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Hot Spicy・Girl!
Episode 141
2015-07-02 下午06.07.39.png
Episode Information
Kanji ホットスパイシー・ガールズ!
English Hot Spicy・Girl!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date July 9, 2015
Featured Songs
Opening Lovely Party Collection
Ending Tutu・Ballerina
Insert Song Summer☆Magic
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Hot Spicy・Girl! (ホットスパイシー・ガールズ!) is the 141th episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 40th episode of its "3rd Season" (3年目(サードシーズン) lit. "Third Year"). The episode aired on July 9, 2015.


The unit of Juri Kurebayashi and Hinaki Shinjō, Passionate✮Jalapeño has been given an offer from the "World Spicy Festival". The two of which were supposed to serve as the Image Girl of the Mexico Booth, has brought in some hot and exciting ideas that brough excitement to the venue.


Juri and Hinaki watch a morning news program involving popular entertainment. The segment discusses the recent rise in popularity with Skips, causing them to win the Unit Cup and give them a lot of attention. Hinaki and Juri are happy, but as Hinaki expresses disappointment that they came in fourth place, Juri reminds her that they most-likely had the most passion - which cheers her up.

As they leave the Cafeteria they happen to spot a poster of last years Aikatsu8. Juri discusses how she saw it back then on television, but this year she plans on making it in the group. Hinaki agrees before voicing that she will give it her all as well. Juri is very happy to hear this, causing Hinaki to admit that she feels she has changed since they first formed their unit. But as Juri asks how that is, Hinaki gets a message from Orihime. She has called them both in for a job offer involving their unit.

She, Johnny, and Naoto bring up the Hot and Spicy Festival, which involves food cultures from all over the world showing off their best, hot dishes to everybody else. They usually invite idols to come along and aid their booths, in hopes of getting the most votes to win the best booth title for that year. Hinaki and Juri were asked to help the Mexican booth, and they explain why Passionate Jalapeno. The girls don't take long to think over the offer and quickly accept it.

The girls head out to the World Hot and Spicy Festival location and observe the large area they got for it. They observe the various food booths; like the Mapo Tofu for Japan, Indian Curry, and Thai tom yum. Juri is very happy and comments on how refreshing the feeling is while they approach the stage they will get to perform on. They are approached by a man named Jose, who runs the Mexican food booth. The girls introduce themselves and they thank Jose for his offer, causing him and Juri to dance together for a moment. Hinaki makes a remark before they head over to the booth they will be helping at, and Jose explains that the staff was encouraged to work even more once they heard Spicy Jalapeno would be showing up. He brings the girls to the booth and has them observe the menu, but Hinaki thinks she may see something odd, only to quickly pretend it is nothing.

The girls overhear Jose speaking to a staff member about some extra ingredients. Hinaki observes a basket of red peppers and takes a bite of one, but she is approached by a giant mascot pepper, startling both her and Hinaki. As she recovers from surprise, Hinaki begins to think about something else again; just to snap out of it as the mascot offers her and Juri some tacos. The girls are very happy with the taste and they compliment how great it tastes as Jose explains that it is a tortilla shell the girls are eating. Juri comments that in Spain, an omelet is called a Tortilla also, and Jose explains there is a reason for this. The name came from a Spaniard who visited Mexico and noticed that the shell resembles a tortilla omelet. They are pronounced differently due to the region.

Again Hinaki spots something odd, but she hesitates until Juri encourages her. With that Hinaki admits that they should call Juri's father, to come up with a special Jalapeno dish. As Juri talks about why they should bring him in, everyone begins to grow inspired again upon realizing such a hot, popular chef would be able to come up with a wonderful, fresh new dish. As Juri offers to call her father, they ask Hinaki if she may have any other ideas. She is flustered by the attention, so she suggests that instead of just one mascot, they should have a duo set to show off both the green and red jalapeno. Hinaki also suggests they include some spicy sweets, then brings up the donut inspired by their unit. Juri agrees to the idea and the others admit they never thought about such an idea. Jose approaches Hinaki to thank her and he tells the girls to give them whatever ideas they may have.

