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Lost in an Autograph!
Episode 06
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Episode Information
Kanji サインに夢中!
English Lost in an Autograph!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date November 12 2012
Other October 25, 2014 (Indonesia)
January 22, 2014 (Hong Kong)
November 21, 2014 (Taiwan)
Featured Songs
Opening Signalize!
Ending Calendar Girl
Insert Song Idol Activity!
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Lost in an Autograph! (サインに夢中!) is the 6th episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series. The episode aired on November 12, 2012.


When Ichigo realizes the importance of having an autograph she sets out to discover her own. But she finds out that it is much harder then she thought after struggling to make one without ignoring her fans.


Somewhere in Starlight Academy, Ichigo and Ran enter a room where a photo studio has been set up. They will be getting their pictures taken for the magazine they won the audition of, and Ichigo is very excited. Ran tells her to be more serious since they were gifted this chance, but Ichigo thinks that they should just make the best of their opportunity, which leaves Ran feeling disappointment.

The photographer comes up to them to take a surprise picture of them; causing Ran to perfectly pose while Ichigo gets flustered and is unable to respond as quickly. The photographer tells the girls that she looks forward to work with them and hands them the pictures. Ran goes to the nearby table and takes a marker to sign her autograph on her picture, then she passes it to a clueless Ichigo. Ran assumes that Ichigo has never had to do an autograph before, and Ichigo admits that she doesn't even have one.

Back at school, Aoi admires all the photos of Ran and Ichigo, complimenting how impressive Ran's pictures were before asking Ichigo how it went. Ichigo informs her that they got frustrated with her. A man was ready to take pictures of Ran and asked to bring Ichigo into the photo- but she could only strike the first generic pose that came to her. At first they found it amusing, but after he suggested she act more like herself, Ran was left unimpressed by the results. As the photo-shoot continued Ichigo just becomes more confused.

Aoi comments that Ran stood out in the pictures next to Ichigo and goes on to compare them to food. Ran would be the main dish, while Ichigo the side dish. She picks up another picture to see a signature by Ichigo and they observe how she wrote it in Kanji. 

Just then, Johnny cuts in and looks at the photo with Ichigo's signature. He laughs at it and tells her just how bad it is before chastising Ichigo for not having a signature yet. Until he realizes he is to blame for this, as he forgot to teach the girls this lesson after they transferred in. So he tasks the girls with having to design a signature and tells them that it is due the next day. He is very positive and expects them to come up with great ideas.

While pondering possible ideas, Ichigo and Aoi head to the cafeteria to grab something to eat. Aoi browses her Aikatsu Phone, looking at several autograph examples from other idols to get some ideas- only to admit that she has nothing in mind; in comparison to Ichigo who would like something cool, but cute. They happen to spot Ran next to them and suddenly get the devious idea of asking for some advice on coming up with the perfect autograph. But they only annoy her while continuously begging for help and she reluctantly agrees.

Around sunset Ran meets up with the girls at their dorm room when she notices their poster of Mizuki, which ultimately stirs up Aoi's story on how she obtained it. She tried emailing her pre-order request only to realize they were sold out. As she cried her way to a local CD shop, she said she was able to get it after all with the aid of her ticket. Ran then impressively states how she got it, and Ichigo points out that Ran must really like Mizuki too.

Later, the girls set up a table standee to prepare for the assignment when Ran suggests they change into more casual clothing beforehand. Aoi claims they don't have the time to relax now, but Ran states that it isn't a big deal since she won't be there very long. Ichigo and Aoi beg her to stay with them, and while annoyed, she agrees, leaving to change.

She returns a bit later, and Aoi quickly takes advantage of this by taking a quick series of photo of Ran in casual attire. This embarrasses her, but she changes the subject by showing them the snacks she brought; these being some dried food products like sardines and wakame. Aoi and Ichigo praise the simple food products and the fact she always eats healthy, but she admits to eating other things- showing them a bag of rice cakes.

With that she begins teaching them and starts by having them write their name several times in various Japanese writing styles, including cursive romaji. As the girls work, Aoi feels her kanji style is too stiff, and Ran instructs her to shorten it by adding more curves- resulting in a stylish change in writing, impressing the girls.

Ichigo also requests Ran's attention and points out the plan to use cursive for her signature. Ran tells her to write it many times so that her hand will remember. While the girls continue training, Ran goes on her Aikatsu Phone to organize her cards while she waits for them to be done, but in the process the girls become sidetracked as they sneak a peak of the collection and soon become engrossed in it upon realizing she has several rare cards. Ichigo praises the variety of sweet and whimsical attires, but this upsets Ran and she punishes Ichigo by making her write even more. 

