A Warm♪Offtime
Episode 126
螢幕快照 2015-03-19 下午05.56.52
Episode Information
Kanji ぽっかぽか♪オフタイム
English A Warm♪Offtime
Air Date
Japanese Air Date March 26, 2015
Featured Songs
Opening Du-Du-Wa DO IT!!
Ending Good morning my dream
Insert Song Pretty Pretty
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A Warm♪Offtime (ぽっかぽか♪オフタイム) is the 126th episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 25th episode of its "3rd Season" (3年目(サードシーズン) lit. "Third Year"). The episode aired on March 26, 2015.


Akari, Sumire and Hinaki go on their first off-time together! After careful thought, the girls decide to go to Dreamy Lake for a day camp full of activities.


Akari is woken up by Sumire and Hinaki one day and sleepily performs her catchphrase for her Weather Program before realizing she isn't actually doing the show right now. Akari is excited knowing that today is the start of their special time together and quickly gets up to get ready.

The girls go to the Cafeteria for breakfast and Akari thanks them for waking her up. Hinaki corrects her by saying to an Idol, they do not have a Vacation, but off-time. She reminds them that they are celebrities, so it's only proper. The girls sit around for a moment before realizing that they should find something to do to avoid wasting their time, especially with knowing that soon New Students will be coming and they don't want to disappoint them. Sumire claims they should make the most of the time they have right now and they begin to dig through some magazines or ideas back in the Dorm.

Akari happens to find a bunch of nice eateries, while Sumire comments that she would love to visit some tea shops and look around the general stores, and Hinaki wants to visit anything trendy. However she thinks the best idea would to be doing something outside of the usual for them, so Akari suggests they visit Dreamy Lake, where Sena lives working on his brand. She compliments the wonderful aspects of the area, until Hinaki wonders if they would be bothering Sena. Akari claims they can just pitch a tent outside to turn it into a day trip, and she calls Sena to ask him. After they get the okay the girls leave for their homes to prepare.

At her place, Hinaki asks her mother for help with some food-related tasks after she thinks about an article she wrote just recently. Her mother tells her that anything is okay to eat when camping, but it's really important to prepare it properly and some items can take really long so it's best to microwave them the night before going. She also tells Hinaki to have fun trying to find her own style of making the food and warns her to bring some seasonings as well.

While sitting down for some tea Sumire voices how she would like to bring some iced tea for the trip but she hasn't been able to make a good cold tea before. Her sister tells her that it can take longer, but steeping the tea in water will help to cool it. She allows Sumire to use some of the brand new tea she got for the Spring and while she goes to fetch it, comments how much Sumire has changed since she befriended the girls. At first Sumire is confused until she explains what she meant, which makes her happy.

Akari speaks to her dad while he studies some crystal he found in a rock. He begins to discuss the wonderful digging opportunities she would have while there until her mother reminds him it is only a day trip. He begins to discuss how well Akari has been doing since she began idoling a year ago while her mother recalls that she wished to do something before Akari left. She takes a photograph of her and Akari decides to turn in for bed.

The next day the girls meet up at the train station. They happily discuss the warm weather and find Akari with a bunch of items. Much to their surprise. She explains how her dad helped her to back and shows them the tent, ground sheet, hammer, shovel, and pick-axe. The girls point out that those are items for digging, causing Akari to realize her father tricked her. After they realize the time the girls board the train and sit down for lunch, which consists of bento they packed. The girls enjoy their meal while driving past the country-side and soon arrive to the forest.

They walk through it and comment on how long it has taken since their arrival. They wonder if Akari is going the right way and begin to panic after Hinaki mentions the possibility of them running into a bear, but to their surprise, it's just Sena. He questions the large bag Akari has with her before revealing he came to collect some new materials to make dye, since now is a really good time with Spring. The girls observe Dreamy Lake for a moment before they make their way to Dreamy Lodge, where Sena offers to let them stay in his place. The girls refuse however, although he doesn't mind, and claim they would rather use their tent.

They set it up, but to their shock it falls right apart as Sena watches. He then puts it together for them they thank him for the help before inviting him to join their barbecue. He refuses since he just ate, then calls them hopeless after they fail to light their barbecue. He then helps them prepare for it and set up realizing they can't make the food either. They enjoy the meal and begin to discuss their plans of taking part in the following years Starlight Queen Cup. They discuss their intentions to win, even if that means they need to compete against each other, and even Sena thinks it's a worthy cause. However he tells them that from this point on, they will also be competing against one-another. With that he goes inside as they go for a walk.

The girls try to think about what he told them, but when they are unable to get a good response Akari tells them that they should hold a little competition here. The girls are confused until she points them to the dock and boats, explaining that they can try to get to the middle of the lake first and whoever does wins. The girls decide it may be fun and they get ready.

Sena happens to hear them and looks out of the window. They all insist they win, so to settle it they try to fish to see who gets the first bite. For a while none of the girls succeed, until Akari suddenly gets a bit, along with Sumire and Hinaki. But it turns out they all got a bunch of trash and try to determine who could win from that, so they decide to have Sena help with the next competition by seeing who can yell the best over to him. They agree and Akari starts, then Sumire, then Hinaki. The girls all find themselves touched by the words they choose to yell for Sena, as is he, and they comment on how much fun competing against each other is, so they finish it by yelling to Sena all together. He is unable to tell them though, so he yells something else instead, which makes them laugh.

The girls continue and they realize their off-time is finished. They fall asleep on the train and return to school after dropping off the items at home. They comment that while school hasn't entirely changed, with their off-time over they are official second years now and right away they got an offer that surprised them to no end. Sakura comes by to tell them about the Newcomers' performance, to welcome all of the new students and she was hoping they would star in it. The girls eagerly agree, but Akari is worried they may not be good enough until some new girls spot them from nearby and begin to excitedly chatter about them. They decide with this that they need to be good older classmates to the younger, new ones and they promise to do their best before running off to start training until the performance comes.

When it does, the girls exchange words of confidence before they run to change into their outfits. They appear on stage and sing to Pretty Pretty.

They exit the building to find a whole crowd of new students who watched the performance. The girls are surprised by their words, since they didn't think they did anything special or different, but they are touched by it none-the-less and with that, they all share a cheer with the new students.



  • This is the second time an idol wears their first Premium Rare in a performance despite already having obtained various others after it.
  • BS Japan and later broadcasts has different aphorism from TV Tokyo Network's broadcasts. It is unconfirmed whether the TXN version or the BSJ version will make it to the home video release.
  • The song Pretty Pretty appears for the first time.


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