This is a list of the featured articles of Aikatsu Wiki. The featured articles are articles with a big influence to the current anime's story, or articles with lot of information. In the last week every month, there will be a poll to choose the featured article of the next month.


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A featured article exemplifies our very best work and is distinguished by professional standards of writing, presentation, and sourcing. In addition to meeting the policies regarding content for all Aikatsu Wikia articles, it has the following attributes.

  1. It is—
    1. well-written: its prose is engaging, even brilliant, and of a professional standard;
    2. comprehensive: it neglects no major facts or details and places the subject in context;
    3. well-researched: it is a thorough and representative survey of the relevant literature. Claims are verifiable against high-quality reliable sources and are supported by inline citations where appropriate;
    4. neutral: it presents views fairly and without bias; and
    5. stable: it is not subject to ongoing edit wars and its content does not change significantly from day to day, except in response to the featured article process.
  2. It follows the style guidelines, including the provision of—
    1. a lead: a concise lead section that summarizes the topic and prepares the reader for the detail in the subsequent sections;
    2. appropriate structure: a system of hierarchical section headings and a substantial but not overwhelming table of contents; and
    3. consistent citations: where required by criterion 1c, consistently formatted inline citations using either footnotes (<ref>Smith 2007, p. 1.</ref>) or Harvard referencing (Smith 2007, p. 1)—see citing sources for suggestions on formatting references; for articles with footnotes, the meta:cite format is recommended. The use of citation templates is not required.
  3. Media. It has images and other media, where appropriate, with succinct captions.
  4. Length. It stays focused on the main topic without going into unnecessary detail and uses summary style.

List of Featured Articles



Featured Article
The Oriental Libra Coord is Sora Kazesawa's Premium Rare Coord, designed by herself on her own brand, Bohemian Sky. This coord was created under Tiara Yumesaki's request, to have Sora created her own brand. This coord's motif is Bohemian, influenced by Mimi, a person that Sora met when she was a child. Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 1.png


Featured Article
An Aurora to decorate the night sky, dresses which were wrapped in fine color and light. Aurora Fantasy is a brand that would transform the user into a resident of fairyland where beautiful flowers shine and sparkle.

Aurora Fantasy is the brand designed by the sisters of Green Grass, admired by Sakura Kitaōji and Maria Himesato as idols and as fans of fairy tales.

Br 07.jpg


Featured Article
Like colorful candies, pop coloring, and pretty designs, anyone can smile spontaneously! The Happy Rainbow brand, like a rainbow lighting up the blue sky, features vivid colors and fruit motifs which goes well with active girls. Please enjoy the dresses that actively address your personality.

Designed by Makoto Nijigahara, Happy Rainbow is Otome Arisugawa's favorite brand. Otome so far has two Premium Rare Coords and her Premium Constellation Dress is coming soon in the anime!

Br 04.jpg
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