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Dancing Diva
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Danshingu Dīva
Type Cool
Status On Hiatus

Dancing Diva (ダンシングディーヴァ) (occasionally shortened as DanDiva) is an idol unit consisting of Sumire Hikami and Rin Kurosawa. The unit was formed in Episode 130, but had their debut in Episode 131. They go on hiatus in Episode 147 though they do a special performance in Episode 158.



Following the success of her first single, Tarte・Tatin, Sumire's been given an offer to release a second song - this time, as part of a unit. After listening to Tutu・Ballerina on her Aikatsu Phone, Sumire makes a visit to Suzukawa's homeroom class where she requests for Rin to become her unit partner. When asked by Rin to reveal why she was chosen, Sumire explains that the lyrics of the new single reminded her of Rin and her dancing.

Debut Live

With the debut live of the single and the unit approaching quickly, Sumire began to introduce Rin to different jobs involved in a unit. Amongst all the work, the two still frequently rehearsed their dancing with Johnny Bepp. Rin started to feel pressure to whether she could truly live up to Sumire's expectations as her unit partner and begun to push herself further than she could handle. Sumire notices this, but doesn't speak up. Rin falls then after coming back from the doctor she has sprained her ankle meaning she would not be able to participate in any physical activities. Sumire decides to debut the song Tutu・Ballerina solo and after the performance she announces it will be properly released as a unit single with her partner being Rin.

Unit Information


DanDiva Main Dresses

Okinawa Dance Festival




  • This is the first unit where all of its members are confirmed to be the same idol-type.
  • This is the third known unit in which they already have a group aura by their debut performance.
  • This is the first unit of season 3 to not have a chant before a performance, and the second one in the whole series (following Tristar).
  • This is the fifth unit in which the unit dresses are brand designs.
    • This is the second unit in which the unit dresses have the rarity Normal.
  • Coincidentally, both members are roommates with the members of Skips♪.


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