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GOGO! Ichigo Cheer Corps
Episode 112
螢幕快照 2014-12-04 下午06.38.40.png
Episode Information
Kanji GOGO!いちご応援隊
English GOGO! Ichigo Cheer Corps
Air Date
Japanese Air Date December 11, 2014
Featured Songs
Opening Du-Du-Wa DO IT!!
Ending Good morning my dream
Insert Song Let's Aikatsu!
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Dear My Fans! The Fashionable☆Vivid Girl

GOGO! Ichigo Cheer Corps (GOGO!いちご応援隊) is the 112th episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series or the 11th episode of the "3rd Season" (3年目(サードシーズン) lit. "Third Year"). The episode aired on December 11th, 2014.


Ichigo's special live, the "Great Ichigo Starmiya Festival" has been announced and the excitement is spreading around the Aikatsu community. In the midst of preparation Akari wants to show support and is given role of promotion.


Akari and Sumire sit down to watch the press conference for Ichigo, in which she will be announcing her solo live coming up. There with her are Orihime, and Ran and Aoi acting as Ichigo's producers to answer questions and provide information for others. The discussion leads to what inspired the name, and what Ichigo wishes to achieve before the program ends. Akari wishes she could help out but she isn't sure how to do so. Sumire offers to help out too in order to comfort her.

The girls meet with Hinaki in the Cafeteria for breakfast and quickly catch her up to speed. Hinaki asks how she got Ichigo to let her help out and Akari admits that she ambushed Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran when they were returning to the dorms last night. She asked to help out and Ichigo agreed, but now she doesn't know what to do.

Hinaki begins to go over some "hot facts" she learned in preparation for the event, such as how this will be Ichigo's first time holding a big event by herself, Ran and Aoi are officially producers for her, and it will be held at the Starrise Stadium, which is where Ichigo watched Mizuki perform for the very first time. Hinaki reveals she knows at least twenty more things, but she decides to wait until after they eat. With that Sumire asks how the performance planning is going so far, but Akari reveals that they really haven't gotten anywhere just yet, but Hinaki states this is common in order to boost hype for the concert and sales.

It's then Akari receives a text asking her to meet up when she has some spare time. She eagerly leaves the room and greets Aoi and Ran upon finding them, and she admires the logo they have been working on. They discuss including a little Ichigo on the poster and use a doll for an example, then send this idea to the designers so that they can incorporate it into the poster. Then they go on to explain how they plan on having Akari help promote the event with publicity and advertising to spread the excitement. They ask her to think up some ideas on her own, and Ran suggess she ask Hinaki and Sumire for some tips.

At the dormitory Akari goes over what happened and both offer to lend her a hand, but like her they have no ideas. Hinaki asks Akari what she thinks may be important for publicity, and Akari points out that it must be fun and easily recognizeable, and the impact must be strong on others. Akari becomes inspired and the girls begin to get to work.

Soon the first publicity event comes along and the five girls meet outside, where Aoi explains that Ichigo forgot her Aikatsu Phone and ran back to get it, teasing her about it until she returns. As Aoi, Ran, and Ichigo interact the trio remark on their close bond and everyone steps aboard the van, where Aoi goes over the scedule and explains the interviews and advertising to handle. First up is a live, a very short segment on a program, and Aoi warns Ichigo to focus on what she says and to avoid messing up. Ichigo is confident though, and she practices speaking to ease their nerves. Ran then asks what Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki will be doing and Aoi admits that she doesn't necessarily know yet, since they haven't told her. Akari reaches nearby and takes out a giant bag and hands it to Ran, saying that she would like for them to join them. Ran observes the big strawberry she pulls out of the bag and voices displeasure as Hinaki and Sumire put on their strawberry hats.

On location the girls walk by and start to greet everyone as they make their way to the stage, where the two hosts are introducing each other and the girls -and its revealed Aoi got one of the hats as well- and they begin by asking how people can pre-order tickets for the event. Ichigo directs their attention over to Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki in order to let them explain the information. Akari reveals the number everyone can call, but upon being told the card is upside down she becomes very flustered; which earns her some praise from the hosts, who call her charming, then they go on to point out that Ran is also wearing the hat. She confesses that originally she didn't think she would look nice wearing it. Eventually Akari, Hinaki, and Sumire return to the van and discuss how Akari fumbled with the number card. She is hoping that nobody really paid it any mind and isn't too worried over it since nobody seemed angry. Sumire goes along to mention how she liked to see how well Soleil worked together, then voices how she hopes to do that some day with Hinaki and Akari too. Hinaki is sure it will happen, and soon they are joined by Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran.

Then they take off for their next event, which is at a Studio for  various meetings. As the girls observe everything Hinaki point out how common these are with idols as well, while Ran explains how this is set up; these types of events assure that the idol can meet with a bunch of people in a small amount of time by staying in one place. It's then the trio split up, and Aoi explains to them that while they are often together for most part, they still have their own activities to focus on. She tells them about something that frequently goes on between her and Ichigo before she decides to discuss the rest of their plans. Ichigo will be holding a Guerrila Live Performance soon and she asks if she can leave the opening to them due to her plans. The trio agree and she suggests they take things easy until then, then she takes off.

In this time Ichigo has a photo shoot before taking place in an interview, while Ran discusses a coord set and Aoi holds a meeting. As the trio watch they comment on how tense the atmosphere is, but they can feel how much everyone wants this event to succeed. They also take note of how despite how closely the other trio are, they were unable to tell that Soleil is ever apart. Akari states that as their own group they need to step things up a bit.

At the performance arena the group wait inside of a tent that has been set up. Aoi discusses how this will be an important step for their promotional campaign, and after putting their strawberry caps back on they head back out for the talk session. The hostess greets everyone and they take turns introducing each other and reveal the event by showing a large screen with the logo. They catch a lot of attention, but the girls find themselves overwhelmed after many crew members try to interview them on the spot, and they are unsure of how to respond. Ran, Aoi, and Ichigo watch from the back and they offer to go on stage to help the girls, but Ichigo tells them to wait a moment.

Akari tries to think of what to say to a man asking them something while Hinaki and Sumire try to find a satisfying answer. Then, Akari reveals that they honestly have no idea yet. But she strongly believes that the event will be amazing because of how amazing Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran are. Soleil may be best friends but they are apart way more than they are together, and despite this they always shine brightly because each girl can bring her talents to the trio and make them shine brighter.

With that, Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki run off of the stage and Ichigo comes out to congratulate how well they did. She is very excited to reveal herself to the audience since they weren't told of her appearing there, and she reveals the song she will be performing, surprising the trio as its the one they suggested. She explains that it really inspired her, and she's been planning on using it for something important and thinks that this is that moment. She runs back and changes into her brand new school coord, then appears on stage to perform "Lets Aikatsu!".

After the performance, the girls excitedly chat about how well the event turned out. Ichigo asks Akari about her day and Akari mentions how she feels inspired to find her own specialty. She is sure she will be able to shine doing her own thing, and then use this to reach greater heights with Sumire and Hinaki as a group. Ichigo promises that she will give the event her all and she gives encouragement to Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki.




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