Soon night comes and Ran reviews their writing. She first looks at Aoi's and is very impressed for it's simplicity, then inspects Ichigo's work and comments on how complicated it looks with so many cute elements. Including a bow, a cute bunny, stars, a chibi-Ichigo head, and creative lettering. Aoi is amused by it, but Ran thinks Ichigo tried too hard. It looks like it would be difficult to write, but allows Ichigo to technically pass as long as she is happy with it. This delights Ichigo, but she starts to feel hungry so Aoi suggests they go to eat in the Cafeteria. Ran decides not to join them due to her rules of not eating after dark. As she is preparing to leave the girls thank her for helping and Ran admits that she enjoyed herself- only to get embarrassed and immediately take off. To record their efforts the girls take a picture of their autographs and begin theorizing over what Johnny will say.

The next day, Ichigo and Aoi turn in their signatures to Johnny for review. He looks at Aoi's autograph closely and is very impressed, but he is displeased with the complexity behind Ichigo's, arguing that the length of time taken to make it will cause her fans to get tired of waiting and leave. For any autograph or signature, speed is important. As Ichigo understands this, Aoi suggests that if she is unwilling to change it, she should train to write it faster.

Later, as Aoi carries a stack of papers she runs into Ran observing a news board and recent Idol offers. She questions the papers, and Aoi explains how it is for Ichigo's training. Curious, Ran decides to tag along and lend her a hand.

Ichigo begins to train her writing speed while the two assist her. She tests her speed using a tether, writing a very large autograph, and later on goes to writing normally in a time limit test. She plans to have the entire autograph done within ten seconds, and eventually, as evening arrives she has managed to master it. But by this point she is so exhausted, she ends up dropping and falls asleep.

Later, she is awakened with a call to inform her of a package waiting for her. She gets up to take a closer look when she spots Naoto Suzukawa and thanks him for his help. He leads her to the box, where she sees it contains many mandarins delivered by Raichi, and she takes the box back into her room to share them with Aoi and Ran. As they snack, Aoi brings up how people at the Shopping District have been wanting to meet them. Ichigo suggests they visit them the next day, Sunday, and the girls agree.

The next day, the girls head for Nandemo Bento, where they were told to visit. They see many customers at the front, as well as a sign standee with "Ichigo and Aoi's Autograph Session" written on it. As they wonder who did this, they are suddenly surrounded by several people as Raichi comes outside to welcome them home. Ichigo angrily chastises him for not informing them of his plans to hold an autograph sessions, but he explains that she said she would come and thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of that. They are joined by their mother, who apologizes and claims not to know of his plans.

Ichigo agrees to stay but tells Raichi not to do it again, and Ran, feeling sympathetic removes her cap and glasses, causing Raichi to recognize her right away. Aoi asks Ichigo what they should do now since so many people came to meet them, and Ichigo decides that they should hold the autograph session. Aoi sees no harm in it since they were training, but Ran attempts to leave until being begged to stay.

Outside Raichi is able to rally the people to get the girls autographs and Ran stays inside to watch them from a distance. Ringo comes by with a snack for Ran and begins to speak to her, asking for her personal opinions on the girls. 

Back outside, Ichigo and Aoi continue with the autographs, but while Aoi is managing to do well writing and greeting her fans, Ichigo is too focused on her speedy autograph that she ends up leaving her fans disappointed. As she finishes one, she suddenly sees Ran in her line and expresses confusion, looking to see that all of her fans have left. Ran points out that Ichigo didn't treat them very well and they were let down, then shows her how Aoi is treating her fans and sees how happy they are.

Ichigo is left speechless by this and realizes that in her process of finding the perfect autograph she completely forgot what was important. It's then another fan approaches, and Ran reminds her to pay attention to them while doing her autograph. Even if it winds up being messy, the fan is more important. Taking these words to heart, Ichigo tries again.

Back at Starlight Academy, Johnny comes up to Ichigo and asks for an autograph. She agrees to give him one but also finds the opportunity to test her ability to sign and pay attention. She signs while conversing with him and the end result ends up being fairly dislocated; causing her disappointment until he laughs and congratulates her for mastering her very complicated autograph and paying attention to her fans. As a reward, he presents her with a rare coord set from Angely Sugar and brings up that a special audition just came up that would be perfect for her. Winning it will make her an image character for a brand of stationery, and Ichigo quickly accepts the offer to participate.

While waiting for her turn, Ichigo learns that she must treat every fan with care and respect. She is suddenly called for her turn and heads into the fitting room. While preparing she tells herself that to win her fans back, she has to give it her all and places her cards down before heading inside. She changes into the Ice Blue Frill Coord, then appears on stage to perform Idol Activity!.

It is later revealed that Ichigo won the audition and heads to a mall, where the reveal will take place. She promotes the launch of a seven-colored feelings-conveying felt-tip pen. Among the audience in the far distance are Aoi and Ran incognito. Aoi is impressed that Ran came to see Ichigo, but she claims it wasn't out of concern, but to put pressure on her. Ichigo begins demonstrating the felt pen by writing her autograph on a large white paper- leaving everyone amazed, causing Ran, from her distant spot to exclaim that Ichigo had a lot of practice. Ichigo then positively encourages everyone in the crowd to try the pen.

Character Appearances


  • This is the first appearance of rare cards.




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