• YummyCake101


    May 7, 2020 by YummyCake101

    Who are your all time favorite characters from Aikatsu?

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  • YummyCake101

    Help :I

    May 7, 2020 by YummyCake101

    Can someone tell me how to add an article to a category? I have no idea.

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  • YummyCake101


    May 7, 2020 by YummyCake101

     Hallo! If you haven't watched Aikatsu! yet then here is a short introduction.

     So Aikatsu is basically a anime about idols. People go to schools and audition for auditions such as modeling, acting, and other things. You can also gane fans and get a ranking. That is the basic point of Aikatsu!

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  • AmitieChanFever

    Ciao! My first real blog post..hehe~

    So me and my friends have made a idol RP wiki project! It's in a beta state currently!

    It's called Moonshimmer Academy, a place for all idol fans to RP like they really are at a idol school! There will be classes and various other things, so please check it out if you're interested! Ciao and see you soon in MoonAca!

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  • Bluerock

    Fandom Staff introduction

    September 14, 2019 by Bluerock

    Hey there! My name is Bluerock, and I'm the Wiki Manager for the Aikatsu Wiki. This means I'm your first point of contact and liaison for Fandom Staff. If you have any questions about your wiki, feel free to drop me a message! My focus here is mostly technical, so if you have a question about article content, you'd likely get a better answer from the admins.

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  • Winxgirl34

    Aikatsu Announcement

    August 17, 2019 by Winxgirl34

    Are we just not gonna talk about Aikatsu on Parade and how it's gonna have Ichigo and Akari as well as Yume and everyone else???

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  • PsiSeveredHead

    Fandom Staff
    Hi ! My name is PsiSeveredHead, and I’m a Fandom Wiki Manager. I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., please contact me on my message wall or talk page. PSH aka Kimera 757 (talk) (wall) contribs 01:11, June 2, 2019 (UTC)

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  • SuperAntony


    May 6, 2019 by SuperAntony

    Who are the two girls next to Minami?

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  • AkariAngel


    February 15, 2019 by AkariAngel

    So, what's a blog post all about?

    That is a question I have wondered for a LOOOOOOONG while.

    Most of the time I just write them to be silly and express my thoughts. Like now, for example.

    I am half tired, half wanting to go for a run in the dark, half (I have a lot of halves) wanting to watch Aikatsu! all night, half wanting to sleep in tomorrow, half wanting to get up super early and do everything at once so I'll have the whole day to do nothing but Aikatsu!, half wanting to like coffee, half wanting to dislike it so I can say I don't, and half wanting to jabber on and on and on about Aikatsu! until I can't talk anymore and I go half out of my mind and fall asleep when somebody is saying something really serious and important.

    That is how I …

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  • SakuyaShirayuri


    October 15, 2018 by SakuyaShirayuri

    To Cheistains i hate them all.

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  • MomoLoveBaby

    OK I see

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  • Sasa draagneel

    Name:Sasa Dragneel


    Romanji:Sasa Doraguniru

    Eye color:strawberry red[[File:School_UnifUniformorm_and_Stage(REMAKE).jpg|thumb|My School Uniform and my Neon Stage coord HOPE YOU LIKE IT! YUME-KAWO! >W

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  • Hyoroemon

    General rundown of DCD Aikatsu 2014 Guide for people who don’t have privelage to play the game and can only watch fom youtube

    You will most likely play this in arcade/game center with card-based membership. If you are going to play this in one arcade for a long time, go straight for higher level membership than standard. This will give you bonus e-currency to play more. if not that at least buy the ID. You can play more song in single player mode. 1 ID card is roughly 5 US$:
    Unless you are playing with friend, came to arcade when it open. Ask staff to turn on the Aikatsu machine, if could just 1 machine because the song is barely hearable by its own. If all machines are on try gauge the sound from the machine’s speaker, the speakers quality…

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  • Yurikatoudou1205

    Season 3 ver. 6

    August 31, 2018 by Yurikatoudou1205

    When will season3 ver.6 publish?

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  • Precure Lovely

    Lets Aikatsu!

    July 9, 2018 by Precure Lovely
    HI my name si precure lovely a k a ema
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  • WinxScreenshots

    Although Seira is the one shown wearing the dress in the Photokatsu, she never actually wore it in the anime.

    should I add it?

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  • Butterfly Ran

    Aikatsu! - Ran

    May 29, 2018 by Butterfly Ran

    This is the first time I've made one of these so yeah......

    These are just photos of Ran as I'm a #1 fan of her.



