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Vampire Mystery
Episode 122
螢幕快照 2015-02-19 下午07.08.40.png
Episode Information
Kanji ヴァンパイアミステリー
English Vampire Mystery
Air Date
Japanese Air Date February 26, 2015
Featured Songs
Opening Du-Du-Wa DO IT!!
Ending Good morning my dream
Insert Song Enchanted Party
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A Promise to the Future Spring Bouquet

Vampire Mystery (ヴァンパイアミステリー) is the 122nd episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 21st episode of its "3rd Season" (3年目(サードシーズン) lit. "Third Year"). The episode aired on February 26, 2015.


Everyone sits down to watch the Vampire drama they particpated in!


One late evening Hinaki stops by the dorm to see Sumire and Akari. She has brought some snacks and Sumire mentions making some of Yurika's favorite rose tea today, but one thing remains. It's then Juri steps into the room and reveals the DVD she was sent out to get. The girls are very excited to see themselves in to the thirty minute drama they were all in and they get it set up. It isn't to air until next week but as the actors for it they get special viewings now. The drama starts with the loud crashing of thunder and lightning on a rainy evening, while bats fly around the Academy. The girls appear and announce the name of the Drama.

Akari and Sumire sleep as the time reaches 2:40 am. She hears a voice and awakens, but sees nobody and tries to return to sleep. It calls to her again and Sumire slowly exits the room. She walks down the hallway and hears the voice continue to speak to her and makes her way to a set of doors. She steps outside as the rain pours down and proclaims her desire for eternal radiance as an Idol, then turns as the mysterious figure (Yurika) appears. She promises to give it to her, but only for a price and decides to suck her blood, causing Sumire to scream as bats fly by outside. The only thing remaining at the scene is her shoes.

Back as the girls watch the movie, Akari and Hinaki panic at the frightening sight before commenting on how wonderful Sumire did during the scene. Sumire admits to being a little embarrassed over how she acted at that part and Akari points out that she put a lot of effort into perfecting her sleep at the beginning of the scene, but feels it hadn't shown. Juri then points out that they will get to see the savior who appears at the academy to locate the missing Sumire Gelato.

In the Drama, Akari confronts Headmistress Legend Orihime and demands to know why she wont do anything to help locate Sumire. She claims she already did though and has sent someone to help, and just then the savior arrives, a girl by the name of Jurius Caesar Salad. In the office, Orihime thanks her for accepting the offer and coming, and Jurius assumes there was a vampire attack, given her job as a Vampire Hunter. Orihime reveals what has happened and Jurius asks for evidence that it was a vampire attack. She lacks the evidence though and tells her that she has a hunch and tells Jurius to just focus and trust her.

As this is going on, the nosy Hinaki Twister listens from out in the hallway. She runs off and happily comments that because Sumire is out of the way she can surely take the name of Starlight Queen now. Outside of the Drama, Hinaki also appears to be embarrassed over her variety show character. But the girls encourage her by saying that her character role makes the drama more enjoyable, and she has enough experience to make it work well.

In the Drama, Akari sadly thinks about Sumire Gelato. She visits various spots they used to be at together and wonders where she could have went. But as she leaves the room she spots Jurius again and tries to stop her. She introduces herself as Akari Sunshine and asks Jurius if she knows anything about what had happened. She tells her she has nothing to tell her though, then tells her to stop sticking her nose into their business.

Outside Juri continues to walk while thinking about Sumire Gelato. She believes that if she was attacked by the vampire then surely she may also be one, but she thinks something suspicious is going on. Something involving Orihime, who happens to be watching her at the time. Jurius heads to another location and continues to do some information searching. She heads to the dorm room and heads to the top of the building while checking out the spot Sumire was last visible.

The Headmistress heads into the cafeteria to inform Shun Yotsuba that because their target has arrived, he must begin his part in their mission.

Akari sadly walks up the stairs while thinking about Sumire Gelato again. She is interrupted by someone calling out to her and to her surprise, sees Sumire up ahead. She runs to her friend and they go back to the dorms. There Sumire explains that she had to abruptly head home for a while and Akari is glad that it wasn't anything serious. Sumire apologizes for worrying her, then asks Akari if she is okay. As Akari gets up to grab some of the chocolate she got the other day for Sumire, she is unaware of her friend sneaking up on her. Eventually Akari catches her doing it, then asks if she is okay before commenting that she doesn't look okay. While trying to look at her eyes she thinks she momentarily spots a fang peaking out from Sumire's lip, but she claims Akari is only imagining it.

