A mystery drama about a girl detective who gets an idea whenever she eats the candy created by Aoi Kiriya. The one with the blue detective outfit is head detective and the one with the pink detective outfit is the assistant.

Audition Plot

With that the auditions begin, the producer tells the girls to do their best and to ad-lib a little as they see fit. All eight girls stand in the room when a call comes in for a new request. The client (Kaede in costume) comes in and explains that she needs help with finding her chocolate that was stolen from a legendary Belgian patissier en route to Japan. The eight girls agree and the producer compliments Seira's response.

Otome is about to run off in order to search but Sakura stops to remind her that it would be pointless without any clues, which Yurika agrees with. Kaede reveals that she does have one helpful hint, a map that shows where the stolen chocolate had been taken. But the girls can only see the map if they can find the three differences in the two images on her phone. Together all eight think it over, but none of can think of anything until Seira gives Ki one of the Aikatsu Chocolate balls. She points out the differences being the star points on the chef hat, the sun beam shapes, and the candles on top of the cake. With that the girls are given a map and they share a cheer before they begin to audition scene two.

At location, Kaede sweetens the deal by offering whoever finds the chocolate by giving them the very first bite of it. Everyone runs inside and they all split up to try to locate the chocolate. Otome and Sakura head upstairs, Ichigo and Aoi search a long hallway with Kaede following them, Ki searches for clues with Seira in another hallway, and Yurika chats with Ran regarding ideas in another.

As Aoi is searching she is forced to stop Ichigo from eating everything and just walking off. Kaede points something to them while Otome happens to find a trail of colorful boxes of candy, but they run into Seira and Ki until Sakura splits them up again. Then when a wall of sweet treats almost falls on Yurika, Ran is able to pull her out of dangers harm. Finally Ichigo, Aoi, and Kaede come to two doors and Ichigo observes them both to try to determine which one is the real one, Seira and Ki find a hidden door behind a big cake structure, Yurika and Ran find a button to show them the secret door, and Sakura and Otome fall into the room where everyone else is.

Kaede and everyone determine that the stolen chocolate has been hidden in a pink safe. She offers to do the rest and approaches it to try to find the code that will unlock it. Seira points out that something feels off, so she and Ichigo both each a piece of the Aikatsu chocolate balls. They reveal to the others that the chocolate was never stolen to begin with!

Nobody understands until they point out this isn't the thief's house, but the house of the patissier who made the chocolate. Kaede was the one who was planning on stealing the chocolate!

Just then she is able to open it and picks up the small box of chocolate. She reveals them to be correct and tries to escape while they give chase. But because Seira is able to reach her hand, she knocks it out of her grasp... and right into Ichigo's mouth!

After comments are made, Seira and Ichigo arrest Kaede. Then they share a cheer and the auditions are declared finished.




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