The Center of the World is Kokone!
Episode 135
2015-05-21 下午07.31.12
Episode Information
Kanji 世界の中心はここね!
English The Center of the World is Kokone!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date May 28, 2015
Featured Songs
Opening Lovely Party Collection
Ending Tutu・Ballerina
Insert Song Love Like Caramelize
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Spontaneous Skips♪ The name is, Sweet & Soft☆Nadeshiko

The Center of the World is Kokone! (世界の中心はここね!) is the 135th episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 34th episode of its "3rd Season" (3年目(サードシーズン) lit. "Third Year"). The episode aired on May 28, 2015.


From the idol school in Kobe: Étoile Academy comes an exchange student! The girl's name is Kokone Kurisu. Kokone who is a popular idol in her hometown of Kobe is causing a stir of strong wind in Starlight School!


The girls have come to say goodbye to Yuu. She is leaving for the idol school in Kobe, as part of the exchange program again. Matsuri says that while she will be lonely until she returns, she will cheer her on. The girls wish her well and she takes off. Akari explains how the idol exchange program works, using Miyabi and Yuu as an example when she switched with her a while back. Hinaki mentions that the girl that will be coming is a friend of Miyabi's, then brings up her name, Kokone Kurisu. The schools are far away but they've had multiple gigs together and befriended one-another like that. Juri suggests that they welcome Kokone with wide, open arms, and the others agree to it as Akari voices her excitement.

Elsewhere, Kokone is shown skipping up to the entrance of Starlight Academy. She seems to like it, but states that it doesn't really matter if the new world is there or not, because it's entirely centered around her.

In class, Johnny introduces the new classmate joining them. Kokone steps inside while he describes where she comes from and how she is part of the exchange program. Kokone does her usual cute pose, and to her surprise, nobody really responds the way she is used to. She watches with annoyance as they simply call the pose cute and are encouraged to make their own. She sits down next to Akari and is quick to recognize her and Juri, who sit next to each other. While she is impressed, she doesn't really care and reminds herself that the world is centered around her.

After class ends, the girls offer to show Kokone around. She accepts and they show her a bunch of the schools hotspots; including the room where statues of Starlight Academy Alumnae are. Kokone is able to recognize a lot, due to what she heard from Miyabi after she returned home. This causes Akari to bring up how close Kokone must be with Miyabi and she recalls how they met at an event and quickly became best friends. Juri comments that they are both Kansai idols - so it makes sense that they share a lot in common. It's then they are joined by Sumire and Hinaki, and again Kokone is able to recognize them. She is very excited to see them and she proceeds to show off by doing her pose in front of them. Once again she doesn't get the response she wanted and asks if it's possible nobody knows who she is before throwing a small fuss.

In her office, Orihime and Johnny enjoy a snack and some tea while they discuss how popular Kokone is in Kobe. She is known as a local idol and only focuses her activities within a certain region. Orihime is sure that the girls of Starlight, along with Kokone will both grow from this experience. With that, Johnny and Orihime begin to discuss how yummy the chestnut sweet they are eating tastes.

Kokone takes a picture of herself standing in front of Otome Mansion, but Akari quickly corrects her by saying it's now officially the Sakura Manor. Sakura became the starlight queen, so now it is hers. They also describe how Mizuki owned it as Mizuki Palace, causing Kokone to claim that Miyabi's information is outdated. As a few girls walk by, they welcome Kokone to the school and she wonders if everyone was just playing around with her. She is sure these girls will react to her, so she once again tries her pose. They call it cute before leaving, causing Kokone angrily turn and show the girls her CD.

Akari and the others tell her that they had no idea she had a CD though, but they would like to listen to it. Instead kokone demands to know why they haven't heard of it, since it plays at least two hundred times a day on FM Mount Rokko. She then takes a small mascot keychain from her pocket; a squirrel that kind of resembles her. They find it cute, but think it is a mouse - which agitates her further. She doesn't understand why nobody there recognizes her, considering how much attention she gets back at home. She is disappointed to learn that she was only popular at home and runs off in tears.

