• Chrismh

    With the success behind Collab Projects, All of the Brands have gotten together to come up with their own products; Next: Bohemian-Kaden Body Products! From Body scrubs to lotions and quick pick-me-up Spray after a hard day of Idoling. Each Idol must come up with their own scent of Lotion or Scrub and Sponsor it to be chosen to represent the brand.

    • As usual, no PRs or Campaign-based coords are allowed.
    • At least one card must come from Bohemian Sky and Sakurairo Kaden.
    • An Accessory must be used.
    • As of previous rounds, you must "sell" your chosen coord by describing the scent you chose and how the coord relates to it. Make sure your coord is befitting of the chosen scent and effect (for example if you're using stress-reducing Lavender, you'd want…

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  • Metalcoola From what I heard, new series/season/reboot is supposed to air in April Main character will be Noel and it will be centered around Dream Academy, would you like that to happen? Or would you rather see one of Starlight irls as main protagonist (Nono/Risa/Madoka/Rin)

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  • Pop'nTakaMiyu

    AIkatsu Manga found.

    February 18, 2016 by Pop'nTakaMiyu

    I already knew of it's existance but if anyone is interested it's here. and completely translated

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  • ChiasaDash

    Aikatsu Chorus Group

    February 17, 2016 by ChiasaDash

    Hi Guys~

    My name is Chiasa~! :3

    I love Aikatsu a lot, which is why I decided to make a Chorus Group. I got this idea from another wiki~ Make sure to send me a cover of any song you can sing!~ Also, please tell me which chara your trying out for~ (Obviously XD) If you think this is dumb, please don't comment, because this is just for people who are interested~ (Email is way below)

    YT Channel (Has more information):

    All charas taken~

    Sorry that there are only certain characters... It's just the characters that have been recently seen.

    • Akari Ozora (Taken) [ChiasaDash]
    • Sumire Hikami (Taken) [CureHibiki]
    • Hinaki Shinjo (Open~) [Shakyra Dunn]
    • Juri Kurebayashi(Taken) [Kaiari]
    • Madoka Amahane (Open~) [P…
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  • LittlePerfectionist
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  • Mimitchi33

    At Toy Fair 2016, some Aikatsu merchandise was displayed at Bluefin Distribution's booth. This may be a sign that we're getting the anime (and possibly the arcade game it was based off) soon! 

    What are your thoughts on this?

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  • Pop'nTakaMiyu

    Okay! First off, I do not wish to seem rude but Tadacup, if you happen to see this blog, please just ignore it. I'm not directing this towards you, It is for people who might be interested, so just trust me and steer away.

    So Animage posted this twitter post about aikatsu being in the march issue. 

    This was the comment:

    絶賛発売中【アニメージュ3月号】『アイカツ!』あかり&瀬名の  バレンタイン描き下ろしに注目。2人の気になる関係を木村監督に直撃!? 連載「新人監督はじめました」では『かみさまみならい ヒミツのここたま』の新田典生監督が登場! 

    I suck at translation But I did find it funny that they were calling something the "Kami-sama" Or god.

    It just makes me hope that even if there is a new season, I don't want Akari to be gone. Same with everyone else. 

    Now if you do not like this sort of thing, please do not feel the need to make comments, It is meant…

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  • Dorayaki

    Sorry to borrow this pic from Miyu's post , but to make more proper comments, I have to add the rumors alongwith this pic.

    The following is what the rumor says: (Note: this might not be all true, please keep a wait-and-see attitude until BANDAI make official announcements.)

    * Currently most rumors confirmed true. Further game system update and character/story introduction. 

    > 4月からアイカツ新シリーズでタイトル変更 サムネで画像見たから分からないけどアイカツ スターズ!

    Since April, the following "Aikatsu!" series would be changed to "Aikatsu Stars!"

    > 今度からは二次元コード

    From now on we would only have matrixcodes and no more linear barcodes on cards.


    Ichigo and Akari won't appear on the illustrations.

    > キャラデザの人が変更になる > アニメのキャラが線が細くなって目が小さくな

    Character designs are gonna be changed.…

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  • Chrismh

    With Valentines Day approaching, a special Concert is being held. A few selected Idols will get to surprise the Audience by making guest visits to the stage; but in order to get access you must impress the Host and final performer of the event; Chris-chan of course ;3

    • As usual, no PRs or Campaign-based coords are allowed.
    • For Valentines Day the coord must use the right colors: Pink, Red, White, Cream, and Brown. The coord CAN have other colors on it - but they can't dominate the pieces you use.
    • Hearts and Bows must be included somewhere on the coord.
    • At least ONE card has be a cute Brand.

