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List of Aikatsu! discography.

VTEAikatsu! Music
Signalize! / Calendar Girl Signalize!Calendar Girl
First Live! Idol Activity!Move on now!Angel Snow
Second Show! Growing for a dreamprism spiralTrap of Love
Third Action! Midnight SkyhighThrilling DreamGlass Doll
Diamond Happy / Hirari/Hitori/Kirari Diamond HappyHirari/Hitori/Kirari
Fourth Party! fashion check!Take Me HigherPonytail After SchoolShining Sky on The G StringClockwise WonderlandHappiness on the same EarthWake up my musicMoonlight destiny
Aikatsu! Music!! 01 Signalize!Diamond HappyHirari/Hitori/KirariCalendar GirlKiss of the Alice BlueSummer Summer Vacation!
KIRA☆Power / Original Star☆彡 KIRA☆PowerOriginal Star☆彡
HI・KA・RI Shining♪ Idol Activity!Trap of LoveKIRA☆PowerCalendar Girl
Cool Mode Idol Activity! (Ver. Rock)New・Chocolate CaseWe wish you a merry Christmas AIKATSU Ver.
Sexy Style Kira・pata・shiningMagical TimeDance in the rain
Calendar Girls Disc 1 Signalize!Move on Now!Idol Activity!Growing for a dreamprism spiralTrap of LovePonytail After SchoolHappiness on the same EarthGlass DollTake Me HigherHirari/Hitori/KirariKiss of the Alice Blue
Disc 2 Diamond HappyMidnight SkyhighThrilling DreamShining Sky on The G StringClockwise WonderlandAngel Snowfashion check!Wake up my musicMoonlight destinyIdol Activity!Calendar Girl
Pop Assort Smiling SuncatcherCHU-CHU♡RAINBOWSweet Sp!ceEternally Flickering FlameAurora PrincessThe Only Fascinating Treasure!Idol Activity!Shining☆Days
Aikatsu! Music!! 02 KIRA☆PowerSHINING LINE*Original Star☆彡Precious
Cute Look Happy CrescendoAdult Modestranger alienArabian RomanceMelody of HeartDancing☆BabyFriendKIRA☆Power
Du-Du-Wa DO IT!! / Good morning my dream Du-Du-Wa DO IT!!Good morning my dreamLet's Aikatsu!
Aikatsu! The Movie Vocal Collection Etude of RadianceSHINING LINE*Let's Aikatsu!
Aikatsu! Music!! 03 Wake up my musicIdol Activity!SHINING LINE*Goodbye・TearsEtude of Radiance -prototype-
SHINING STAR* Disc 1 KIRA☆PowerIdol Activity! (Ver. Rock)Magical TimeArabian RomanceAurora PrincessAdult ModeSmiling SuncatcherEternally Flickering Flamestranger alienDance in the rainOriginal Star☆彡
Disc 2 Happy CrescendoSweet Sp!ceKira・pata・shiningThe Only Fascinating Treasure!New・Chocolate CaseCHU-CHU♥RAINBOWDancing☆Baby Melody of HeartIdol Activity!PreciousFriendSHINING LINE*
Beautiful Song Tarte・TatinPassion flowerHello! Winter Love♪
Lovely Party Collection / Tutu・Ballerina Lovely Party CollectionTutu・Ballerina
Joyful Dance Pretty PrettyBlooming♡BloomingMY SHOW TIME!Lovely☆BombLove Like CaramelizePoppin' BubblesEnchanted PartyHello New World
Colorful Smile Hey! little girlChica×ChicaSummer☆MagicLight Pink Day TripperSweet Heart RestaurantEmerald MagicLittle beat, Little wing♪Lovely Party Collection
Wonderful Tour Promise CaratLonely・GravityQueen of RosesLOVE GAMEMiel MiereHello HelloHappiness EquationRun・Run・Du・Run・Run!
