Aikatsu Restaurant
Episode 140
2015-06-25 下午06.03.51
Episode Information
Kanji アイカツレストラン
English Aikatsu Restaurant
Air Date
Japanese Air Date July 2, 2015
Featured Songs
Opening Lovely Party Collection
Ending Tutu・Ballerina
Insert Song Sweet Heart Restaurant
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Aikatsu Restaurant (アイカツレストラン) is the 140th episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 39th episode of its "3rd Season" (3年目(サードシーズン) lit. "Third Year"). The episode aired on July 2, 2015.


To celebrate Akari Ōzora and Sumire Hikami's new joint stage on the wedding ceremony of Elisa Bepp, the two of them are given an offer for a new theatre performance "Aikatsu Restaurant." On stage, with the issues of the crumbling restaurant, the emotions of their individual characters begin to unfold (?). What's the story...!?


Akari fills the viewers in on the news that she and the others will be putting on a special play. It will be airing in front of a live audience and later be shown on Television. Everyone is excited to start the show and as the curtains start to rise, Akari introduces the show as "Aikatsu Restaurant".

The play begins, with Juri being introduced as the owner-chef, along with Madoka, who plays the role of a waitress. As Juri is making something she complains over a lack of customers, and puts blame into a nearby restaurant, which has a very huge line of customers. Madoka isn't very sure they can keep up with such a trendy shop, and while they lament this, Johnny watches with Naoto and Orihime from the audience. He describes the problem before voicing his opinion on an ending, involving the girls going to leave on a journey to find some legendary ingredient. Naoto points out that if the girls left, then they would get less customers, and this makes Johnny wonder if they went ahead and read the script. They both claim they didn't though.

As Juri continues to wallow in despair, Madoka is sure she figured out how to cheer her up. She places an order, but considering it's just for the staff of the restaurant, they won't make any money on it. As Madoka claims they should at least have one order a day, Juri just starts to feel depressed again.

It's then a mysterious girl (being played by Kokone) shows up. They watch as she looks around and comment on how suspicious she looks, so Madoka wonders if she may be there to collect money from them. Juri points out that even if they aren't bringing much in, they're not anywhere near debt at the time. Before they can even do or say anything to her, Kokone calls them out for not being at the door to greet her. She asks if being without customers is why they can't even do that, so Madoka quickly approaches to greet her and offers her a chair. Kokone insists she doesn't have the time though, revealing that she actually came to help them out. She introduces herself as the famous super-chef and reveals her disguise as the play takes a break.

In this time, Johnny-sensei begins to wonder if Kokone is actually there to help. He believes that Kokone may only be there to try to take over the shop under the guise of being helpful, but Naoto finds this hard to believe - since the play wouldn't be that dark. Orihime agrees to his reasoning, causing Johnny to wonder why his theories keep being so far off the mark.

With that, the girls watch as Kokone cleans a table. Juri asks her why she came to help, but Kokone just tells them that it's an obvious answer. She claims that she travels around to help out at all restaurants with a pure intent, though Madoka voices some doubt in this while Juri is eager to get to work. Madoka still has her concerns over this, but has little to no say in any of this.

Johnny is happy with the turn of events, and mentions that Kokone is the most caring, concerned waitress he's ever seen before. Though to his confusion, Naoto and Orihime voice that they believe Kokone is just hiding something.

Kokone deduces that for step one, she will be calling her master, a Fortune Teller over to lend a hand. She can do a reading on the shop while she uses the menu as a divining point and eats some of the food. In hearing this, Madoka quickly tells Juri that she thinks having to rely on a Fortune Teller is suspicious, though Juri believes she may have good intentions anyway. They are joined by Sumire, the Fortune Teller, and her assistant, Rin. Kokone introduces them to the girls and right away, Sumire is able to tell them their names; though Juri and Madoka are aware that she just saw their name tags.

Rin helps Sumire sit down and she starts a reading, then requests that they make an omelette. Juri tells her they don't have that on the menu though, causing Rin to curiously ask how this may be possible, since Sumire hasn't had any problems summarizing a menu without even looking at it before.

In the audience, Johnny voices his amazement in having such an ability. Naoto prefers to look over the menu though, and he is convinced that Juri may be hiding something as well, causing Orihime to compliment how sharp he is; leaving Johnny confused once more.

Sumire then orders some Apricot Tea from them, and Madoka runs off to prepare it. She returns a while later with the tea while the girls assume she may just be tea reading after Kokone tells them she is probably ready to make a prediction now. As it turns out though, Sumire just wanted some tea, she wasn't trying to tell them anything. Madoka asks Kokone if Sumire can really be trusted at this point, but to their surprise, she starts to do a reading. She is able to determine that the girls have forgotten something precious in their restaurant, so once they recover it, they will begin to prosper again. While the advice makes sense to them, the girls have no idea what that could be.

Johnny intervenes to mention his desire to actually see if anything was inside the crystal ball, and Naoto calls him out on being interested in that. He points out that what Sumire said probably related to the missing omelet item, from the menu. Orihime agrees and compliments him again, leaving Johnny utterly clueless.

Madoka asks Kokone if she has idea as to what could be missing, and while she doesn't, she knows someone who can find whatever is missing. She called an expert, and just then, Akari walks in, playing the role of a great detective. Juri and Madoka are confused by this, until Kokone points out that detectives can find anything. She came to lend a hand, and Akari approaches them to point out that Juri's father owned the restaurant previously, which Juri confirms. She asks how long it has been since he last ran it, and asks if there's anything missing now that used to be here. Juri points out that there was one dish that used to be on the menu, but since she took over she removed it. She admits that as soon as Sumire brought up the omelet, she knew something was wrong. She can't make them as good as her dad, so she removed them since it used to be the most popular item on the menu.

