The Dance of the Nadeshiko!
Episode 119
螢幕快照 2015-01-29 下午06.37.36
Episode Information
Kanji ナデシコの舞い!
English The Dance of the Nadeshiko!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date February 5, 2015
Featured Songs
Opening Du-Du-Wa DO IT!!
Ending Good morning my dream
Insert Song Light Pink Day Tripper
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An Elegant Aikatsu Star☆Valentine

The Dance of the Nadeshiko! (ナデシコの舞い!) is the 119th episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 18th episode of its "3rd Season" (3年目(サードシーズン) lit. "Third Year"). The episode aired on February 5, 2015.


Miyabi is unable to help a fan after she asks her for help and works hard to determine what the answer it. In this time she is invited, along with Sakura Kitaōji, to perform in the "Yamato Nadeshiko Idol Festival"!


Miyabi is writing a letter to Nagaoka-sensei back in Kyoto, explaining how everything has been going so far. She mentions that because of Akari and the others she has began to finally realize what his words meant when he approached her to become an Idol. She also thinks she realizes why he chose to send her there and promises to find her own Aikatsu before she returns. With that she ends the letter and goes to the mailbox to send it, where she runs into Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki. After she greets them she explains that she writes a daily report to her old school. Hinaki questions why she just doesn't send email after, causing Miyabi to admit that she isn't a really good typer, and she asks Akari to teach her to improve.

While they wait around in a nearby building, Miyabi practices her typing as Hinaki and Akari try to encourage her. She worries she isn't meant to do things like that while Sumire joins them, revealing that it's time for Miyabi to go on stage. She changes into another outfit and begins to move around, showing everyone her moves of a samurai while using her staff. This little performance seems to leave an impression on everyone, including one person in particular as she ends her turn and heads out to change back into her uniform.

In the hallway she informs the girls she will be heading to the Dojo the Headmistress pointed out to her. Akari wonders how she isn't tired yet, but Miyabi mentions that she thinks she messed up somewhere in the routine and wants to go to get instruction before she forgets it later. The girls wish her luck and they wave her off while deciding they can just all hang out later on.

As she heads to the dojo, Miyabi thinks about how different the roads are between her home and this area. She stops to look around and happens to hear someone, but when she looks she is unable to see anything so she keeps going while the girl hides. The girls trails behind her and eventually Miyabi turns to run down a path to take out her staff and surprise the girl, who falls back after she sees it.

Together the two girls sit down and right away, Tomoyo begins to go on about how much of a fan she is. She calls Miyabi cool and comments on how she can be cute too, which surprises Miyabi before she continues to explain how she is only seen as someone cool. She is tall like most of the boys their age, and she is also the captain of the volleyball team, but she can't be cute. She really wants to try but is worried she will just make a fool out of herself for even trying. She then asks Miyabi to teach her, but Miyabi is unsure of how to respond.

She goes to meet up with the others and admits that she didn't answer Tomoyo and regrets it, but she didn't know what else to do - especially when she hardly understands what being cute is anyway. Hinaki claims that she too would have struggled to come up with an answer, and Sumire wonders if taller girls really do have a lot of trouble when it comes to girlish clothing. Hinaki insists this isn't the case though, since a full-length Maxi Skirt can bring out the figure of tall girls. After Miyabi mentions the desire to try to help the girl, Akari suggests that they just look back at their idol predecessors for some research.

The four girls head into the library and begin to look over some books. They look up the histories related to idoling and different terms for it, but before they can really figure out anything, Sakura joins them to ask Miyabi to accompany her to Orihime's office.

There they explain to her of the Yamato Nadeshiko Festival that is approaching. They want Sakura and Miyabi to perform together and Orihime explains how they are sure their talents would work well with the Festival. While Sakura is happy to partake in this she asks Miyabi to agree, since she knows they are the only two who can do this. Miyabi decides to accept in order to repay them for welcoming her to Starlight Academy, then watches as Sakura busts out into Kitaoji Theater.

Miyabi reveals what will be going on to Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki before deciding that she has to get some personal training and words from Sakura. She also decides that the experience should lead her to the answer she needs to Tomoyo, and that she must do it on her own. Akari and the others decide to give them her full support, even if they are unable to help out further.

In this time, Sumire and Miyabi perform traditional dance using paper fans and stop to take a break. Sakura mentions that she will be going on stage first before commenting on Miyabi's training, calling it perfect and beautiful to watch. Miyabi thanks her for noticing this and mentions how she tries to put her skills from the dojo into things outside of it.

She goes on to admit that she never thought she would be idoling now, and Sakura agrees before explaining that she dreamed of becoming an Idol. At first her family was a bit against it, especially Sakon, but she gathered up her courage to convey to everyone how she truly felt. At first it was very difficult, but because she was able to take the first step the world she longed to be part of had opened up to her.

Miyabi takes these words to heart and heads to her dorm room later on that evening. In bed, she looks over her Starlight Academy uniform, which she still chooses not to wear, then thinks over what Sakura said.

The next morning she is disappointed to find out that it is raining. She had intended on visiting the dojo again and wonders if the gloomy weather will remain all day. She happens to notice the time and turns on Akari's weather program, where Akari mentions the time, then asks Ozorotter to come out and reveal if it will keep raining all day, but when he comes out he slips and drops his shell. Akari chases after it and picks it up, opening it to see a congratulations message inside, to celebrate her one month anniversary. Ozorotter gets up and pokes Akari to have her say something regarding it. Akari mentions at first that she didn't think she would be able to keep up with this but she chose to took the plunge and was able to find something she enjoys a lot. These words resonate within Miyabi and she continues to watch as Akari gives the forecast while tearfully expressing gratitude.

Miyabi watches as the sun begins to appear and the clouds part, and comments on Akari's first step. She opens the Email tab on her phone and begins to type in a message onto KiraKiratter, which Tomoyo happens to see. She finds out about the Festival and reads over what Miyabi wrote, causing her to realize that she too has to take a step if she wants to open up her world.

Later on while behind the stage Miyabi reveals what she did to the trio. She really hopes that Tomoyo will see it, and that her message will reach her, but she is concerned that it may not. Sakura then joins them to tell Miyabi that it's her turn now, so Akari wishes her to do well and promises her that her feelings will reach the girl. So Miyabi changes and heads out on stage to perform to Light Pink Day Tripper.

Afterwards, the girls surprise Miyabi as she returns backstage, revealing Tomoyo from behind them. At first Miyabi is surprised to see her wearing a cute outfit, but she quickly tells her how nice she looks.

As the sun sets Miyabi speaks with Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki while they make their way back to Starlight. Miyabi claims that an idol who can fill someone with courage is amazing and tells them that she is happy that she became an idol. Which makes them feel happy too.

The following day Miyabi writes another letter. She admits that originally she hesitated when the idea of her becoming an Idol came up, but now she plans to return her feelings and show the gratitude she feels by following her Aikatsu until the end. She asks that Nagaoka-sensei continues to watch her and support her, then sends the Email. She is joined by the others and they comment on how fast she has improved, wondering if she studied a lot. She teasingly points out that Blogs are vital to keep up with modern information society, then calls the way of the idol to be pretty busy, causing the others to laugh as she continues to type.




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