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  • GanbareHannahChan

    So today I decided to make an ideal cast list if Aikatsu! ever had an English dub. I included the character's name, the actor's name, and a voice reference for something close to what I want them to sound like.

    Starlight Academy:

    Ichigo Hoshimiya - Amber Hood
    Aoi Kiriya - Amanda C. Miller
    Ran Shibuki - Karen Strassman
    Otome Arisugawa - Amber Connor
    Yurika Todo - Lauren Landa
    Sakura Kitaoji - Brianna Knickerbocker
    Kaede Ichinose -Heather Watson

    Akari Oozora - Hunter MacKenzie Austin
    Sumire Hikami - Kira Buckland
    Hinaki Shinjou - Erin Fitzgerald
    Juri Kurebayashi - Cindy Robinson
    Madoka Amahane - Cherami Leigh
    Rin Kurosawa - Cristina Valenzuela
    Nono Daichi - Wendee Lee
    Lisa Shirakaba - Laura Bailey

    Shion Kamiya - Alexis Tipton
    Hikari Minowa - Kate Higgins
    Yu Ha…

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  • Hyoroemon

    Looking from previous one it is probable that the series is updated after 4 months in my country but it depend on which arcades. Main page:!_2014_Series_-_Part_5

    # Song Song type Difficulty Participant1 Audition Type
    1 Otona Mode Pop ☆ Michelle Fashion
    2 Sweet Spice Cool ☆ solo Live
    3 Growing for a Dream Cute ☆ solo

    4 Arabian Romance Sexy ☆ Sora Drama
    5 Smiling Suncatcher Pop ☆ solo

    6 Eternal Light Cool ☆ Asami

    7 Kira・pata・shining Sexy ☆ Ran Fashion
    8 Smiling Suncatcher Pop ☆☆ solo

    9 Eternal Light Cool ☆☆ Seira

    10 Sweet Spice Cool ☆☆ solo

    11 Otona Mode Pop ☆☆ Kaede Fashion
    12 Eternal Light Cool ☆☆☆ Yurika-sama

    13 Idol Katsudo Cute ☆☆☆ solo

    14 Sweet Spice Cool ☆☆☆ (locked)

    15 Otona Mode Pop ☆☆☆ Mik…

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  • Bluemouse77

    Kurosawa Rin 1/1

    Daichi Nono 1/10

    Kamiya Shion 1/11

    Yuki Subaru 1/13

    Shirogane Lilie 1/22

    Kiriya Aoi 1/31

    Amahane Madoka 2/14

    Igarashi Nozomu 2/18

    Shiratori Hime 2/26

    Nijino Yume 3/3

    Hoshimiya Ichigo 3/15

    Kira Kanata 3/16

    Minowa Hikari 3/28

    Hanozono Kirara 3/30

    Ozora Akari 4/1

    Kitaoji Sakura 4/6

    Nanakura Koharu 4/15

    Himesato Maria 4/18

    Saionji Tsubaki 4/20

    Kizaki Rei 5/1

    Arisugawa Otome 5/5

    Kasumi Yozora 5/13

    Shinjo Hinaki 6/11

    Nikaido Yuzu 6/23

    Dojima Nina 7/2 Natsuki Mikuru 7/7

    Hattori Yu 7/15

    Kisaragi Tsubasa 7/25

    Kurebayashi Juri 7/31

    Forte Elza 8/1

    Shibuki Ran 8/3

    Hateruma Minami 8/20

    Kurisu Kokone 8/31

    Fujiwara Miyabi 9/14

    Kanzaki Mizuki 9/18

    Saotome Ako 9/25

    Kazesawa Sora 102

    Hikami Sumire 10/20

    Kasumi Mahiru 10/28

    Otoshiro Seira 11/11

    Sakuraba Laura 11/14

    Ichinose Kaede …

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  • ВинКсения

    Sorry for waiting... I nearly forgot about this(

    So here are the scores~ It's pretty obvious but anyways:

    1. Yumesuzuki, CrystalSora, Rinasuzuki (basically everyone) - the coords were really nice, everything matched perfectly~

    This round was made to celebrate the beginning of AiFriends! You need to make a coord for an AiFriends character. However there are some requirements:

    1. Please no PRs.
    2. Please tell what character are you using. I can't read people's minds XD
    3. Please try not to use the same character as the others. Though this rule only works if the number of participants is less than the number of the characters.
    4. Please try your coord to fit the character of course.

    My coord is based of Coco~  I will call it... ummm... Dream Assistant Coord...?

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  • 15 Foreverr

    May someone help me?

