Dream Star is a new idol unit made up of the top students from both Starlight School and Dream Academy. There isn't much information about this unit, as it was just announced at the end of Episode 73. Their team outfits are made by Swing Rock, which consists of the Star Rock Coord for the Starlight School idols and Dream Rock Coord for the Dream Academy idols. Their debut did not occur in the anime.
DreamStar FullHD


Starlight Idol Festival

After Starlight School's final performance and the result of Star-Dream・Festival & Carnival, Ichigo notes the lyrics of "Happy Crescendo" and how they apply to all of them. When everyone expresses how much they had fun and didn't want their Aikatsu together to end, Ichigo then suggests they form a unit under the name Dream Star.

Unit Dress Cards

The unit dresses of Dream Star were seen in the normal cool cards of Swing Rock of Data Carddass Aikatsu! 2014 Series - 3rd collection. The cards' names are respectively Star Rock Onepiece, Star Rock BootsDream Rock Onepiece and Dream Rock Boots. Numbered 1403-20 until 1403-23.


Starlight School

Dream Academy



  • The names of the outfits are made and given according to the idols' school.


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