Lovely Party!! Disc 1 Du-Du-Wa DO IT!!Blooming♡BloomingTarte・TatinHey! little girlSummer☆MagicLovely☆BombMY SHOW TIME!Hello New WorldEnchanted PartyHello! Winter Love♪Pretty PrettyGood morning my dream
Disc 2 Let's Aikatsu!Little beat, Little wing♪Chica×ChicaPassion flowerLight Pink Day TripperSweet Heart RestaurantLove Like CaramelizePoppin' BubblesEmerald MagicTutu・BallerinaLovely Party Collection
Aikatsu! Music!! 04 Du-Du-Wa DO IT!!Good morning my dreamLovely Party CollectionTutu・BallerinaSTART DASH SENSATIONLucky train!Idol Activity!
COMPLETE CD-BOX Disc 1 Move on now!Idol Activity!prism spiralAngel SnowWe wish you a merry Christmas AIKATSU Ver.Trap of LoveMidnight SkyhighSignalize!Growing for a dreamGlass DollThrilling DreamCalendar GirlPonytail After SchoolHappiness on the same EarthShining Sky on The G StringWake up my musicfashion check!Take Me HigherDiamond HappySummer Summer Vacation!Hirari/Hitori/KirariClockwise WonderlandKiss of the Alice BlueMoonlight destiny
Disc 2 Idol Activity! (Ver. Rock)Original Star☆彡Calendar GirlMagical TimeNew・Chocolate CaseKira・pata・shiningKIRA☆PowerDance in the rainAurora PrincessThe Only Fascinating Treasure!Happy CrescendoPreciousIdol Activity!Smiling SuncatcherSweet Sp!ceCHU-CHU♡RAINBOWAdult ModeArabian RomanceEternally Flickering Flamestranger alienSHINING LINE*Melody of HeartFriend
Disc 3 Let's Aikatsu!Shining☆DaysTarte・TatinGood morning my dreamEternally Flickering FlameDu-Du-Wa DO IT!!Lovely☆BombPassion flowerHello! Winter Love♪Light Pink Day TripperPoppin' BubblesEnchanted PartyBlooming♡BloomingPretty PrettyMY SHOW TIME!Tutu・BallerinaHello New WorldLove Like CaramelizeChica×ChicaHey! little girlSweet Heart RestaurantSummer☆MagicEmerald MagicLittle beat, Little wing♪Angel SnowLovely Party Collection
Disc 4 Let's Aikatsu!lucky train!Promise CaratLovely Party CollectionLOVE GAMELonely・GravityMiel MiereHappiness EquationHello! Winter Love♪FriendMove on now!Chica×ChicaHello HelloQueen of RosesSTART DASH SENSATIONCalendar GirlSHINING LINE*Goodbye・TearsEtude of RadianceSHINING LINE*Idol Activity!KIRA☆PowerTrap of LoveAdult ModeEternally Flickering FlameMelody of HeartKiss of the Alice Blue
Disc 5 Signalize!Calendar GirlDiamond HappyHirari/Hitori/KirariKIRA☆PowerOriginal Star☆彡SHINING LINE*PreciousDu-Du-Wa DO IT!!Good morning my dreamLovely Party CollectionTutu・BallerinaSTART DASH SENSATIONlucky train!Idol Activity!Idol Activity! (Ver. Rock)Let's Aikatsu!
Disc 6 SHINING LINE*Move on now!Growing for a dreamprism spiralTrap of LoveAngel SnowGlass DollHappiness on the same EarthKIRA☆PowerNew・Chocolate CaseMagical TimeKira・pata・shiningAurora PrincessAdult ModePreciousWake up my music
Disc 7 Dance in the rainstranger alienTrap of LoveThrilling DreamMove on now!Midnight SkyhighPonytail After SchoolClockwise WonderlandShining Sky on The G Stringfashion check!Glass DollEternally Flickering FlameTake Me HigherMoonlight destinyWake up my musicWe wish you a merry Christmas AIKATSU Ver.
