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Alice Tea Party
Japanese Name アリスティーパーティー
Type Multi-Typed
Story Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Alice Tea Party (アリスティーパーティー) is a Alice in Wonderland-based two to four member unit Special Appeal. It can only be performed when all members are wearing an Alice in Wonderland Dream Dress.



The book floats down to the idol, who stands at in a forest with a blue, purple, and pink gradient background. The book opens to reveal macarons, cookies, and tea objects and a small rabbit floats over to the idol. She trails it while glowing card symbols appear in the background. She is led to a table with a teacup and pot on it, then poses as a macaron, cookie, and cake surround her, along with a gold key.


The performers place their one hand in the center and the other on their chest before a bright light forms and rises, leaving behind a white trail spiraling downwards. The light bursts and the performers pose in front of a fading purple to pink background with a rabbit between them that throws cookies around. The background is decorated with a clock, a teacup and a teapot.


The performers link hands and fly up, avoiding various objects along the way. The release their hands and pose in front of a pink background littered with clocks, teapots, sweets, rabbits and cookies.


Anime Appearances

Episode Image Performer/s


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