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The Constellation System (星座システム Seiza Shisutemu) is a system similar to Aikatsu System which is featured on the 2014 Series of Aikatsu! cards.

Theory and Usage

The Constellation System―as the name suggests―is based after constellations and zodiacs, meaning the cards' designs are based from the constellation that the designer wished. There is also a kind of achievement of Constellations that can be earned after the player plays the game using the cards with the required Constellation for three times. Aside from that, there is also a new way to begin the stage performance―something like an appeal named fever.


  • Constellation Dress (星座ドレス Seiza Doresu) - Though being pronounced in different words, but the cards are equal to Aikatsu! Cards. These dresses are the basis of the system.
  • Constellation Appeal (星座アピール Seiza Apīru) - Appeals that are based on a constellation; similar to a normal Special Appeal
  • Constellation Fever (星座フィーバー Seiza Fībā) - An Appeal-like feature used when the player(s) enter the stage. The Fever is only able to be performed once per performance.
  • Proof of Constellation (星座の証 Seiza no Akashi) - An achievement awarded to the player when they complete three Constellation stage performances.


The Constellation System was decided as a yearly theme of the united top designers from the whole world not long before Ichigo Hoshimiya returned from America. [1]


The Rocker Girl and the Return of Strawberry

It has already been more than a year since Aoi Kiriya's best friend, Ichigo Hoshimiya, departed to America.

After finishing her job, she and her friends gather at the auditorium of Starlight School to hear the announcement of Constellation, this year's theme for Aikatsu System by the headmistress Orihime Mitsuishi, and another news more surprising for her is that she has been appointed as the representative of Starlight School to 'fight' the rapidly raising new idol school Dream Academy by performing onstage.

On the first day of the performance, which will shows Dream Academy's representative, much to Aoi's shock, the representative is a newbie who met her before the rivalry live's announcement. Then the girl introduced herself as Seira Otoshiro, who later wears a mysterious coord on her stage performance, and then performed an unknown Special Appeal where the audiences can see the constellation of Scorpio within her appeal. After the performance ended, the MC announced that he just got a word that the appeal Seira just performed is called as "Constellation Appeal," much to Aoi and co's shock and depression.

The next day, it is finally time for Aoi to do her best despite not having any coords supporting the Constellation System, in such a pressure, Otome Arisugawa suddenly opened the door to her room backstage, and told Aoi and co that she saw it, which later revealed to be Ichigo Hoshimiya, just returned from America,[2] much to everyone's surprise, eventually Seira Otoshiro and her producer Kī Saegusa. Without any hesitation, Seira challenged Ichigo to replace Aoi to perform and defeat her, and Kī eventually gave her details of the system and a set of Constellation Dress for her performance. Aoi then simply approved Ichigo being her replacement, even though Ichigo actually felt bad of it.

Ichigo then decided to take Aoi's place, much to everyone's shock, from the headmistress Mitsuishi to her family. Ichigo managed to performed the Constellation Appeal, and saved Starlight School from losing its pride. Then the night, the group held a welcoming party for Ichigo, and as Ichigo and Aoi left while the others fell asleep, Aoi describes the background of Constellation System to Ichigo.[1]

Few days later, Ichigo was invited to join an event organized by the brand Swing Rock called "Swing Idol Live" with the condition that Ichigo have to wear a coordinated cards of Swing Rock. Ichigo gladly accepted it, and performed together with Seira, and despite losing to Seira, Ichigo still had fun. [3]


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