woman approaches them to thank Nono and Lisa for helping "her". They express confusion, as they have no idea who she is speaking of until they head into the office and realize the woman Nono ran into earlier was Lucy. As Nono starts to panic, Lisa asks what she had been doing out in town. Lucy explains that she has a tendency to hit the town in disguise in search of an unexpected happening. The girls realize Lucy is like what Madoka told them earlier, and they get to the point by asking her to make them a pair of Premium Dresses. Instead of answering, she comments that they sparked her imagination, then agrees to do it.

Later, the five girls get together and chat about what happened while in the waiting area. They comment that never before has two Premium Dresses been made before at the same time for a brand, and Nono shows them the letter they got from her. In it, Lucy explains that she based the coord on Nono's scrunchies and the ribbon worn by Lisa. She wishes them luck for the concert and the girls take a moment to compliment the coord. With that, Nono and Lisa head to the changing area and share a few words before they change and perform to "Lucky Train".

Afterwards, Luminas call the girls again to compliment their job well done. Nono and Lisa thank them, then they hang up after promising to call later. More excited than before, Nono and Lisa remark on this event and watch as the sun setss in the distance.



  • The title of the episode is most likely a reference to Koakuma Ageha (小悪魔ageha lit. Little Devil Swallowtail [Butterly]), a gyaru fashion magazine that centers around Agejo (lit. "young miss"; sexy, mature and classy gyaru fashion) and Hime-Gyaru (lit. "princess gal"; cute, princess-like gyaru fashions) styles which are the gyaru fashions Dolly Devil is based on.
  • The Dolly Leopard Coord makes its anime debut in this episode.


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