    March 10, 2018 by 15 Foreverr

    uh... may someone help me? how to use the "this user is a fan of...."? if you know,pls say it... thank you very much :)!

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  • Lunlun1607

    2nd : Kanzaki Mizuki : Mizuki is Ichigo's senpai. She teaches Ichigo so much! She is the best Starlight Queen ever.

    3rd : Ozora Akari : She is so great with her stages. LOVE AKARI.

    4th : Arisugawa Otome : Love you! Otome loves sweets, concidently I love sweet too! Love her brand Happy Rainbow.

    5th : Hikami Sumire : She's kind of misterious but I still love her. Btw, she has an Aikatsu Wiki prize.

    6th : Kiriya Aoi: Such a beautiful and talent actress. I love to watch her movie.

    7th : Shibuki Ran : Ran is a Beautiful Blade. So great if everyone call her that name.

    8th : Todo Yurika : Loli Gothic is one of my favorite brand. Yurika is one of my fave character too!

    9th : Shinjo Hinaki : Nothing to say, she is so so so wonderful!

    10th : Natsuki Mikuru …

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  • Hyoroemon

    (Almost finished but comments/critics are greatly appreciated) I notice this wikia is severly lacking in arcade song department. I only see the cardass mentioned in individual song page infobox. So I will try list what songs avaliable when and how to unlock them. For participants: solo means there is no character other than you (or whoever you chose to sing), if there is only 1 named characters participate, then you will fight them in audition, if there are more than 1 named characters participate, then they will work with you in audition. Dunno if this mean raising their team bar.
    Main page:!_2014_Series_-_Part_4

    These are avaliable songs WITHOUT using the ID. I can confirm that using ID w…

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  • ВинКсения

    Note: I have permission to do this from Jo SHININGSTAR, the admin of the wikia.

    Also, this is not an officcial competition, it's just for fun.

    Since gccs kinda stopped, I decided to reborn them.

    Soooo... my inspiration for this round is Alice in Wonderland (aka my fav fairytale^^) and one of the new love live card sets. And you need to customize a coord with this theme.

    1.You need to choose one of the characters of the story. If you don't remember them, here are some: 

    Alice, Alice's sister, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Catterpillar (aka butterfly^^), Queen of Hearts.

    2.Please no Alice in Wonderland dream story coords! It's being lazy.

    3. Usually the coords for gccs should be casual, but this time, a little fanciness would be welcome~

    4. Make sure yo…

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  • Sakurabalaura123

    The rules are simple. You can only choose brands that are in seaoson 2 or 3 and you only choose 1 brand you like.

    Mine is Futuring Girl. I do like Angely Sugar but not as much as Aoi's.

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  • Suni-re

    Hi! check my cover out xD 

    I made alot of mistakes.

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  • MeritC

    Hey there, everyone; it's been a very long time since I've made a blog post here (as well as on the Aikatsu Stars! Wikia), but in the past few months, I was dealing with some very serious circumstances that had me away from my computer... and not by choice. But as you can tell, my enthusiasm for the Aikatsu! series as a whole has in no doubt wavered, and I'm grateful that I too can be around for us to join in the celebration of this franchise's upcoming 5th anniversary which is about to officially hit in a few weeks from now, if I'm not mistaken.

    With that said and slightly switching gears - as some of you may already know and/or noticed, I'm one of the dedicated "synopsis writers" at the GameFAQs' community board that I own which is designated…

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  • Angelyichigo

    Hi guys! I'm hosting an Aikatsu Unit Tournament over on Tumblr, and you are all welcome to vote! There are 16 Units, but only one can win! 

    Round 1's matchups are:

    Soleil vs. Skips

    Aikatsu8 vs. 2WingS

    WM vs. Passionate Jalapeño

    Luminas vs. Star Anis 

    Tristar vs. Photokatsu8

    PowaPowaPurin vs. AmaFuwa Nadeshiko

    Cosmos vs. Masquerade

    Dancing Diva vs. Vanilla Chili Pepper

    You can vote -> here here

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  • SweetieSufiyah

    I've made myself an Aikatsu discord server because I thought there wasn't any. Now I know there's already one but I really like my server and I don't really wanna delete it. 

    The server is pretty small at the time of me posting this, but cozy and overall welcoming. 

    Some of the members did asked me this before joining. "Is it a pg server?"  My answer would be... Yes and no? The only non kid friendly I allow in the server is swearing/cussing and a few adult jokes here and but that's still being supervised. Basically what I'm trying to say is that. You may curse and meme but that's about it. So honestly it's all up to you, if you're not comfartable with that I completely understand.   

