Let's Fly, Look Out Vast World!
Episode 153
螢幕快照 2015-09-24 下午09.03.29
Episode Information
Kanji とびだそう、広がる世界!
English Let's Fly, Look Out Vast World!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date October 1, 2015
Featured Songs
Ending lucky train!
Insert Song Let's Aikatsu!
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Let's Fly, Look Out Vast World! (とびだそう、広がる世界!) is the 153rd episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 1st episode of its "4th Season" (4年目(フォースシーズン) lit. "Fourth Year"). The episode aired on October 1, 2015.


When the three members of Luminas began their Luminas☆Japan Tour, their very first location was the Land of the North, Hokkaido. In this land filled with the presence of nature, an encounter was made with the Sing and Dance Lovers, Nono Daichi and Lisa Shirakaba. When their encounter begins, right here, right now opens the curtains of the beginning of the two idols' Aikatsu!


The episode opens with the explanation of Luminas' Japan Tour. Their first stop is the land of Hokkaido, and they plan to spend the next three months traveling all around the country in their self-designed Aikatsu Wagon.

As the girls stare out of the window, Akari opens it to yell out to everyone. Hinaki points out that they aren't in the mountains, but they agree how they're all excited and ready to begin. Hinaki then goe on to discuss Akari's change in hairstyles, and she explains her desire to change it into something new for their journey. With that, the girls turn on the television program discussing their plans. She takes the time to name each girl, the shows footage from the press conference the girls held. In it they explains their encounter theme to everyone and how special it is, and how much they are looking forward to having fun with everyone and growing as idols. A man from the crowd points out their aforementioned goals, so Akari explains how excited they are to look forward to meeting idols all around the country. With that the conference ends.

Akari wonders who they will meet as she looks out to the side, seeing a small town nearby. There, in a building are two girls; one of whom comments on Akari's new hairstyle. She approaches the small television screen as another girl joins her and tells her they need to leave. She comments on how "winsome" the group is, and the other girl agrees. They are excited at the prospect of meeting Luminas while they are there in Hokkaido.

At Starlight School, Johnny-sensei explains how much energy all of the idols have. Orihime goes over how everyone has been advances over the time, and taking their daily lessons even more seriously than before. Naoto points out that it probably because of Luminas and their sights they have set for themselves. Johnny agrees that it is inspirational, and Orihime wishes the girls luck with their goals. As this goes on, Luminas arrives to their destination.

The two girls from earlier are sorting the vast amount of potato when one suddenly sees something. Lisa asks what Nono may have seen, and Nono looks to point out the Aikatsu Wagon in the distance. Lisa is surprised, and Nono is encouraged to work even harder and quicker now, so that they can go and see them.

Stepping out of their van, Akari decides they should warm up with some dance practice. They remain in their school uniforms and start, until they decide to take a break. To their surprise, the towns people have seen them and compliment the girls. One recognizes Akari as the weather girl, and Hinaki compliments her as the man explains that this is the first time they have truly met real idols. One of the women next to him brings up that this isn't true, since they have Nono and Lisa there, causing him to realize she is right. Akari is happy by this prospect and the woman explains Nono and Lisa to the trio as the duo peddle their way through the fields.

She mentions that they are in their second year of middle school and are longtime friends. Nono's family also owns a potato farm that Lisa often stops over to help with. During their time working, the girls love to sing songs and she claims the are very talented. Whenever the two girls sing, they can't help but become filled with happiness as their aches and pains simply vanish. This encourages Luminas to meet the girls, and suddenly they hear the sound of a bike coming to a quick hault.

Nono observes the van up close and Lisa turns to spot the towns people and Luminas. She shyly points them out to Nono, who takes a moment to register who is before them. Excitedly she walks over, too excited to even speak until she forces herself. She is joined by Lisa, who quietly greets them as well. Nono is brimming to the top with excitement over getting to meet them and tries to amp up Lisa a bit, who is very withdrawn in comparison. Nono continues on to say how winsome the girls are, and uses the word "mightily" to describe them, but they do not understand until Lisa explains that only those in Hokkaido use the term. She translates it to the girls as "very", and the elderly lady explains that "mightily-winsome" means they are very cute.

