List of Autographs

Starlight School First Gen

Idols Autograph Summary
Ichigo Hoshimiya Autograph-ichigo A Romaji cursive script "Ichigo" with the "I" written as a strawberry, a ribbon, smile flower, the words "Thank you" with a bunny within the g's loop, and so on with Ichigo's picture in there.
Aoi Kiriya Autograph-aoi A kanji and hiragana "霧矢あおい" with a star at the end.
Ran Shibuki Autograph-ran Romaji cursive script "Ran Shibuki."
Otome Arisugawa Autograph-otome A kanji and hiragana "ありす川おとめ" written to shape a face.
Yurika Tōdō Autograph-yurika Romaji cursive script "Yurika" with picture of a castle.
Sakura Kitaōji Autograph-sakura  Romaji cursive script "Sakura."
Kaede Ichinose Autograph-kaede Romaji cursive script "Kaede" with a picture of a flying bear.
Hikari Minowa Sign hikari Kanji and katakana "三ノ輪ヒカリ".
Shion Kamiya 螢幕快照 2014-09-12 下午06.18.31 Romaji print "Kamiya Sion" with a flower for the "o" and and a small heart after "Sion."
Michelle Tachibana Michelle sign Cursive script of "michelle", with curls at the ends, and smiley face in the second curl as well as a heart and ponytail to recreate Michelle's appearance.
Asami Himuro Asami sign Cursive script of "Asami".

Dream Academy

Idols Autograph Summary
Seira Otoshiro Autograph-seira Romaji cursive script "Seira" with a lightning bolt.
Kī Saegusa 1k41S Romaji print script "Saegusa" with a star at the end with "Kii" written as a cat.
Sora Kazesawa Sign sora Romaji print "Sora" with a bird; supposedly Palm.
Maria Himesato Sign maria  Kanji and hiragana "姫里まりあ" (instead of katakana "マリア") with a drawing of a daisy.
Noeru Otoshiro Noellesig Romaji cursive script "Noeru" with a heart attached to the last letter.


Idols Autograph Summary
Mizuki Kanzaki Autograph-mizuki Romaji cursive script of her initial "MK" within a heart.
Mikuru Natsuki 螢幕快照 2014-07-20 下午03.18.20 Romanji cursive "Mikuru" inside a heart with an arrow through the heart.

Starlight School Akari Gen

Idols Autograph Summary
Akari Ōzora AkariOldAutograph Kanji "大空あかり" with a small heart on the end.
AkariNewSign Cursive hiragana "あかり" with a balloon heart at the top.
Sumire Hikami Sumire Autograph Romaji cursive "Sumire."
Hinaki Shinjō HinakiAutograph Cursive hiragana "しんじょうひなき" with a picture of a winking star.
Juri Kurebayashi KurebayashiJuriSign Cursive hiragana "くればやし じゅり" with sparkles at the end.
Yū Hattori 螢幕快照 2015-04-18 下午06.02.25 Romaji Hattori with a star above the "i", inside a "U" that represents the first name Yu.
Rin Kurosawa 螢幕快照 2015-04-18 下午05.57.02 Romaji "Rin Kuro".
Madoka Amahane 螢幕快照 2015-04-18 下午06.00.31 Romaji "Madoka" with a wing and a face with two arms for the "M".
Nono Daichi Nono Autograph Hiragana "だいちのの" with the dakuten written as flowers.
Lisa Shirakaba Risa Autograph Romaji cursive "Risa" with the "a" leading into a spade-shaped devil tail.


Idols Autograph Summary
Miyabi Fujiwara MiyabiSign Hiragana "ふじわらみやび" with a line going through it and drawing of a face with a kanzashi at the end.
Kokone Kurisu 螢幕快照 2015-10-24 下午08 Romaji "Kokone" with "Kok" written as a face.
Nina Dōjima Nina sign Romaji writing of "Dōjima Nina", with a smiley face in the D and ears on top of it that matches those Nina often wears. The "a" at the end of both words are drawn in the shape of an eye.
Minami Hateruma Minami sign Romaji writing of "Minami" with the M extended to look like waves, as well as a stickman figure of Minami herself surfing on the "waves". A wave-like line is drawn under "nami".



  • Ichigo's face in her autograph is possibly referenced from the ending animation of Calendar Girl.
  • Akari is the first known idol to change her signature.
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