Episode 106
螢幕快照 2014-10-23 下午06.33.05
Episode Information
Kanji アイドル☆ハロウィン
English Idol☆Halloween
Air Date
Japanese Air Date October 30, 2014
Featured Songs
Opening Du-Du-Wa DO IT!!
Ending Good morning my dream
Insert Song Eternally Flickering Flame
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Bursting Flair☆ Two Dreamers
Idol☆Halloween (アイドル☆ハロウィン) is the 106th episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 5th episode of its."3rd Season" (3年目(サードシーズン) lit. "Third Year") The episode aired on October 30, 2014.


It's Halloween at Starlight Academy and there will be a special live event for it. However, the only way to participate is to acquire the most candy so now it's the start of a competition for sweets!


In class, Johnny-sensei announces that it is time for the special Halloween Event known as the "Nightmare Party". He explains that the performance will be done by the girl who is able to collect the most candy, and right away everyone is very excited.

That evening, in their dorm room, Akari is going over this with Sumire. She adores Halloween and Akari begins to discuss the costumes others used to make for her. Sumire mentions that she dressed up a few times, but she never felt comfortable talking to strangers, so she is not very confident that she would be good at collecting candy. Akari claims that it will be very fun though, and is able to convince her to try anyway.

The next day, the girls sit down to discuss costumes and have come to ask Hinaki, since she knows so much about fashion. They sit down in the Cafeteria and Hinaki suggests something involving fantasy, such as a fairy or witch. They like the idea, and Sumire happens to know some information about myths and fairy-tales that could help them, but after Hinaki mentions that it is also popular to dress up like a movie character, Akari is inspired to dress up like the Stylish Thief: SwallowTail. But Hinaki and Sumire snap her out of it and she reveals that a new Aikatsu Navi has just come out and has just introduced a few new Halloween Dress coords inside. Whoever will be performing at the Nightmare Party will receive one of them. They notice that Vivid Kiss, Loli Gothic, and Angely Sugar are making outfits, along with a new series known as "Dreamy Crown".

After Akari questions this brand, Hinaki mentions that the top designer used to be an assistant to Amahane, the top designer of Angely Sugar. She is very sure that the brand will catch fire soon, due to its reputation involving the young designer. But there is still a lot not known about it since it's so new, other than the cat-inspired Halloween Dress.

Eventually, Halloween Night comes along and Ichigo is giving everyone a pep-talk. She cheers for them and tells them all to gather a lot of candy. Hinaki reveals herself to be dressed as Tinkerbell when she happens to spot Akari and Sumire in identical kitty costumes. Sumire explains that they are dressed as a fairy from Irish Folklore known as a Cat Sidhes, and with that Hinaki decides they should be starting. They cheer and make a promise to have fun before heading out.

They stop at the first door and are greeted by a princess and a witch. The girls quickly recognize Akari as the new Pon Pon Crepe Girl, and also notice Hinaki. But to their surprise they spot a third girl a few feet away from them; one who is being very shy. Sumire's cuteness instantly attracts them to her and they offer her as much of their candy as she wants; which causes Hinaki to tease that Sumire's cuteness must be against the rules.

As the trio continues to walk, Akari compliments Sumire when she suddenly recalls that from the past, when she was little she used to receive a lot of candy. She never even said Trick or Treat, so Akari and Sumire make her say it right on the spot. Once she does, they start to fawn over her cuteness and decide to have her actually say it to a candy-giver.

The girls eventually locate a crowd gathering around four girls; Otome, Kaede, Sakura, and Shion. Otome is very excited and she mentions that they cannot let such fun pass them by. They plan on handing out candy to the other idols, although Shion can't help but question Otome's excitement as they open a set of doors to reveal a dark room, where a coffin lays on the floor.

Suddenly Yurika appears, dressed up in a very fancy vampire outfit. She opens the coffin, full to the brim with candies; and even a cute little Yurika doll, and right away many girls begin to fangirl over her and come to see her. Shion then points out that Yurika is having tons of fun dressing up as herself for the event, and the four girls go to join everyone else in the room.

As the girls stand behind, Akari can't help but wonder where Ichigo is. But suddenly someone mysterious walks by with a jack-o-lantern head-on and Akari is quick to realize it is Ichigo when she walks away. Hinaki is a bit surprised, but they are quickly joined by Yuu and her roommate. Yuu mentions that Aoi is giving away tons of candy, and they go to visit Aoi; who takes a picture of the trio. Aoi invites them in and to the girls' surprise, they find a whole ton of Halloween candies. She gives Akari some chocolate since she knows how much she likes it, and she even gives Hinaki something she mentioned enjoying from a small article interview. Sumire then shyly attempts to say Trick-Or-Treat and Aoi quickly becomes smitten and offers to give Sumire her entire Candy supply.

