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Episode 07 - Beware of the Tweets
Episode 07
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Episode Information
Kanji つぶやきにご用心
English Episode 07 - Beware of the Tweets
Air Date
Japanese Air Date November 19, 2012
Other November 1, 2014 (Indonesia)
January 28, 2014 (Hong Kong)
November 28, 2014 (Taiwan)
Featured Songs
Opening Signalize!
Ending Calendar Girl
Insert Song prism spiral
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Episode 07 - Beware of the Tweets (つぶやきにご用心) is the 7th episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series. The episode aired on November 19, 2012.


Aoi's anxiety in facing Ran for an upcoming audition gets the better of her and she starts ignoring common sense to focus on the strange advice she's been receiving from Kirakiratter.


One late evening in their dorm room, Aoi reveals a poster of the Pon-Pon Crepe Campaign Girl. Ichigo doesn't realize the importance of this, leaving her to explain that it's a big stepping stone for any rising idol; even Mizuki did it as the twelfth generation winner. She is also a big fan of Pon-Pon Crepes, so if she ever got the chance she would immediately apply.

Suddenly they hear a sound coming from her Aikatsu Phone, signaling that Aoi has got a message from the KiraKiratter Network. This surprises Ichigo since she never heard of it before, and Aoi points out the various uses for it and how important it can be for them, before offering to set one up for her too. 

The following day, Ichigo comes across an audition she is instantly attracted to and signs up for it. Aoi agrees to join her, but by the time she finds her phone it is time for class. There, it is announced that the Pon-Pon Crepe auditions are approaching, causing a gleeful Aoi to instantly sign up. Ichigo wants to as well, but she realized it's on the same day as the other audition she signed up for, so she can't do both. The girls are saddened as they realize that not only can they both sign up for the same audition- but they can't even show up to support the other.

However, as class ends they decide it isn't that big of a deal, and they decide to announce the news on their KiraKiratter accounts. Ichigo admits that she doesn't understand why the KiraKiratter is so popular still, until Aoi reveals all of the comments that she's received from fans. She also mentions that Ichigo has gotten some too, including one from her friend Oota. Even if they cannot see the fans in person it feels good to be given the support. After checking updates, the girls decide to spend the remainder of the day training.

The next day Aoi and Ichigo spot Ran and casually greet her as they sit down to eat. She scolds them for the way they do it though, but this goes unnoticed as Ichigo asks her if she uses the KiraKiratter. Ran dismisses it by saying she prefers meeting fans face-to-face, then changes the subject by informing them of her plans of going out for the Pon-Pon Crepe role. Surprised, Aoi mentions her own plans of entering as well.

After lunch Aoi expresses concern over Ran entering but Ichigo gives her some support. Aoi remarks on how this is usually the other way around, and they head off to resume training for their respective auditions.

Before bed, Aoi decides to try to gather some more information with the use of KiraKiratter in hopes of gaining encouragement. 

The next day, a shocked Ichigo learns of Aoi's plans to practice on the Balance Beam. Aoi explains that the first ever Pon-Pon Crepe Girl Kirara Kisaragi did this, and she feels like she should try it too. She has Ichigo hop up onto the beam first- only to fall off right after. Aoi gives it a try and falls as well, but manages to make it halfway over. Refusing to give up though, she moves onto another training method; walking on a chalk line while holding two, full buckets of water. In the middle of Ichigo's attempt, Aoi sees new replies on KiraKiratter and begins to check them. 

During Lunch Ichigo happens to notice that Aoi is barely eating and remarks on this. Still worried and uncertain of things, Aoi has been using her spare time to look up more information until believing she needs to focus on some muscle training. 

Later in the day, Ichigo resumes her own practice of walking while she balances books on her head. But she happens to get a message from Oota on KiraKiratter and returns to her Dorm Room to find Aoi in the middle of Aroma Therapy. She has also bought some strange items to decorate the room, and explains their properties of encouraging better spirits. Ichigo decides not to say anything about it, although she is shown bothered by her friend's odd behavior.

The next day, Ichigo sees that Aoi is still relying on advice and information from Kirakiratter. She is highly concerned by this point, noticing how distant Aoi has become in this time, although Aoi claims not to understand Ichigo's problem. Naoto then approaches and tells her how strange she's acting, questioning it before handing her a set of Rare Coord Cards. He takes off afterwards.

While waiting for her turn in the Audition, Aoi looks at her number and suddenly realizes how rude she has been behaving lately. She didn't even bother to wish Ichigo luck and quickly tries to use KiraKiratter to send her a message, fearing she may be angry with her when she does not respond. But in due time she does, explaining that since she was riding the bus she didn't realize she got any messages. Both girls take this moment to apologize to one-another as Ran's turn for the Audition is announced.

While Ichigo encourages her, Aoi is unable to shake off the nerves, especially after seeing that Ran managed to get the top score out of every contestant. She begins to panic when suddenly, she hears Ichigo call to her from nearby. To her surprise she sees Ichigo, who runs up to her and claims that she couldn't possibly speak her true feelings using KiraKiratter, so she had to see her. She managed to get through her audition for Vivid Girl, so she knew she had to come.

Suddenly a woman announces Aoi's turn and she changes into the brand new rare coord set given to her. She gets on stage and performs "Prism Spiral".

Once her turn ends, Ichigo congratulates her for a job well done. It's revealed that Aoi managed to win and the girls are very happy as Ran joins them to congratulate Aoi. It's then Ichigo expresses sadness that she didn't get to see Ran's rare cards, but Ran informs her that it isn't about using them when people tell you to, but when you want to.

That evening the girls are in bed, going over their Kirakiratter messages when news from a mysterious figure is shown. They realize that it was directed at them, leaving them in high-spirits as they fall asleep.

Character Appearances


  • Kirakiratter is introduced in this episode.
    • It is based off of the social media platform, Twitter.


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