    As usual, your Host chose to give an example with her own wardrobe: 

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  • Japanese legz


    February 13, 2016 by Japanese legz

    Does anyone have any news whether on not aikatsu will get an english dub????

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  • Pop'nTakaMiyu

    New... Someone?

    February 12, 2016 by Pop'nTakaMiyu

    What??? uhhh, I heard this might be a new Protag but that's just a rumor. DOn't quote me on that... but it's still interesting.

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  • Chrismh
    With the success behind Collab Projects, All of the Brands have gotten together to come up with their own products; Next: Love Clover Variety Hour! A colorful and fun time for all that takes place in this wacky room of vivid colors. For it, each Idol auditioning plays the role of the assistant to the main characters; a pair of detective twins with contrasting personalities who solve crimes. 

    • As usual, no PRs or Campaign-based coords are allowed.
    • The entire coord must be customized for this round.
    • At least one card must come from Love Queen/Moonrise and Retro Clover.
    • An Accessory must be used, but any are allowed as long as they do not have wings.
    • The coord must be based on a personality "assistant characters" have. She can be very clumsy and ai…

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  • Dorayaki

    Here is a small research on those Aikatsu items that appeared in the game or other official DCD artworks, but their respective card are not yet released for unknown reasons. Here I don't include those coords or designs that only appear in 2D drawings (such as Photokatsu! originals). If there are some other items I didn't note, please feel free to add them in the comments.

    The Gothic Lace Coord was one of the known coord with three named items, consisted of Gothic Lace Onepiece, Gothic Lace Boots and Gothic Lace Hat. So far the Gothic Lace Boots is still missing.

    Second one is Plum Dream Coord, the school dress featured in season 2. Unlike the later Parade coords Kanna wears in season 3 and 4, the Plum Dream Dress only came with the onepiece …

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  • CandyPoppu123

    Aikatsu! Music Award

    February 7, 2016 by CandyPoppu123

    There's the link ^^ Just copy-paste it! 

    Anyway, there is no subtitle. 

    And..... No Juri's PR..... ;-; 2nd PR, where are you.... ;-;

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  • CandyPoppu123

    (Ok, not only admin who can organize this challenge, right? ) 

    (Umh.... Sorry.... This challenge was out of topic..... If you don't like it, please delete this blog :3

    (Sorry for my bad english...)

    (This challenge was sooooooo easy though.... XD) 

    Ok, this is my first challenge blog, so lets get started! 

    This challenge have four step, so let's get started!  

    In this step. you can choose any character from other anime (nah, this is the OOT part...) Even from horror/gore anime, thats allowed XD (But, no character from H/E/Y anime, thats will so disgusting :/) But you still allowed to use Aikatsu! characther :3

    But, remember! Your character/idol must be a female! (And not a ghost, if you picking the character from horror anime and she was a ghost..…

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  • ChelseaCherryblossom

    While playing trough Photokatsu I came along all these songs, some I love to play while I hate others to play, where I absolutly can´t get a decent series in a row.

    So I was wondering, which songs do you love to play in Photokatsu and which songs do you really hate to play?

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  • WisnuWardhaniAikatsu48

    Since S3 until now .... every premium rare coords is have a circle like a wings, but it's only appear in DCD .... What the name of the circle ...??? and What the Function of them ... ?????

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  • Chrismh
    With the success behind Collab Projects, All of the Brands have gotten together to come up with their own products; Next: Dancing Ageha Jewelry! For the girls who want to show-off their dance skills and still look good with her sexy-style jewelry.

    • As usual, no PRS or Campaign-based coords are allowed.
    • The entire coord must be customized for this round.
    • Use an Accessory that was used for a Spicy Ageha Coord.
    • At least one card must come from Dance Fusion AND Spicy Ageha. Accessories do not count.
    • Acceptable Shoes: Pumps, Heels, Sandals.
    • No Dresses.
    • Make sure the coord has glitter or sequins on it somewhere. As well as gold.
    • Keep in mind, "an eye-catching Cool outfit with sexy-appeal". 

    As usual, your Host chose to give an example with her own wardro…

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  • Pop'nTakaMiyu

    don't know when it came out but it's here. Ichigo's voice sounds so different since S1...

    Also that is my tumblr if anyone wants to talk to me there!

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  • Girl88

    Your own Aikatsu 8

    January 30, 2016 by Girl88

    Hiiiiiiiii! its my first blog, so............ Also i dont know if someone already did this kind of blog  but, 

    If you could make your own Aikatsu8 group, wich idols would choose? Wether they have performed or no. 

    Tell me! Mine would be: 

    ( Almost all the group has the same singing voices, but anyways!)