Later on in the day, Juri and Hinaki head back to school. She mentions that because of this great idea, they will probably be able to spread even more word about their unit, but Hinaki feels there must just be even more they can do.

The following day, Hinaki goes to Vivid Kiss' top designer, Kayoko, to speak to her about getting a special new Premium Dress for the Festival. She reveals that she has actually just finished a brand new design and shows it to Hinaki. She becomes awestruck and mentions it's similarity to Peter Pan, and she mentions that this was the plan; however, she feels as though it may actually be missing some real spice. Hinaki observes it, and she thinks about previous outfits she wore before getting an idea. She tells her that while the coord is great, she suggests adding a denim-inspired jacket. Kayoko loves the idea and comments that it is befitting of Peter Pan, so she grabs a book with swatches to begin looking through it to decide on a design and color.

Later on, Hinaki recalls what happened earlier to Akari, Juri, and Sumire. They are genuinely impressed by this, since they admit that they wouldn't have been able to do the same thing and just give out ideas the way she did. Hinaki admits that while she did worry at first, she soon realized that because it was a good idea, she had to just say it. She mentions that it has only been recently that she has been able to open up like this, and reveals that because she was in the idol industry so long, she ended up keeping her true opinions to herself. Even when she would get ideas to improve something, but not wanting to be a bother she wouldn't say anything. She worried too much over everybody and their own opinions, but after she met the others she realized she couldn't keep doing that. She has changed little-by-little, and she feels Juri has changed her the most out of everybody. She is always open and honest, and she loves how much emotion she is able to display. She is also able to keep her encouraged, but Juri claims that she can't take all of the credit. She points out that Hinaki is talented when it comes to getting new ideas, and it is one that nobody could replicate. Hinaki is very touched by her words as Juri proclaims that Hinaki is her best friend.

Soon the day of the festival arrives. Akari, Sumire, Rin, and Madoka have all come to check things out, but Rin is a bit concerned that somebody will see them. Madoka rest her worries by pointing out that since Kokone is there, a lot of attention is already directed on her. Miyabi asks her to tone it down but this just offends Kokone, since she claims this is a good chance for their own unit to gain some attention. With that the girls go on to locate the booth, where Juri and her father prepare four of their brand new special food items for them and the horde of girls who have swarmed to eye Juri's father, and observe their teamwork.

As the girls begin to eat, they are approached by the mascot, who turns out to be Hinaki. She realizes the time and calls to Juri, so they run out to change.

A woman on stage announces that it is now time for the character mascot competition. Juri and Hinaki are wearing the mascot suits and introduce themselves as Jalapi and Peno. Their odd, goofy behavior is able to win a lot of attention.

Meanwhile, as Kokone greets everybody, Miyabi attempts to hide herself even further. Hinaki offers Kokone their new donut, then gives Miyabi one. She explains that they spent a long time working on them to make sure they tasted better, and while Kokone hesitates, she takes a bite, alongside Miyabi. The girls are surprised by how good it tastes now and compliment it.

Elsewhere, Juri is giving everyone their own Jalapeno seeds, including the pot and sign resembling the mascot of the booth. A girl is surprised to learn that they can grow those there, and Juri explains that the Japanese summer is suitable for them. As the girls comment on how well Spicy Jalapeno is handling, Sumire observes the plant she was given while voicing that it probably took the girls a long time to put so much effort into hand-writing the signs like they did, and they are joined by Jose; who explains that Hinaki came up with the idea. She was sure it would allow everyone a way to personally bond with the jalapeno.

It's then the girls realize the time and they run to go and change into their coords. Kayoko arrives to give hinaki her updated cards. Hinaki is very happy, and after Juri compliments it she turns to find a coord for Juri to wear. She pulls out the Peter Pan coord made by Angely Sugar, Milky Wendy, and hands it to Juri before they go to change. They appear on stage and perform to "Summer Magic".

After their performance, everyone is asked to place their votes. A woman announces that the winning booth was the Mexican. The girls are delighted with the news as Jose brings them up onto the stage, telling everyone that it is because of all their help and everyone applauds them.


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