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The BOOM System (ブームシステム Bumu Shisutemu) is the new system featured in the 2016 Series of Data Carddass Aikatsu! and Season 4 of the anime.

Theory and Usage

The Boom System has each of its BOOM themes (campaign released in each collection) based on different trends, and it does not mean that each theme relates to each other, unlike the other two systems. The Boom System is similar to the Story System in where it has no specific brand of creation for each BOOM, but is different due to the fact that not each BOOM has to include a Premium Rare Coord.


  • Boom Dress (ブームドレス Bumu Doresu) - These cards are equal to Aikatsu! Cards. These dresses are the basis of the system, and can come in different rarities.
  • Boom Appeal (ブームアピール Bumu Apīru) - Appeals that are based on each BOOM; similar to a normal Special Appeal.

List of BOOMs



  • The Boom System is the first System since the original Aikatsu System to lack Fevers.
  • The number of coords for one BOOM can be up to eight, exceeding the number for Constellations and Stories, which have four to five coords each.