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Aikatsu Phone Smart (アイカツフォンスマート) or also shorten as "AiSuma" (アイスマ) is the latest series of Aikatsu Phone, known to be the best series. The phone was released on September 28, 2013 along with card-scanning challenge held on the same date. Unlike the previous series, the cards are scanned with the barcode for the 3DS games. The first press editions also includes an original IC Card.


  • Fitting Room (フィッティングルーム)
  • Card Scan (カードスキャン)
  • Decoration (プリデコ)
  • Profile (プロフちょう)
  • Music (ミュージック)
  • Camera (カメラ)
  • Kirakiratter (キラキラッター)
  • Bonus Scan (ボーナススキャン)
  • Dance Lesson (ダンスレッスン)
  • Nail Lesson (ネイルレッスン)
  • Model Lesson (モデルレッスン)
  • Auditions (オーディション)
  • Proof of the Constellation (せいざのあかし)
  • Games (ゲーム)

Scanable Cards

Promotion Cards

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Supporting Goods

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  • On it's first day of sale, the phone has been ranked as the best seller in the toys category.