Ema Shinjo
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Japanese Name 新城 絵麻(しんじょう えま)
Romanized Name Shinjō Ema
English Name Ema Shinjo
Age 18
Gender Female
Affiliation Starlight School (formerly)
Occupation Model
First Appearance
Anime An Ageha Muse
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Kaori Nazuka

Ema Shinjo (新城 絵麻) is a graduate student of Starlight School. She is a popular model who is known to make any dress she wears sparkle.



Ema has fair skin with sharp dark purple eyes with many lashes. Her long, wavy dark blonde hair is worn over her left ear and shoulder, while her bangs tent at the right corner. She wears pink lipstick.


Ema is a kind and gentle girl with refinement and grace in everything she does. She loves style and fashion, and is very passionate as a model.



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