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The Road Following Our Meeting
Episode 152
螢幕快照 2015-09-17 下午11.24.44.png
Episode Information
Kanji 出会いに続く道
English The Road Following Our Meeting
Air Date
Japanese Air Date September 24, 2015
Featured Songs
Opening Lovely Party Collection
Ending Tutu・Ballerina
Insert Song Lovely Party Collection (STARS! ver.)

Diamond Happy

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The Road Following Our Meeting (出会いに続く道) is the 152nd episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 51st and final episode of its "3rd Season" (3年目(サードシーズン) lit. "Third Year"). The episode aired on September 24, 2015.


When the big event Great Starlight School Festival comes to an end, the three idols of Luminas start to think about their future. They notice the importance of "meeting" once again and after some thought, they decided to broaden their "Aikatsu!" and decide on a Great Challenge――!


Akari, Hinaki, and Sumire watch the performance of Soleil once more. Akari suddenly stops the video and decides they shouldn't be wasting the time doing that, they need to learn more ways of surpassing Soleil. Hinaki asks what it may be exactly what makes them so wonderful to begin with, and Sumire points out that because they can shine so well by themselves, together they become blindingly bright. Akari adds onto this by saying that ever since they first encountered one-another, they inspired each other and pushed her to become her best. This allows them to grow beyond their limits, so Hinaki writes down the word "encounters". Sumire, realizing how their own encounters have helped them, looks into her fortune telling book to determine their own prediction. She reads to them, "A Premonition of wonderful encounters on a journey."

The girls think over what Sumire read and she hands Hinaki a tour book on Hokkaido. By the time early morning arrives, Akari reveals that the proposal for Luminas' Japan Tour is finished. The girls happily observe it with her for a moment before they leave to drop it off at the office.

Nervously, they approach Orihime, Naoto, and Johnny-sensei. They reveal their plans to embark on a new journey and Akari hands her their plan, saying that they would like to go on a nationwide tour. Everyone is surprised by this, and Naoto points out the difficulty behind it, and while Akari admits their plans aren't set into stone just yet, they want to do it no matter what. Orihime observes their proposal book as Akari explains the importance of growing even further as idols. She asks for permission for them to go onto tour and Orihime states their proposal needs more work; however, she tells them to get to work right away to complete it with their own powers. She believes the idea to be fantastic and gives the girls her support. She tells them that by taking the opportunity to make a big splash they are already on their way to success. She is sure if they overcome this together, their unit will grow even further.

The girls decide they need to start planning and they go to the Library in order to write down important factors. Such as location, various plans, and their budgets. They will need to reserve venues for the concerts and make detailed schedules as well. To their surprise, Juri, Madoka, and Rin have suddenly arrived to lend a hand. They found out from the Headmistress what Luminas was up to and wanted to help as much as they could. Together the six sit down and Akari points out they need to focus on a theme for the tour. Juri encourages them to put their passions into it, and Madoka asks them what inspired them to take the tour to begin with. They explain the importance behind encounters and because of this, they wish to go seek greater goals by learning and making new encounters.

Rin points out that this seems to be their theme and Akari agrees, writing it down. Hinaki questions how they can achieve such an open topic though, so Juri suggests they greet and talk to everyone the see. She watches as Akari draws a little doodle and asks about it, so Akari explains to them that she figured the best way to see the fans was to get very close to them with a vehicle. Hinaki loves the idea and shows the other girls, who all agree that their own special van will be a great way to see the fans up close and personally. While they know it wont be easy, they know that it will be worth it and help them grow. With that, Vanilla Chili Pepper decides to handle the paper work needed for the girls to acquire a van, pointing out that the other girls need to focus on their planning to make sure everything is perfect.

Suddenly, Juri brings up finances and asks who will cover it. To her surprise, everyone agrees that they feel she is right for the job - surprising her until she agrees to do it. She is an expert at math and is sure it will be fine. Rin also offers to take charge of promotions and public relations, and Madoka will look into available venues. The girls thank the trio for their efforts and Luminas goes out to release a press conference regarding the news. They explain their plans to everyone, surprising many of the fans.

Akari goes to the Television Channel she does her weather program under and speaks with the host and assistant about Luminas' plans. She explains the importance of encounters and she tells everyone to say hi if they spot the van. She plans to continue her Weather Program despite leaving, and she thanks everyone before taking off.

Later in the day, the girls join one-another again to discuss the various ideas they have come up with. Hinaki has includes a variety of songs and wardrobe, as well as Akari and Sumire. Before discussing it, Hinaki points out that Juri informed her that they were almost done with the specifics regarding their itinerary. She also points out that they get to see their brand new wagon van the following day, much to their excitement.

The next day, Johnny-sensei brings the six girls to the vagon van under the Academy's private use. They are granted permission to do whatever they please to it, and he encourages them to make it something special. Naoto brings some items from storage to the girls and tells them they can use whatever they like. With that the girls get to work, painting the wagon van a bright shade of blue and pink. They also make striped designs and include some designs around it until they determine they are finished. Rin asks to take a picture for some promotional items and she has Luminas stand together for it. Everyone compliments their job well done before the picture is taken, and with that a meeting is held back inside of the school.

There, Hinaki discusses how smoothly everything is going so far. Akari reveals they have something to ask of from Vanilla Chili Pepper, and together the trio get up and walk in front of them, saying that before going they wanted to show gratitude and say farewell to their fans there. They want to hold a special concert to set off the tour, but they would also like Juri, Rin, and Madoka to join them in this performance. This surprises the trio, as the girls explain that they wouldn't have been able to get this far by themselves, and they want to sing this song out of gratitude with them to blow everyone away. Juri, Madoka, and Rin agree to the request right away and together the six share a cheer.

At the concert venue, everyone prepares for the collaboration performance to start. In the back room, the girls chat among themselves until Orihime, Johnyn, and Naoto appear to congratulate the girls. Orihime compliments them for taking on the challenge of planning the nationwide tour and managed to pull it off, but this is just the beginning. The real trial will begin after they take their first stage for the tour. They will truly be tested in that time and by on their own, but everyone has high hopes for them.

With that, the girls go to change back stage. They change into their school coords and appear to perform "Lovely Party Collection".

Afterwards, they thank everyone from the stage and voice their excitement and thanks for their support. Juri, Madoka, and Rin tell the girls to do well and have fun, and Akari thanks them, alongside the many fans.

With that, the girls step into their van and take off. Akari narrates wile revealing that she has decided to change her hairstyle again, and explains that their eventual goal of becoming Starlight Queen.



  • At the end of the episode Akari changes her hairstyle from a side ponytail to a braid.
  • This marks the final episode of Season 3, where Luminas begin their Japan Nationwide Tour.
  • Unlike the final episodes of Season 1 and 2, this episode does not use the full version of the insert song featured.
  • The song Lovely Party Collection appears for the first time as an insert.
  • The Passion Parade Coord makes its anime debut.
  • This is the last episode to feature an Aikatsu Aphorism at the end of the episode.
Future Aphorisms can be found on the twitter account of Ryuichi Kimura.
  • There was an error in one scene where Rin's right-hand glove was white instead of the usual black.


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