    I just wanna let the Aikatsu fandom to know there's another…

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  • Rinasuzuki

    New discord

    July 25, 2017 by Rinasuzuki

    Want to go to a new discord that I create here is the link for love live discord:

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  • TakaShiba

    Ichigo or Akari?

    July 14, 2017 by TakaShiba

       Ichigo or Akari?

    Before commenting, this Is not a Who Is better It's a Who Is better being an Idol, not the character's personality. But there experience,

    What do I think:

    I think Ichigo Is way more experienced, as she trained, and experienced more values than Akari. She also aced her Debut which had an aura, and she didn't have any special power. It was her own, and the most reasons are cause most people actually are happy, and like her performances while they watch It. (Real life not Anime), and she was the only one who could actually match Mizuki. (In Appeals), she also went to America which there she got a lot better and learnt a lot more, making her experience go way up!

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  • Kiyal0

    Aikatsu Discord

    June 18, 2017 by Kiyal0


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  • Chrismh

    I plan on doing the same round on Aistars wiki, but in reverse. Be sure to check that one out too.

    (from round 6, which was out back in February or so...)

    I couldn't really rate a top 3 here, I had so many I liked evenly. So instead I'll list those who stood out to me:

    • Izirre
    • OtomeRainbow
    • CureLightning
    • Gumblinasuv46

    The AiStar girls are coming to perform their Aikatsu with the ever-so-popular and top star originals! To celebrate, they requested original coords based on the coords from brands they're not used to.

    1. You need to make 1 coord for 2 Aistar Idols! They don't need to match or anything since these are two seperate outfits.
    2. The coords must fit the character, obviously XD you can mix brands/types, but make sure it fits the character.
    3. As usual e…

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  • Helloanimegirl


    May 27, 2017 by Helloanimegirl

    Aikatsu Blog Topic: Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! Today I'm going to be discussing the future of Aikatsu and Aikatsu Stars. Let's start off with the first series. Aikatsu has 4 seasons. The overall main characters are Ichigo who is the main protagonist in seasons 1 and 2. While in season 3 and 4 Akari was. Now many people thought there was going to be a 5th season. But it ended up turning out to be a whole new series. While there are many similar things in both series you can see throughout the seasons 1-4 the idol auras are changing little by little. Then in aikatsu stars it was nothing like the original. Also in the second season of Aikatsu Stars it is said that you must earn your wings. While in the original series that you act…

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  • Tugomer


    May 23, 2017 by Tugomer

    the cover is really nice

    btw it will be released june 28

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  • Yumesuzuki

    It seen like everyone is more over Aikatsu Star now. I personally do like Aikatsu Star better it because I like the characters and the School better than the original Aikatsu series. How about you?

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  • Kotori Hoshizora

    If you want Aikatsu in America, please send "Aikatsu in America" to these accounts:

    Maybe Aikatsu stay only in Asia, but we have to try. ^^

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  • Alifah ilyana


    April 27, 2017 by Alifah ilyana
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  • CureLightning

    Hey guys! Apparently someone made Kirakiratter a real website! I'll post a link for you guys to check it out and feel free to send me a message! I'm Lightningchan on there! If you have an account, send me a link!

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  • MeritC

    Although this blog entry is based on this one I posted at the Aikatsu Stars! Wikia, this is for the Aikatsu! anime at large which includes this one being the "foundation" (and still is the best to me having a special place in my heart).

    So as some of you (or maybe all now?) may know, I am one of the members at the GameFAQs' anime discussion boards who always attempts to write synopses for the Aikatsu! anime adaption as a whole when the TLs get posted for each episode (which includes the original which we're on now, and Aikatsu Stars!). And I enjoy every single minute of writing it.

    What I would like to know if there is anyone else here who does synopsis writing regarding this anime for the anime discussion boards that you all go to and/or who are a…

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  • CureLightning

    Hey guys. So, it sounds like Sumire and Mikuru have new singing voices now after Mona left (I miss her so much ;w;). I'm confused about where the info came from so if someone can tell me that would be nice. I like that Rie now songs for Sumire now since Rie has a good voice as Laura and all. Not sure how to feel about Furi being Mikuru. I like Furi a lot, don't get me wrong but I'm just unsure if her voice will fit Mikuru. Guess we'll find out...

    Feel free to explain your thoughts on the change and tell me where I can find the info. See you later!

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  • Yumesuzuki

    Aikatsu birthdays

    March 21, 2017 by Yumesuzuki

    I was thinking to make a list of all the birthdays will be fun. There it is.....