    Yurika (she is already in both groups of anime but i lover her! so...)








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  • Black Snowflake

    Oh My God!I can't believe now Seira has a new premium rare coord!What do you think about the name of this coord?

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  • Ayame julia


    January 29, 2016 by Ayame julia

    So I want to know everyone's progresses!

    For myself, I finished some characters stories and 2WingS event. I have 1 PR and 3 SR, well, two being Yurika and Sumire!

    Also, I want to know everyone's review for the game! What you feel about the game, you can share it here! :D

    For me, it's a nice brand-new feel rhythm game and eventually it's so hard to get all perfect in one song /cry cry/

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  • ChelseaCherryblossom

    Finally the aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! app is here and I guess many of us (me including) are busy playing already! ^^

    I thought, while my phone takes a break at the charger, I create this blog, so that we have a little blog to talk about our passionate Photokatsu!

    How is it going for you so far? ^w^

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  • Chrismh

    With the success behind Dreamy Rainbow soda, the other brands have gotten together to come up with their own products; first up - Aurora Rock Pop Rock Candy! A light and airy, colorful flower-shaped candy with a bursting surprise!

    • As usual, no PRS or Campaign-based coors are allowed.
    • The entire coord must be customized for this round.
    • Accessories are manditory.
    • At least one card must come from Aurora Fantasy AND Swing Rock. Accessories used for these do not count.
    • The shoes must be sandals or boots.
    • The coord must have at least one flower on it somewhere.
    • The coord must be colorful. To fit the vibrance of the candies and Swing Rock.
    • Accessories Forbidden: Crowns, Ribbons/Bows, anything used for PR coords.
    • The outfit must be "Feminine with a cool ed…

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    Hey guys, thanks to everyone's help, we have successfully collected all the original pieces of each and every star coord, and here, using the format of HeyLittleGirl, I will put all the star coords here for comparison.

    Because this is still the first stage (first draft), there might be some mistakes, so feel free to comment below if you find an even more similar piece, I'll think about it, and we can change it! Enjoy!
    ☀☽Jo SHININGSTAR★☆ Talk☜

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  • Shadowilinise

    Season for opinions?

    January 21, 2016 by Shadowilinise

    Wow...havent been here in a while.

    Anyways, is it my imagination or has aikatsu gotten pretty lazy this season? 

    So many repeated performances, with the exact dresses.

    This is just a stupid thought but, could it be that the success of pripara even though they pretty are lazy with performances, made them think they didnt have to work that much?

    For some reason, to me at least... season for made aikatsu lose a bit of its spark...

    Jus my opinion.

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  • Bingos 1

    she back, I thougtht she would return by halfway in through the series, it would be awsome if her and mizuki would perform again😊

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  • Chrismh

    Being tasked with a collaborative Soda/Pop project between "Dreamy Crown" and "Happy Rainbow", your flashy Host decided to incooperate a lovely rainbow for the commercial shoot!

    • As usual, no PRS or Campaign-based coors are allowed, this includes accessories used for them.
    • The entire coord must be customized for this round.
    • Accessories are manditory.
    • No dresses
    • At least one card must come from Dreamy Crown AND Happy Rainbow. Accessories used for these do not count.
    • The coord must follow the rainbow pattern, from top to bottom. For those who forget or honestly don't know, it goes: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.
      • However, there IS a catch. YOU get to decide WHERE you start with it. For example, if you choose Indigo for an acces…

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  • Lovely Moon

    Your Parade Coord!!

    January 19, 2016 by Lovely Moon

    Hello! today I'm here to tell about OUR parade coord. Something like it design,color and name. And here is my parade coord:

    Name: Cobalt Parade Coord.

    Color: Cobalt, navy, some white and a little blue (for the lines only).

    Design: Top: Cobalt Parade Short Vest. (it looks like Hinaki's one). But mine's got a white glove.

    Bottoms: Cobalt Parade Skirt. (sames likes everyone, but the theme is cobalt)

    Shoes: Cobalt Parade Boots. (the one likes Sumire, but it cobalt theme)

    That's all!

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  • HeyLittleGirl


    January 19, 2016 by HeyLittleGirl

    Since Star Coords just redesign of different coords,I make a gallery/blog of them Maybe some of them is wrong...)

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  • AkariSunshine

    What coord is this?

    January 18, 2016 by AkariSunshine

    Would someone tell me what coord is akari wearing here? Is it a brandless coord or from a brand? Its so cute *-*

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  • Lunagems

    hi ~ ^^

    January 17, 2016 by Lunagems

    Hi! I am new here.

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  • Chrismh

    I doubt I spelled that right, but whatever.