The girls head out to the main room and begin to discuss how Sumire is probably leading the Candy collecting race. Sumire insists that she isn't, but as it turns out from the swollen pack she's carrying, she most likely is. It is then all of the lights shut out and Johnny appears, dressed up like an Egyptian mummy. He announces that they will be holding a Chance Time event, to give everyone a chance to catch up. He begins to explain that a few trials have been set up, and whoever can clear them will receive a super high-point treat. Akari and Hinaki are very excited, along with the rest of the idols.

A group of girls show up to the first Trial, where they spot a sign with a Jack-O-Lantern. They enter the room to find a haunted set, where Ran, dressed as a musketeer comes out. She explains that her trial involves posing, and whoever can show her a good, stylish pose while saying "Trick Or Treat" can continue, so first up is Akari. Akari is very cute, but Ran gives her a failing grade because it was not stylish. She then has Hinaki and Sumire try and allows them to pass. She also gives them a reward consisting of Seaweed Stems.

Everyone returns to Trial 2, where Johnny wants everyone to follow his dance steps until he finishes the song he is dancing to. They all start and follow him throughout the building, but only Akari was able to come the closest to finishing. He gives her a present for her efforts, which are home-made Johnny chips; which include over one-hundred Johnny trading cards.

They move onto the final trial, to find out which Jack-O-Lantern dressed person happens to be Ichigo. The girls are very surprised, and he announces that whoever can find her will win the special prize. Everyone leaves to begin the hunt, but Sumire points out they should make a plan first; to see to it that they are able to find her. It is then Akari gets a dream.

Two of the Jack-O-Lanterns are being chased by a trio of girls and happen to duck behind some tall plants to escape them. The two Jack-O-Lanterns are revealed to be Ran and Aoi. Aoi can't help but admit how much she likes to be chased by younger idols. They happen to come across a few items; rare idol photo-op shots and a special Halloween Ebi-Pon phone strap, and when the girls try to look at them, Akari reveals herself with Hinaki and Sumire. She is able to deduce they are Ran and Aoi, and there Sumire and Hinaki discover Akari's plan to weed out the imposters.

They use a picture of a kitten to lure out Otome and trick Yurika by holding a big piece of Garlic on a long string to startle her. They then return to the Cafeteria to take a break and comment on how many Jack-O-Lantern are still running around. It will take them a long time to try to find Ichigo at this rate, but suddenly Akari picks up the scent of the freshly made donuts nearby. This inspires her to lure out Ichigo by using the scent to attract her inside by using a fan. It works and in Ichigo steps. Akari reveals the girl to be Ichigo, and they are given some limited-time Halloween Pumpkin donuts. Ichigo compliments Akari, who claims she knew to do this because she always watches over Ichigo and knows a lot about her. Ichigo then tells Akari to stop by later so that she can hand over the special chocolate. Akari promises to treasure it forever, though Ichigo insists that she eats it.

At the Hoshimiya household, Raichi laments that he couldn't see the costume Aoi chose to wear. It is then they get a knock at the door and Headmistress Orihime reveals herself. Raichi is very surprised and watches as the two women head off to begin to talk about something. Raichi feels even sadder by this though and thinks more about Aoi.

Back at school, Johnny congratulates Akari for locating Ichigo. He announces that she is the number one winner for getting the most treats, and it is because she was able to obtain the chocolate from Ichigo, which is apparently the size of a skateboard. Johnny then moves aside to let Akari chose one of the brands' Halloween coords.

She steps up, with the plans of choosing the Angely Sugar dress because of the cute, mischievous devil look. But before she picks it up, she happens to spot the adorable cat design that belongs to Dreamy Crown. She is a little surprised at first but decides to pick it after feeling a deep urge to wear it. She makes her selection and heads inside to change. After doing so, she appears on a special Halloween stage and performs to "Eternal Flickering Flame".

Afterward, everyone cheers for Akari and they compliment the Dreamy Crown dress. It was revealed that Orihime, Ringo, and Raichi also caught the performance and they also comment on it.

Elsewhere is a young man sitting in his office who was shown to have caught the performance.



  • This episode marks the anime debut of the brand Dreamy Crown.
  • This is the first Halloween special in the anime's history.
  • This is the first time all seven of the original Starlight protagonists appear in Season 3.
    • Raichi and Ringo also make their Season 3 debut in this episode.


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