Kokone comes out to a patch of forest and lays down. She begins to wonder if maybe everything isn't focused on her like she thought, which is what she recalled Miyabi saying before she left. As she lays there, she spots a four leaf clover and sits up as Akari and the others locate her. After realizing she is hungry, Akari suggests they go to the Cafeteria for some donuts.

There, Kokone tries one, but she doesn't really feel much better. She does agree that the donuts are good, but before anything else is said they are joined by Yotsuba. Right away Kokone gets excited and addresses him with his idol nickname, Yosshun. The girls are surprised, since they never heard of this name before. Right away Kokone expresses her love for Yotsuba while handing him the four leaf clover while the others just express shock. She is so flustered to have eaten a donut made by him and they explain how he works as a chef there. Kokone admits that he was her first love when she was little, and because of him she aimed to become an idol. She hadn't expected to meet him there though and immediately claims that Starlight Academy is the best.

It's then Akari asks why Kokone didn't know about Yotsuba beforehand - but she mentions having texted Miyabi about it. She simply explains that she didn't know Yotsuba was Yosshun she adored so much. Kokone goes on to explain that she adores Yotsuba so much that she loved his name a lot, and even chose the brand Retro Clover and the girls comment that it fits her image. Yotsuba then asks if Kokone is related to the family that runs Cataigne in Kobe, and Kokone confirms that they do. She is very happy to know this and he explains to the girls that it is a famous restaurateur, and how great their chestnut pastries are. Kokone has brought some for Orihime and Johnny-sensei, so they go to see if any was left so that the girls could try them out.

By the time they get to the office, it turns out that Johnny has eaten it all. He feels sad for them and offers to run the entire way to Kobe just to get some for them but Kokone tells him not to bother - because her family is about to open a new branch of their shop here. It will be opening in a few days, and she will be holding a performance to celebrate it.

Later on, Kokone spies on Yotsuba. She comes around the corner and asks what may be bothering him. He explains that he has been trying to create a brand new donut but lacks inspiration. He explains to her that as a place for idols to relax and rest, which was something he didn't get very much of during his own idoling days. To deal with such tough times he would usually have a sweet snack, and Kokone brings up something her father always says. Yotsuba agrees and comments that he wants a new donut to make everyone rejoice in happiness as they enjoy it. Such words inspire kokone and she tells him that she will be right back.

She runs out of the building and past Akari and the girls, all the way to Chataigne. She greets her parents, who are surprised to see her and she asks to borrow a few items.

Around the school, multiple girls chat about the random event Kokone has been putting together. She gathers Akari, Sumire, Juri, and Hinaki, along with a few other students to help her put together a new donut. After they finish, Yotsuba tries it and instantly seems to like it. He comments on how well the chestnut works with the flavors, and adds that the dried fruit was a nice touch. He thanks Kokone for her help and mentions that he's already got a bunch of brand new ideas now. Everyone claps for her, and Akari repeats Kokone's catchphrase and pose, which makes her happy.

On the day of the shop opening, the girls have come by, along with a bunch of customers and other Starlight Students. Orihime chats with Kokone's mother, while Johnny purchases many sweets and takes off. As Orihime chats with her mother, she explains how Kokone got her catchphrase and pose, stating that they used to say something very similar to her as a little girl; that she was the center of their world. Since then she just repeated it, abit differently. It is a bit embarrassing now, but Orihime comments that it sounds lovely.

With that Kokone changes into her desired coord. She appears on stage and performs to "Love Like Caramelize".

Afterwards, Yotsuba appears to congratulate Kokone's mother. She is very flustered and excited to see him while he hands her a bouquet of flowers. Kokone thanks the girls for what they did, to help open her eyes and make them realize there was a lot in the Aikatsu World to see; although she still believes the world to be centered around her. But to humor her, the girls respond the way she wants this time.




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