Data Carddass Aikatsu! (データカードダスアイカツ!) is a collectible arcade card game from Bandai's DATA CARDDASS series. Similar to the Pretty Cure Data Carddass game, Aikatsu! is a Bandai original series, aimed at female audiences.

Bandai teamed up with AKB48's Tomomi Itano for promotions who also directed the designs for the Cards.

A second season with the title "2014 Series" debuted confirmed with a new academy, new characters, new brands, and a new system, for this season, Bandai chose Haruka Shimazaki (also from AKB48) for promotions and design directions.

In early August 2014, a third season was confirmed under the title "2015 Series" and, like season two, will debut with new characters, new brands, and a new system. The collaboration partner for the 2015 Series will be the Kanna Hashimoto, a rising idol and member of local Fukuoka idol group, Rev. from DVL.

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