With that Sumire brings up a secret special party that will be held at the Academy. Akari is curious as to what she means, but Sumire stops upon spotting Hinaki Twister eavesdropping in on them. Sumire invites her inside to learn more about it, then continues to say that it will reveal the secrets to obtain Eternal Radiance as an Idol. Right away Hinaki is taken with the idea and agrees to attend, and Sumire tells Akari that she is expected to come too. Akari knows something is wrong and worries, but she decides to go anyway. Unknown to the girls, Jurius happens to be watching in on them and realizes her suspicions have been confirmed.

As the Drama goes into commercial, Akari is very much into it and wonders what will happen to them. Juri points out that she should already know though, and they resume watching it.

When the party arrives Sumire helps the girls prepare their outfits. They leave and prepare to go to the party while Jurius slowly trails them. She is attacked after Sumire spots her and she uses her abilities to vanish while the girls head outside trying to find the party's location. Sumire tells them to go ahead, then Akari asks her why she isn't coming with them. Sumire assures the girls that she will be joining them soon and Hinaki runs off with a hesitant Akari in tow.

It's then Sumire is attacked by Jurius and thrown to the ground in a net. She claims it to be futile though and attacks Jurius again, causing her to ask how she can be so powerful. However, she doesn't answer her, instead she gets to the top of the building and runs off as Orihime arrives to help Jurius.

Akari and Hinaki step into the Memorial Hall and notice that the entire area looks pretty dreary. The observe the statues of the idols prior to them and stop at the front of the Hallway.

As Jurius is being helped by Orihime, she reveals that Sumire Gelato isn't the only vampire there at the Academy. It is cursed by many vampires.

Suddenly, the Grand, Legend Mizuki awakens, along with the other statues and Johnny-sensei reveals what has been going on to the girls. Orihime reveals that these idols are vampires out of her own wishes, after she wished for them to shine for eternity. She had their blood sucked, with the first victim being Legend Mizuki, who was attacked by Yurika. Then they converted the rest of the idols, including Otome, Kaede, Aoi, Ran, and Ichigo.

Orihime realized her mistake however afterwards, as the vampire idols cannot be with their fans, due to the vampire-sunlight rule. With that Mizuki reveals that she will be changing them into vampires too, but Akari refuses while Hinaki accepts, ready to gain the radiance they hold. Yurika then sucks Hinaki's blood, changing her into a vampire and they move on to Akari, who frets that it's up to her to do something.

Just then Jurius and Orihime show up. They call to Akari and she asks what they need to do. They hand Akari a special donut, new to Starlight Sweets menu. The vampires will revert to normal if they eat this special garlic donut and the trio quickly get to work trying to return them to normal. Akari is able to fix Otome and Hinaki, while Jurius rids of vampire Kaede and Ran. Then they target Aoi and Ichigo while they're distracted. Jurius is attacked by Yurika and slowly loses consciousness as she approaches her. But to her surprise, Jurius tricked her and forces her to eat a bite of the donut.

Johnny then prepares to suck Orihime's blood, but his gentle manners allow her to easily make him eat the donut. Akari however, struggles to give one to Sumire and finds herself wearing down. Sumire prepares to bite Akari, but Akari forces her off and after they fall Sumire accidentally eats it. The girls then regroup to attack Legend Mizuki and they hand Akari a special weapon, allowing her to transform with the help of their abilities. Akari shoots a special donut arrow at Mizuki and reverts her back to normal, along with everyone else.

The following morning Jurius prepares to leave. She is joined by the girls, who have come to see her off but they arrive too late. So Akari calls out to her and thanks her for her help while Jurius thinks that vampires shall always be around and the Drama ends.

The girls comment on how amazing the climax for the drama was and they begin to discuss how everything went, unknown of the little fang peeking out from Sumire's lip as she sips her tea.



  • Earlier in Season 1, Yurika mentioned that she always wanted to suck Mizuki's blood, and it is a dream come true for her in terms of the drama story plot.
  • Some characters of the drama had a special profile banner, and they are: Energetic Idol Akari Sunshine, Academy Boss Legend Headmistress Orihime, Amazingly Armed Vampire Hunter Julius (Juri-us) Caesar-salad, Sumire Gelato and Academy's most mind twisted & devious person Hinaki Twister.
    • Juri's drama name is a pun of famous Roman dictator, Julius Caesar, as well as the dish that shares his same surname, the Caesar Salad.
    • Throughout the episode (including non-drama scenes), different cast members have mentioned the name Sumire Gelato a total of 27 times.
  • This is the first drama episode not to feature an actual audition.
  • This episode marks Mizuki's first Season 3 appearance.
  • Sakura is the only 1st generation main character to not be featured in this drama episode itself.
  • The storyboard of the episode is drawn by Hajime Katoki, who is popular as Gundam Series' mecha designer.
  • The song Enchanted Party makes its debut.
  • This episode marks the second drama performance of the third season.
  • When Ichigo appeared during the drama, she parodied the opening of "Aikatsu", calling it "Vampkatsu" instead.


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