A Dress Appeal (ドレスアピール Doresu Apīru) is the most traditional or "normal" appeal known within the Aikatsu! series. Unlike the Special Appeal, where the appeal is determined by the dress type and/or brand, or the Constellation Appeal, which is determined by the zodiac represented, this appeal is simply determined by the category the dress is a part of.

Anime Appearances

Appeal List
Episode No. Image Appeal Name Performer
螢幕快照 2014-04-10 下午09.03.57
Top Wave Akari Ōzora


  • Akari Ōzora is the first known idol to perform a dress appeal in the anime.
    • With the exception of Episode 16, where a demonstration of Ichigo performing a Dress Appeal was given while Mizuki was explaining the different appeal types, a Dress Appeal has never truly been performed in the anime up until Episode 77.


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