    Anyway, I was wondering, was there any character in Aikatsu at all that you felt you may have incidentally read the wrong way? As in, assumed would be one way but really wasn't?

    For example, due to the images of Lisa before her debut, it never occured to me at all that she would be such a shy girl. She looked confident and mature, and while she is mature, she has this "meekness" to her that I didn't see coming at all.

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  • AkariSunshine


    January 14, 2016 by AkariSunshine

    Hi! I am new here! I really love aikatsu since last November.My favorite idol is Akari ^^ If you want to talk to me or message me, please don't hesitate to drop by at my wall, I don't bite! :)

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  • Oracle's ascendant




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  • Lunagems

    Hi, My name is Luna. I have just begun watching Aikatsu! this past Saturday and I am up to EP 21. so please no spoilers! I am already in love. I hope to chat with someone else who loves the show. haha

    I would also like to know if anyone knows where to buy their uniform and tracksuit for $80 or less :) or any diy cosplays. 

    thank you!

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  • XOsha

    Who is/are your favorite character(s) in season 3/4?

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  • Chrismh

    A brand new Diner is going to be opening up in town and your colorful Host was asked to choose a set of Idols to represent it for the Party being held to celebrate its opening.

    • No Premium Rare/Campaign Rare Coords allowed. This includes accessories used for them.
    • The coord can be customized as much as you want. Feel free to use a coord already put together or mix and match, the choice is yours.
    • The coord must be based on a Maid/Waitress look, which means, cute short tops, skirts and shoes. No boots, pants, shorts, or long sleeve sweaters/shirts/jackets.
    • White should be an accent color on the coord. That is manditory for maid or waitress uniforms.
    • Accessories are manditory, and they must be food-themed.
    • Angely Sugar cards are banned.

    As usual, yo…

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  • Pop'nTakaMiyu

    So, I just realised... dumbly "Wait so it's confirmed that she did get it... since it's on the doll, but when?" I doubted they completely left it out, and also Juri and Encerio-san seem to have had a few meetings judging on their relationship (I noticed this in the Vanilla Chili Pepper) SO HERE IT IS:

    I Think Juri got her 2nd PR during the Aikatsu Music Awards!

    I saw many many many pictures of Juri from that movie, which is leading me to believe she must've won (Also her getting flowers in a preview)

    So I think she might've gotten it then!!! Agree, Disagree? Please no fighting and enjoy!

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  • Lucky-Wisteria


    January 11, 2016 by Lucky-Wisteria

    Hi! I'm back after a slightly long hiatus, and after reading a heck load of discussions, arguments, and funny conversations XD, I came to an obvious conclusion. Where do everyone's Usernames come from?!?! (If you feel uncomfortable saying why or thinking this is too close too privacy, you don't have to say anything :)) It's just, they're so many, and some of them make sense, and other's are just out of the blue, it feels like. Just something I'm really curious about. And I wanted to state that I'm glad to back in Wikia World :)

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  • DivinitasX

    The lost coords

    January 11, 2016 by DivinitasX

    Hello everybody!

    With the drawing blogs going on I wanted to ask for your help with something me and some friends started a while ago.

    Basically we call it "The lost Coords".

    We are mainly looking for PRs but also other coords that you wished would have appeared but didn't make it, like Kaede and Sakura not getting an individual PR for their constellation.

    Or if you feel like a story coord should have went to another brand or (even though we don't have many yet) you miss a boom coord from your favorite brand. Even if it's 'just' everybody getting a new PR but the character you like didn't and you have an idea what their coord could look like.

    Just write all the ideas you have and if everything works out we can make some fanmade coords which wi…

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  • Chrismh

    Aikatsu! Figma!

    January 11, 2016 by Chrismh

    I was browsing a website I often use for my Aikatsu purchases when I happened to come across THESE:

    For those of you who do not know, a Figma is a figurine/action figure with multiple accessories; inlcuding alternate hands and faces. Plus tons of items personal for the character.

    Like for example, Ichigo comes with her axe and rice scoop, and Aoi comes with her camera and some tiny aikatsu cards. Both come with their school purse.

    I also found out there is a preorder bonus, or something like that. So each will come with a real Aikatsu card, too.

    As far as I know, they're planning to do Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran. I think Ichigo comes out in May, Aoi in June, and Ran in July.

    Aren't they amazing~?! x3 I definitely plan to buy each and every one~

    I'd lo…

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  • Gutmbrg


    January 10, 2016 by Gutmbrg

    Hi everyone

    I was watchin some videos about Aikastu toda

    y and took this print of the video that i was watching:

    So I want you to help me find out what is the name of the coord who Kokone-chan is using. Plz!