With that, Nono asks to shake their hands and quickly proceeds to do so as Lisa stands to the side, still a bit nervous. Akari approaches her and asks to shake hands, surprising Lisa as she extends her hand to her. She also shakes hands with Hinaki and Sumire as Nono compliments her for doing well. Nono then brings up the venue and asks if they will be performing there and excitedly tells Lisa they need to come and watch the performance. Akari invites them to see a behind-the-scenes look at it, exciting the best friends - who take them up on the offer.

Inside of the concert hall, Luminas heads inside, alongside Nono and Lisa. The man is surprised to see them and Nono explains that the girls offered to show them around. As they walk around, Nono and Lisa explain knowing the man, since city council meetings usually take place there, along with some other things. The girls show them to the dressing room, where a plaque was set up just for the girls. Once inside, they observe the shiny, sparkling Aikatsu cards that Luminas keeps together for their unit performances. Hinaki explains how coordination works to them, and they two are instantly hypnotized by their beauty. Right away, Nono points out that the only cards they tend to have are Library Cards, but Lisa claims they also have a point card for the convenience store as well.

She goes on to say that she has heard of how vital Aikatsu Cards are. Nono is a bit confused by the phrase, "To idols, cards are life", so they explain that a performance is largely based on the coords put together by the performers. The cards are a large, powerful support, and with that the girls are taken back to the fitting room. Akari explains how the machine works as Lisa walks up to have a closer look - still seemingly in a daze over the amazement. Hinaki explains how changing works, and performances, causing Nono to become further excited as they claim a very big part of performing is the idols determination. Idol Activities are far more passionate than what a fan witnesses on stage, and soon the tour comes to an end.

The girls head back to home that evening and in Nono's bedroom, they chat about their day before Nono points out that they are much farther than they are. They look at an old photograph of them singing as litle girls, causing Lisa to bring up their ages. They are all the same age, and she finds their Aikatsu amazing. Nono watches Lisa for a moment to see how deeply in thought she has become in this time.

At their hotel, Akari and the girls have gone to bed. But Akari is unable to sleep, thinking about Nono and Lisa for a moment.

The next day, the girls head out to town before rehearsal. As they walk around the streets, Akari compliments the bookshop and cafe nearby and they pose for a picture. They step inside to see walls of books, along with a reading area and counter, then, looking further they spot Lisa. Akari greets her, who returns the favor and she goes on to comment on the wonderful bookshop. She goes on to ask Lisa what she is browsing for, but Lisa claims it isn't anything special. The books here never change, but despite that she loves to be there, where she can relax. She explains that there are plenty things she doesn't know about the world, among these books she has never read, and when she looks at them she gets really excited. She compares the feeling to the day before when she is joined by Nono.

The five girls sit down with some ice cream to chat for a bit, with Akari pointing out what she heard from some residents. Nono agrees to it, but Lisa claims it isn't really singing - though the others disagree. Nono explains that the very first time they did it was when she first came to help out. Everyone enjoyed whenever they sang during breaks, and Lisa's mother would give them singing lessons as a piano teacher. They would enter various karaoke contests and festival performances whenever they could as they grew, and that is why they are known as idols around town. Lisa claims they aren't really anything like Luminas, but they disagree because the girls make everyone so happy, and they claim that this is the first step to idoling. This makes Nono and Lisa pretty happy, and the girls take off to their performance.

At the changing area, the girls share some quick words and change into their brand new unit coord. They appear on stage and perform "Let's Aikatsu" for everyone.

After the performance, Nono and Lisa happily watch and comment on how wonderful it was. To her surprise, Lisa suddenly voices her desire to try their own Aikatsu.



  • This episode marks the official anime debut of Lisa Shirakaba and Nono Daichi.
  • This episode also marks the start of START DASH SENSATION being used as the opening theme and lucky train! as the ending theme.
  • The Fitting Room BGM has once again been remixed.
  • This is the first episode to feature a Stage Diary at the end of each episode. The Stage Diary is a section where the idols talk about their performance and tells a word about the coord they used on the respective episode's performance.
  • The previews for the next episode are now put during the ending theme instead of having a narrated preview after the ending.


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