Madoka is sure this can fix their problem, but before they can say anything else, they are joined by someone else. Hinaki introduces herself as a writer and blogger at the magazine "This Restaurant is Too Crazy Good!". Madoka quickly approaches her to greet her, and Kokone reveals Hinaki is another friend of hers. Akari decides to take off knowing what she has so far, and Kokone points out that Hinaki can help them figure things out by writing an article in her magazine. If customers would resume coming in like they used to, then maybe they can determine it that way. Hinaki intervenes to point out her work won't be for free though, nor cheap, and Kokone isn't the least bit surprised. So Hinaki asks them to show her what they have on their possession at the time. She wants their gratitude upfront for her services and she offers three various plans; the highest costs a lot but is guaranteed to score tons of customers, the middle will get a fair bit, while the lowest will just snag the bare minimum.

Madoka isn't so sure what they should do, so Hinaki points out the best bet would be to take the highest offer, since she can get the blog made and posted by the next day and they would gain more customers than they know what to do with. However, to the girls surprise, Juri refuses to accept any of her offers. She explains that while she wants customers, she refuses to resort to dirty tactics just to get them back. It wouldn't be fair for Hinaki to write them a really good article if she hasn't even tried the food, and she refuses to lie to her customers. To her surprise though, Hinaki was just testing them. She reveals that due to her honesty, she will write a great article after trying all of their food.

Quickly, Juri and Madoka go to make and bring her the food items and have her try them. Hinaki is able to eat everything, but she finds it pretty confusing considering how good everything was. She promises to write a good article, and even spread the word, but she can't understand why there isn't any customers coming. She asks if they changed any menu items or recipe, causing Juri to admit that while everything is has remained faithful, she did take off the dish she was unable to replicate. Hinaki finds it odd that one dish could have that much effect, even with the regular customers. She decides to leave and write the article and wishes them luck in solving their problems.

Juri discusses how special the omelet had been, and claims that her dad tried to help her make it every chance he got. But no matter how many times she tried, it never worked out. He kept encouraging her to keep going though, and Madoka comments on the shop used to be back when he was working there and everyone came by. This makes Juri realize that by taking it off of the menu, she was essentially cutting the bonds between the customers and the shop.

Suddenly, Akari arrives with the news. She holds up a ringing bell and wonders if that was what went missing, and the girls recognize it as the bell they would ring whenever new orders came in. After they remodeled the interior they had rid of the bell, thinking it didn't fit in anymore. Juri had given it to a regular, who Akari just managed to locate. She moves to the side and asks the woman to join them, and in comes Miyabi, playing the role of a Long-Time customer. She apologizes for not coming by in so long, but Miyabi claims it isn't there fault. She believes that it was probably hard for Juri, to fail at reproducing the recipe her dad won everyone over with, and after losing him, it probably felt worse. Juri claims she should have continued to cook the omelet despite, because it was her duty to inherit the bonds between everyone. Suddenly, Miyabi requests that she makes her one and Juri agrees to it. Madoka picks up the bell and places in the order and Juri gets straight to work putting the items together.

After finishing, they bring Miyabi the omelette. She tries it and comments that it reminded her a lot of the omelet that Juri's father used to make. She deduces that Juri probably had a really close bond with her father as a result, which cheers Juri up. With that, Akari takes off since she has just finished her case. To her surprise though, a huge line of customers is outside. Juri asks Kokone if she had anything to do with it and she claims all she did was relay a message. She then produces them a brand new menu and the girls thank Kokone, who claims she actually owns her effort to this very restaurant. A few years ago she grew tired of her job as a waitress, which was actually her dream. She tried the omelet and it reminded her of how special food could be for others, and how it could rekindle love. So with new determination, she continued to bring food and energy to her customers. Miyabi compliments the restaurant and with that, the play comes to an end.

As everyone claps, Johnny is reduced to tears and claims that everything went the way he thought it would. Naoto has his doubts over such claims, but Orihime tells him to let him have the moment before handing him a handkerchief.



  • Instead of a television drama or a special drama episode, Aikatsu Restaurant is a play performed in a theater.
  • Below are the roles for each character in the drama Aikatsu Restaurant:
    • Juri Kurebayashi - Aikatsu Restaurant Female Chef (アイカツレストランオーナーシェフ)
    • Madoka Amahane - Aikatsu Restaurant Waitress (アイカツレストランウエイトレス)
    • Kokone Kurisu - Mysterious Girl/Super Waitress (謎の女/スーパーウエイトレス)
    • Sumire Hikami - Fortune Teller (占い師)
    • Rin Kurosawa - Fortune Teller Assistant (助手)
      • The assistant has mentioned that the fortune teller didn't actually come to do a fortune telling, but only arrived at the restaurant for a cup of black tea.
    • Akari Ōzora - Famous Detective (名探偵)
    • Hinaki Shinjō - Food Blog Writer (フードライター)
    • Miyabi Fujiwara - Old Customer Friend (昔なじみの客)
  • The new menu of the restaurant is as of below:
    • Omelette of Bonds (きずなのオムレツ Kizuna no Omuretsu)
    • Napolitan (ナポリタン Naporitan)
    • Milan Style Pork Cutlet (ミラノ風ポークカツレツ Mirano-fū Pōku Katsuretsu)
    • Hamburger Stew (ハンバーグシチュー Hanbāgu Shichū)
      • All dishes comes in regular and large sizes.
  • The song Sweet Heart Restaurant appears for the first time 


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