Disc 8 Happy CrescendoShining☆DaysSweet Sp!ceMagical TimeKira・pata・shiningDancing☆BabyArabian RomanceAurora PrincessAdult ModeThe Only Fascinating Treasure!Melody of HeartCHU-CHU♡RAINBOWOriginal Star☆彡Smiling SuncatcherFriendSHINING LINE*
Disc 9 Blooming♡BloomingTarte・TatinHello! Winter Love♪Lovely☆BombChica×ChicaLight Pink Day TripperPoppin' BubblesMY SHOW TIME!Hello New WorldEmerald MagicTutu・BallerinaLovely Party Collection
Disc 10 Pretty PrettyLittle beat, Little wing♪Hey! little girlPassion flowerSummer☆MagicPoppin' BubblesEnchanted PartySweet Heart RestaurantLove Like CaramelizeLight Pink Day TripperChica×ChicaEmerald MagicTutu・BallerinaGood morning my dream
Disc 11 lucky train!Promise CaratMiel MiereHappiness EquationHello! Winter Love♪Angel SnowLOVE GAMELonely・GravityHello HelloQueen of Roses
Disc 12 SHINING LINE*Signalize!KIRA☆PowerDu-Du-Wa DO IT!!Lovely Party CollectionGood morning my dreamPreciousEtude of RadianceDiamond HappyOriginal Star☆彡lucky train!Tutu・BallerinaHirari/Hitori/KirariSTART DASH SENSATIONCalendar GirlRun・Run・Du・Run・Run!
Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! Insert Songs Chameleon Talk★ Chameleon Talk★Hirari/Hitori/Kirari
Sentimental Berry Sentimental BerryNew・Chocolate Case
Dramatic Girl Dramatic GirlDiamond HappyGood morning my dream
Please Venus Please VenusGlass Doll
Dream Ballon Dream Ballonfashion check!
Aoi Ichigo Aoi IchigoWake up my music
Split Single EP01 Summer-Colored ButterflyGLAMOUROUS BLUEGlittering Messenger
Split Single EP02 Gothic・Rock 'n'・Rose♡Powa×PuRi×Power♡Christmas☆Starlight
Split Single EP03 Dream ReceptionThrilling Matador∞Star Heart
AIKATSU SCRAPBOOK 01 Sweet Sweet Girls' TalkSparkling DeclarationFloor of the Starry Sky
AIKATSU SCRAPBOOK 02 RED MOUNTAINAikatsu Melody!Jewel Star Friendship☆
AIKATSU SCRAPBOOK 03 Rainbow-Colored EncoreGood day, Good nightChocolat Show・Time
PHOTOKATSU CHRONICLE 01 Chameleon Talk★Sentimental BerryDramatic GirlPlease VenusDream BallonAoi IchigoSummer-Colored ButterflyGLAMOUROUS BLUEGlittering MessengerGothic・Rock 'n'・Rose♡Powa×PuRi×Power♡Christmas☆StarlightDream ReceptionThrilling Matador∞Star HeartMagic Smile
AIKATSU SCRAPBOOK SP Excitement AntennaSunny Day Little SundayForbidden Hide & SeekCosmic・StrangerWe are STARS!!!!!Ragtime of the Moonlit Night
PHOTOKATSU CHRONICLE 02 Sweet Sweet Girls' TalkSparkling DeclarationFloor of the Starry SkyRED MOUNTAINAikatsu Melody!Jewel Star Friendship☆Rainbow-Colored EncoreGood day, Good nightChocolat Show・TimeExcitement AntennaSunny Day Little SundayForbidden Hide & SeekCosmic・StrangerRagtime of the Moonlit NightWe are STARS!!!!!
AIKATSU! ANION "NOT COMMON" Remix Calendar GirlMove on now!prism spiralTake Me HigherHirari/Hitori/KirariKira・pata・shiningChica×ChicaGlass DollDream BallonAdult ModeSummer☆MagicSTART DASH SENSATIONTrap of Love
Collaboration Songs Miracle☆TravelLove-Colored PassionLove GirlSmile・Jump

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