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Type Cute
Status Active

Cosmos (コスモス Kosumosu) is an idol unit consisting of Ichigo Hoshimiya and Akari Ōzora. The unit was formed in Episode 178.


After Soleil and Luminas' joint concert, Ichigo reminds Akari that the following day is Akari's birthday and that Ichigo has prepared a present for her. Not wanting to give Akari her present so easily, Ichigo organizes a race between the two of them throughout the city. Ichigo has a slight lead for most of the race, but Akari manages to catch up while climbing Angely Mountain. She reaches the top before Ichigo does and helps her up.

Admiring the view, Ichigo reveals she hasn't actually come up with a present and asks Akari what she wants. The two are then seen having a concert at Starrise Stadium, as the unit Cosmos.

Unit Information



Unit Dresses

  • Cosmos Pink Coord (Ichigo)
  • Cosmos Blue Coord (Akari)


  • The unit name Cosmos was suggested by Mikuru Natsuki and is derived from the cosmos flower, which means "sensation" in the language of flowers.
    • The name also holds a double meaning, with cosmos being a term that refers to the universe as a whole and alludes to Ichigo and Akari's surnames - the "Hoshi" () from Hoshimiya and the "zora" ( sora) from Ōzora combine to form "Hoshizora" (星空), meaning starry skies.
    • Despite being present in the anime, Cosmos' unit name was only first revealed in Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!!.
  • This is the third unit in which the members are all of the same idol type, following Dancing Diva and Skips♪.
  • As a unit, Ichigo and Akari address each other without using honorifics, indicating a certain level of respect and intimacy. Akari is the only other character outside of AoiRan, and Raichi with whom Ichigo has spoken to informally, and likewise, Ichigo is the only character with whom Akari has spoken to informally.
  • Their unit appeal, as seen in Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!!, is Cosmos Infinity (コスモスインフィニティ).


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