Are you looking for something else? This is the page of the audition featured in Episode 43 - An Idol in Wonderland: Alice in Wonderland. For the Dream Story, please see Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland is a drama performance seen in Episode 43. This is another version of the popular children's story, Alice in Wonderland. Even the coord used was based off Alice's dress from the original story.



Supporting Characters


Scene 1

It starts off Alice wandering in the garden, then all of a sudden the white rabbit came out shouting 'I'm going to be late!" The rabbit then runs around in panic, then falls while running to the hole. Alice then hints her that she is late for something, then the rabbit drags her along down the hole.

Scene 2

They then made it to the party, where the march hare and mad hatter are waiting for them. The rabbit then introduces them to Alice, and they started the tea party. The hare and hatter keeps offering Alice tea, until she feels a little annoyed and miserable. The rabbit then comes out with tea, but falls and lands the two cups of tea on her friends' heads. The hatter and hare offers Alice cake, and Alice says that she enjoys it. The rabbit and friends then asks her to stay since she enjoys it, but Alice refused since she needs to finish her dream.  The hatter and hare then told her the only way out is to pass through a door to a scary garden. Without hesitation, Alice rushed through the door, thinking to go back home as soon as possible.

Scene 3

Alice then finds herself in the garden of the Queen of Hearts, then she spotted some servants painting white roses red. The servants then questions her, and says that she is not allowed her. The Red Queen arrives, and is unsatisfied that someone dares to step into her garden. Alice then introduces herself, and the queen asks her if she wants to play croquet. The queen then demonstrates her terrifying skills, leaving a crater in the wall and the ball steaming. Alice then tries, but she fails, and the balls kept chasing the servants. This scene then repeats once, then the queen plays blindfolded. The results are still the same. Everyone is then having fun together. The queen then tells her to stay since she is having so much fun. Alice once again refuses as she needs to leave. The servants then scolded her as she dared to refuse the queens' offer. Alice once again refuses because she needs to finish her dream. The queen promised her, but Alice needs to defeat her in a match, or otherwise she and her friends will be turned into a tree. Alice then accepts the challenge and won the match and broke the wall.

Scene 4

The queen is dissapointed, but knows that Alice needs to return home, and gave a hairpiece that will guide Alice to the road home. Later then Alice's friends ask her what is her dream, and Alice says that her dream is to become an actress, and she gave her best smile. The queen then told her to never let it go and they will be there to support her. Alice then jumps, saying that she reached her happy end.


  • The servants' card types are determined by their idol type. For example: Otome is a pop-type, so she received a clover.
  • The hairpiece that Alice received is actually the corsage hair piece from the Flower Pirouette Coord.



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