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The Passion of Sangria Rosa
Episode 110
螢幕快照 2014-11-20 下午06.53.52.png
Episode Information
Kanji 情熱のサングリアロッサ
English The Passion of Sangria Rosa
Air Date
Japanese Air Date November 27, 2014
Featured Songs
Opening Du-Du-Wa DO IT!!
Ending Good morning my dream
Insert Song Passion flower
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The Hot Wind of Aikatsu! Dear My Fans!

The Passion of Sangria Rosa (情熱のサングリアロッサ) is the 110th episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 9th episode of its "3rd Season" (3年目(サードシーズン) lit. "Third Year"). The episode aired on November 27, 2014.


Hot idol Juri Kurebayashi is feeling "cold". In order to regain her heat, she must wear a premium rare from Sangria Rosa, her favorite brand. But in order to do that she must visit the Top Designer, who she finds is lacking inspiration.


During break one day, Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki are watching the ending of an episode of Aikatsu-Sensei. They begin to discuss Juri and the program until seeing her enter the room, when they notice how oddly she's behaving. They invite her to join them and ask if something is troubling her with the role, but she just mentions that she isn't happy with her acting for the climactic moment of the show; in which Aikatsu-Sensei will unleash the passion inside of Principal Samusugi, a man known for sucking out motivation from students.

They compliment Juri's acting skills to raise her spirits but she doesn't feel much better, so Hinaki suggests she practices on them, with Sumire standing in place of the Principal. They leave the room and head to the Dance room after changing into their training attire, where Juri and Sumire begin to act out the scene. Juri remains unsatisfied though, claiming she should be more hotter.

She thanks the girls for offering to help though and takes off for her families home and eatery, Bailarin. She sits down with some tea and her father surprises her with some pudding, bringing up that her mother used to go through ruts like this when she was younger. Juri is surprised hearing this and asks her mom to know what happened when she joins them. Karen explains that she gained her first drama playing a girl born on the day of the Tomato Festival, where the girl would help to prepare for it; but she struggled capturing the part right and the more she tried the further her goal seemed to become. But what kept her going was the Sangria Rosa Premium Dress she was given to wear for her performance, it helped her connect to the role once she became taken with its beauty and how it reminded her of the tomato. Juri recalls this dress, and she mentions that it was what lit her passion for the brand in the first place. Karen agrees and believes that with that dress she was reborn as an actress. Seeing her mothers response, Juri wishes that she could have her own as well.

The following day Juri announces her plans to locate Encierro, the top designer for Sangria Rosa. She is uncertain though, mentioning that her mom tried getting touch with him but he seems to have fallen off grid lately- which isn't uncommon because he tends to seclude himself from others whenever inspiration strikes. But she does know of a few spots he is likely to go, so she plans to check them out. While the girls are concerned they encourage her, with Sumire offering to read her a fortune. Unfortunately the fortune doesn't go very well, when it says that no matter how long Juri tries she will always be trapped. Sumire quickly uses positive reading to turn the ominous reading into inspiration, saying that right now Juri is lost because she's so worried, so for now following her intuition is the best decision. Juri thanks the girls and takes off, with them deciding to join her.

On the train Juri thanks the girls and admits that she initially wasn't that confident about her plan. The girls are happy and Akari admits curiosity over getting to meet Encierro, and they begin chatting about him until they reach their first stop. Juri takes a moment to feel the breeze and remarks that he isn't there, so they board the bus and resume their discussion. Juri recalls that she found out that he loves roses and Flamenco Guitar, and arriving to the next stop Juri doesn't feel convinced he is there either. 

At their third stop, Juri feels that the wind is different here, so she believes this must be where he's at and compares the scent in the air to the Andalusian winds. Sumire spots a strange man with a guitar resembling the one Juri mentioned and she quickly runs up to him to ask if he's Encierro. He confirms he is, and she apologizes for disrupting him like this, then asks that he makes her a Premium Dress. He refuses, not being in the mood, and the girls begin to discuss his behavior.

Troubled and in need of some time away from his thoughts, Encierro invites the girls back to the design studio, where he explains how he used to be a passionate designer and feels as those its lost now. He recalls how he used to feel whenever he would enjoy a banquet with his friends, or watch a bullfight; but he believes now he has burned out. The more he pushed himself to create an even hotter design, the gap between himself and his assistants and friends became even larger and before he knew it, he had no one standing by his side.

Leading the girls back outside, Encierro apologizes that they came all this way, then asks Juri how she was able to find him. She brings up the Andalusian winds once more and say that she sensed them there, then she tries to tell him what brought her there again but he shuts the door, not wanting to talk anymore. The girls decide to give him some time and they head over to the nearby shore to continue discussion.

Despite his lack of spirit Juri decides to continue trying, believing that the flame in his soul is still there, even if he thinks its gone. The others are confused, and Juri brings up how he is in such a remarkable town, filled with the Andalusian winds. She wants to remind him of this and be the thing that will snap him out of this state, and with that she asks the girls help her out in encouraging him and they decide to pick up some ingredients before returning to his place, where they ask to use his kitchen.

The girls try thinking of what to make when Hinaki recalls Encierro mentioning banquets he used to attend, so Akari suggests making hot spanish cuisine to remind him. They finish the meal and serve Encierro, and while he enjoys the meal he still feels down. They retreat the kitchen and Sumire recalls that he also enjoys bullfights, so Akari and Hinaki pretend to be the bulls while Sumire and Juri play the role of Matador. Encierro calls them cute, but this didn't help much so they go back outside.

By now Hinaki gets another idea and she recalls that he likes roses, so the girls split up and run all over the city in search for some. Upon gathering a bouquet they return to Encierro, and initially this seems to do the trick and he expresses happiness, understanding their feelings. But this still didn't make him feel better.

Realizing how late it is the trio sit down to rest but Juri keeps to herself, thinking about how the day went. She's disappointed by the failure and questions her own passion and how she isn't able to warm an icy heart, but she suddenly begins to feel something inside, and it makes her want to dance. She gets up and with her passion slowly restoring, she begins to dance and pose, awakening her friends and excites them. Encierro hears them and curiously steps out to observe the display and is surprised, with Juri stopping to tell him that even if he believes his flames of passion no longer burn, she is sure that they do; for she was able to feel the hot Andalusian winds coming forth from him.

Encierro joins Juri in performing the passionate poses and he voices how she was able to remind him of something important. No matter how cold the heart, the hot seed can be planted and blossom into a huge flame. With that he requests that she let him make her a Premium Dress, and Juri quickly accepts.

From then until he finishes, Juri worked very hard on her dance, posing, and acting. The girls return to pick up the brand new dress, the Rose Glass Princess Coord, and they are instantly charmed by its beauty as he hands over the cards for it. He asks Juri if she would be willing to model it for the debut and she accepts.

On the day of the performance Juri thanks the girls for their help and she is very happy to have them as her friends. They agree that they feel the same way and join the audience as Juri heads to the changing area and inserts the cards. She appears on stage to perform "Passion flower".

Eventually, the girls watch the scene Juri had been working so hard to pull off on Aikatsu-Sensei and comment on how its popularity keeps raising. Sumire teasingly reminds Hinaki and Akari that they can't just sit around and let Juri get all of the attention, and Akari states that they will have to continue their own idol activities, and the trio share a cheer.




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