Are you looking for something else? This is the page of the Dream Story Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. For the audition in Episode 43 - An Idol in Wonderland, please see Alice in Wonderland.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (often shortened to Alice in Wonderland) is a novel written by Lewis Carroll in 1865. The story follows a young girl named Alice Liddell who falls into a rabbit hole after following a white rabbit and finds herself in a strange fantasy world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. It is a part of the new Dream Story System and its main brand is Angely Sugar.

Coords of Alice in Wonderland

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Cards of Alice in Wonderland


Official Art

Data Carddass Aikatsu

Anime Screenshots

Violet Hatter Coord
Angel Alice Coord


  • The Alice in Wonderland Premium is the second coord to be based on the story, with the Alice Fantasy Coord predating it by two years. It is, however, the first to be part of a system.
  • Alice in Wonderland was first presented in the Aikatsu series as a drama audition in Episode 43.
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