    • Kurosawa Rin - 1/1
    • Daichi Nono - 1/10
    • Kamiya Shion - 1/11
    • Kiriya Aoi - 1/31


    • Dojima Nina - 2/7
    • Amahane Madoka - 2/14


    • Hoshmiya Ichigo - 3/15
    • Minowa Hikari - 3/28


    • Ōzora Akari - 4/1
    • Kitaōji Sakura - 4/6
    • Himesato Maria - 4/18
    • Saionji Tsubaki - 4/20


    • Arisugawa Otome - 5/5


    • Shinjō Hinaki - 6/11


    • Natsuki Mikuru - 7/7
    • Hattori Yū - 7/17
    • Kurebayashi Juri - 7/31


    • Shibuki Ran - 8/3
    • Kurisu Kokone - 8/21
    • Hateruma Minami - 8/22


    • Fujiwara Miyabi - 9/14
    • Kanzaki Mizuki - 9/18


    • Kazesawa Sora - 10/2
    • Hikami Sumire - 10/20


    • Otoshiro Seira - 11/11
    • Ichinose Kaede - 11/23


    • Saegusa Kī - 12/3
    • Shirakaba Risa - 12/14
    • Otoshiro Noel - 12/25
    • Tōdō Yurika - 12/26

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  • MeritC

    Hi all, not to steal thunder from CureLightning's post talking about the movie special Aikatsu! The Pursuit of the Magical Aikatsu Card, but I had the chance to see it as well and although I was nearly crying seeing that this was the "final stage" for the original franchise's cast (all main girl teams, of course!), they definitely made sure to deliver from every angle so that they wouldn't be forgotten in the long run from start to finish. And I'm still a supporter for them to this day.

    Okay, to the chase - granted the "celebration" that we've seen was nothing short of awesome. But this may sound crazy, but in my honest opinion, they all deserve a "hug party" from us because they were really at their best to deliver. Granted, I'm sure we'd h…

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  • CureLightning

    Hello everyone! How're you doing? I'm back with a new review and this time it's the Aikatsu targeted card movie! (I can't remember the title XD) it came out with the AiStars movie last summer.

    The story is kinda... Random. But basically, Akari and co are looking for the magical Aikatsu card that grants any wish. Then they go on this wild chase to get the card meeting all the major characters in the series. It was a lot of fun to watch and I probably fangirled every 5 seconds XD every character group was in their own location and some of the locations were awesome! Especially the Japanese village for PowaPuri.

    The Star Wars reference was super surprising to me and I couldn't keep a straight face watching it (too busy dying of over fangirling …

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  • Yumesuzuki

    Spring is coming!

    March 6, 2017 by Yumesuzuki

    The spring is on it way. If there is a live and the theme is Spring what coord will you wear? I will wear Blooming Blossom Coord,but if you like, you can mix match them too!

    --Yumesuzuki (talk) 20:45, March 6, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Yumesuzuki

    Starlight Queen is a big deal for students at the Starlight Academy. Who do you think will become the next Starlight Queen?

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  • Yumesuzuki

    Hi everyone, I love Aikatsu. I was just think if I can become an idol what kind of idol will I want to be. I want to be a cute type of idol. What kind of idol will you want to be? --Yumesuzuki (talk) 23:08, February 22, 2017 (UTC)Yume

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  • Chrismh

    I've been thinking about introducing this series on AiStars wiki soon...

    1. Jack Lorde - While this didn't have the cute girly pink-ness in it, I actually really liked it for going down a unique route! Even the COLOR ACCENTS matched everything perfect.
    2. Izirre- It was perfectly sweet and the colors made it an amazing Valentines coord.
    3. 'CureLightning, 'ВинКсения, and Sakurairo- These were all amazing, cute, and pretty. However, they were a bit boring in comparison to the others, since they didn't really try to go outside of typical sweet pinkness. That isn't to say they were bad though, I did really like them!

    Just recently the winner of the "Lucky Little Idol Contest" was announced! The winner and special applicant to Starlight School is age 10 is A…

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  • Sumire-tan

    EDIT it seems like no one read this anyways so I just went ahead and voted, thanks for your attention uwu

    Okay, so just by looking at the nominations for character of the year, I think there are plenty of other Sumire fans on the wiki, who are going to default to Sumire-related things in categories that they don't really have a strong opinion about. However, my worry is that in a lot of categories, there are multiple Sumire-related options, and if people just pick randomly, none of them will win. So, what I'm proposing that we do is decide on a default option for all the categories where there are multiple choices, in the case that you don't already have something else you strongly want to vote for.

    So, basically, I'll list out all the optio…

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