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  • ChelseaCherryblossom

    UPDATE: Preregistration-Period ended now and the app will come very soon! 

    Hey Guys ^^

    Very soon the new Aikatsu! App "Aikatsu! Photo on Stage" will be released in Japan and you can already preregister which will grand you some nice goodies like cards of Sumire and Yurika and more!

    I made a little Tutorial for you on how to preregister with android and twitter and I also found on YouTube two videos on how you can download the apps on phones outside of japan! I´m not sure about ios, since all ios buttons are currently kept in gray!

    Please note that I have no rights on the video tutorials, they are property of The GamersJoint on YouTube!

    Another thing I need to note is that the font in most of my tutorial is in white letters and might be not easy…

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  • Snowflakes519

    It has been a while since I made a blog post X3

    Anyway, as the tittle suggest, this is the Random Coord Challenge, a little activity I thought would relieve the tension lately. Is very easy. I will explain:

    1. Click the random page button until a coord page pops out. 2. Now you have your Top or Onepiece for your coord.

    • In case your first card was a Onepiece (Tops&Bottoms), skip the next step and go directly to step four.

    3. Now click the random page button until another coord page pops out. This coord's bottom will be the bottom of your random coord. 4. Next is the shoes. Click the random button until another coord page pops out and the shoes to your coord.

    • This step is optional, since not all coords have accesories. You can still continue on c…
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  • Chrismh

    To lighten up the recent events, your Host decided to send everyone off to the Mall for some relaxation time. But the group is spotted after the manager in charge of a prior event has no choice but to cancel, due to his idols getting sick. He asks that the group takes over, but warns that he doesn't have the outfits for you to use. So with no choice, your Eccentric Host insists you go out and perform in the outfits you have on:

    • No Premium Rare or Campaign Rare Coords allowed.
    • The outfit should be casual, so don't be picking anything fancy or dressy or with tons of jewelry.
    • The coord must include either a pair of shorts or a pair of pants.
    • Any idol-type is allowed, but these (randomly chosen) brands are banned: Love Moonrise, Dolly Devil, LoLi …

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  • Tadacup

    since there are already a few drawing request posts,I decided to create one too :) You guys can suggest me any aikatsu related ideas for drawings,and I'll do them as soon as possible :D 

    Examples of my art style you can find here (my art blog on tumblr,warning: contains some yaoi/shounen-ai stuff XD)

    So,feel free to suggest the ideas :) I can draw:

    -Any of the main idols and background idols in any of already existing coords or fanmade coords

    -Aikatsu OCs

    -Shipping stuff(excepting for Akari x Tsubasa/Ichigo x Naoto,sorry these are my NoTPs)

    -Crossovers with other idol anime(Pripara,Love live,etc.)

    [I can draw on paper and on computer,you can clarify what kind of drawing you want when making a request]

    I'm completely free till Jan. 19th,so you can …

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  • ChelseaCherryblossom

    Sooo, since I can´t really handle requests, as experience shows, I try something else!

    Recently I experiment a lot with new things in my drawings so simply suggest me an Idol to draw for practice ^^

    I draw only Aikatsu Idols (including secondary idold like Shion, Hikari, Yuu, Ema, exchange and guest idols), I would even draw Characters I hate, but I do pick idols I like first, so keep that in mind!

    For now I draw only one picture for each idol! ^^

    One thing I need to mention, because it turned out as a disaster in december 2014: NO PREMIUM RARE COORDS!!! ALSO I WILL NOT DESIGN ANYTHING!!!

    You can suggest Coords though, but I can´t promise that I can draw this Coord!

    Since I´m not good with Deadlines, I will take time until DCD4 releases (means I …

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  • Tsesarevna-Nina-Chan-Idol

    Actually i'm also into music and also i was born in 90's music but i also grew up on the songs of the 60's,70's and 80's and also i saw the popularity of the famous boybands in the 90's (like Backstreet Boys,Westlife [they disbaned as of 2012] and Michael Learns to Rock) anyway would you share to me which songs did u listen to even when you watch Aikatsu (in any genre like R n B,Pop (English),K-pop,Rock,Love Song)

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  • Pop'nTakaMiyu

    Heh! I forgot to add stuff... eh oops!

    SO these are all so cool. I was just thinking hey! Twitter is fun let's go on!

    So I went and all these images are from Miyatani Risa-san and I'm not sure what she does exactly but I know she works with Aikatsu. So Yeah!!! Nina issss sosoooo cute and her autograph is also. I was wondering does anyone out here have any AIkatsu games?!?!

    Also... What is Akari-chan doing???? heh.... Moop.

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